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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs

mASF post by hotlab

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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs
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mASF post by "hotlab"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, May 5, 2005

On 5/25/05 10:06:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:
>On 5/25/05 7:43:00 PM, hotlab wrote:
>>On 5/25/05 6:31:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:
>>>So yeah, if I knew what to change about
>>>myself to induce someone like Paris
>>>to turn into a purring little kitten
>>>cumdumpster breakfast queen,
>>>I have absolutely no problem doing just
>>You will dump her later because you
>>loose respect for her and regret that
>>you've changed for her, i.e. that you
>>were supplicating by becoming the man
>>she's attracted to.
>Contrary to popular belief, PH is NOT
>stupid. In fact, she is extremely
>I am not at all attracted to stupid

That's not what I wanted to say. See below.

>but neither do I require a woman with as
>much education as I have (a *lot*).
>I cannot see any conceiveable regret
>changing myself to be attractive to the
>women I am attracted to.

It's a difference if you change to be attractive or if you change to attract
someone. You feel different about it.

>How could
>possibly be a downside to having what
>I consider attractive women being highly
>attracted to me?

There's no downside if you change into someone that you would like to be and if
that someone attracts attractive women.

But there's a downside if you do this merely to attract attractive women. You
will neglect the other parts of your personality that you think do not attract
attractive women. Actually you should love all of yourself which BTW creates a
very attractive radiation and will draw those attractive women into your life
who love all of yourself too.

This doesn't mean of course that you don't grow as a person BUT YOU DO IT FOR
YOURSELF. And when you grow as a person you will notice that you will attract
different kinds of women as time passes.

>I would dump her later
>she totally disrespected me. Been
>done that, never again.
>Let me put it differently: considering I
>have to get up every day and wear
>it's no skin off my nose to wear clothes
>my preference in women find attractive.

It's the wrong attitude. You should choose the cloths that you are comfortable
with. Look, many years ago I used to work for a very famous company which
produces designer cloths. I often went out being dressed very elegantly because
I got this cloths very cheap and bought a lot of them. This got me a lot of
attention, but it didn't get a woman attracted to me that I'm really attracted
to. Now I don't care anymore about whether or not people think that I'm dressed
well. I choose what I'm feeling comfortable with... and now I have a girlfriend
that I'm attracted to and who is attracted to me.

That said, I have no problem either wearing cloths my girlfriend likes because
I know she's attracted to me anyway. At times I like to dress elegantly and I
know that she likes this too... also she bought me already some shirts and a
jacket and currently buys more things. I didn't like the colors of the shirts
that much in the beginning but I wear them because it makes her happy.

When I saw the first photo of her she wore a jeans with huge holes and a
sweater like a sac but I liked her smile very much and was attracted to her
warm and joyous radiation. She sent me more pictures that were apparently very
old, but again I liked her smile and something in her posture. Two months later
she sent me a couple of pictures that have been choosen carefully to impress
me... she looked like a HB10. For a short time I was thinking about whether
she's really the woman I wanted to have a relationship with, but then I went
for it and it turned out that she's more like the person I thought she is when
I got my first impressions of her.

If you change merely to attract someone you likely attract someone who isn't
attracted to your true self.


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