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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs

mASF post by hotlab

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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs
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mASF post by "hotlab"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, May 5, 2005

On 5/25/05 6:31:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:
>On 5/25/05 4:15:00 PM, hotlab wrote:
>>On 5/25/05 3:33:00 PM, esk6969 wrote:
>Maybe, so what. Alpha, beta, gamma
>who the fuck cares if it results in
>a hot happy wife that likes to fuck and
>cook breakfast and wash my socks.

I agree completely. It's just almost impossible to avoid this talk on this
board. It seems to be the solution for all of the problems guys have with

>I think at this point it is obvious
>that without having a woman's respect,
>she ain't doing shit for you. And you
>don't get that respect by supplicating.

Of course.

>So yeah, if I knew what to change about
>myself to induce someone like Paris
>to turn into a purring little kitten
>cumdumpster breakfast queen,
>I have absolutely no problem doing just

You will dump her later because you loose respect for her and regret that
you've changed for her, i.e. that you were supplicating by becoming the man
she's attracted to.

>Most really hot chicks are still chicks,
>still want to feel useful, and want to
>contribute to something meaningful.

That's no news for me.

>I have the absolute utmost of respect
>women in this day and age that stand up
>their right be to a real woman and
>that a man act like a man.

Way too general statement. Women are different and men are different too.

>Hotlab, I know you don't agree with a
>of what Franco, I and esk write, but you

To avoid misunderstandings:

I agree with a lot what Franco writes. I felt that for some time he tried to
apply his MLTR experience in his marriage. But I see now that he doesn't do

I agree with a lot what you write. There's something to learn from. But the
experience you're going through now I've had in the past and I kind of know
what is coming and I guess Franco knows this too.

I don't agree that much with what esk writes, basically because I think that he
creates problems where there are none.

>a smart dude at least academically.

Thanks, but I'm a smart dude in many ways, else I would have not been able to
bring this intelligent, funny, caring and extremely sexual HB9 into my life.

>your bride goes to the alter with a
>of happiness, and your wife returns with
>a smile of triumph, you have been
>You *will* be able to tell the

That won't happen. I'm so much the prize for.. you can't imagine. My main
concern at the moment is how to give her more power because when she is here
the balance will change extremely to my advantage, which actually is a

>Besides, I thought alpha was doing what
>fuck you wanted and not caring what

Absolutely true... but almost everybody on this board cares about whether women
think that they are alpha.

>You wanna change your behavior
>to get a chick or keep her happy, why do
>care what anyone thinks it's alpha or
>beta or whatever?

I was married before and failed and I didn't fail because I wasn't alpha
enough. I never supplicated to her. I think I just didn't understand her needs.
We had good sex during the first years and have been good companions and still
are. I have two children with her so we stayed in contact. Until not long ago
we did hiking tours once or twice a year together.

At some point in time during our marriage the passion faded. I think that I
didn't respect enough her emotional needs and that led to her losing sexual
desire. I studied at that time and was very busy. She needed a lot of
connection and I brushed her off quite often. Later when I had more time for
her and desired her sexually there have been often quite unresolvable

It wasn't about being alpha... it was about giving not enough attention to her
and it lasted years until she had enough of that.


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