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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs

mASF post by OceanEyes

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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, May 5, 2005

On 5/25/05 7:43:00 PM, hotlab wrote:
>On 5/25/05 6:31:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:
>>On 5/25/05 4:15:00 PM, hotlab wrote:
>>>On 5/25/05 3:33:00 PM, esk6969 wrote:


>>So yeah, if I knew what to change about
>>myself to induce someone like Paris
>>to turn into a purring little kitten
>>cumdumpster breakfast queen,
>>I have absolutely no problem doing just
>You will dump her later because you
>loose respect for her and regret that
>you've changed for her, i.e. that you
>were supplicating by becoming the man
>she's attracted to.

Contrary to popular belief, PH is NOT
stupid. In fact, she is extremely clever.
I am not at all attracted to stupid women,
but neither do I require a woman with as
much education as I have (a *lot*).
I cannot see any conceiveable regret from
changing myself to be attractive to the
women I am attracted to. How could there
possibly be a downside to having what
I consider attractive women being highly
attracted to me? I would dump her later if
she totally disrespected me. Been there,
done that, never again.

Let me put it differently: considering I
have to get up every day and wear clothes,
it's no skin off my nose to wear clothes
my preference in women find attractive.

>>Hotlab, I know you don't agree with a
>>of what Franco, I and esk write, but you
>To avoid misunderstandings:
>I agree with a lot what Franco writes. I
>felt that for some time he tried to
>apply his MLTR experience in his
>marriage. But I see now that he doesn't
>do this.
>I agree with a lot what you write.
>There's something to learn from. But the
>experience you're going through now I've
>had in the past and I kind of know what
>is coming and I guess Franco knows this
>I don't agree that much with what esk
>writes, basically because I think that
>he creates problems where there are

My guess is that any problems he "creates"
are more a result of being a dad with just
a little too much on his plate to be proactively
fucking his wife enough. But it really isn't
any of my business. ;)

>>a smart dude at least academically.
>Thanks, but I'm a smart dude in many
>ways, else I would have not been able to
>bring this intelligent, funny, caring
>and extremely sexual HB9 into my life.

"At least" doesn't preclude anything else.

>>your bride goes to the alter with a
>>of happiness, and your wife returns with
>>a smile of triumph, you have been
>>You *will* be able to tell the
>That won't happen. I'm so much the prize
>for.. you can't imagine. My main concern
>at the moment is how to give her more
>power because when she is here the
>balance will change extremely to my
>advantage, which actually is a

I perceive myself to be partly in a similar
situation. I am straight, handsome, employed,
well-educated, well-traveled and well-mannered
in San Francisco, after all. ;)

>>Besides, I thought alpha was doing what
>>fuck you wanted and not caring what
>Absolutely true... but almost everybody
>on this board cares about whether women
>think that they are alpha.

Too true. My gf *feels* my masculinity,
I don't have to talk about it. Have to
demonstrate it once in a while though :)



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