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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs

mASF post by OceanEyes

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Attn Franco: On maintaining LTRs
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, May 5, 2005

On 5/25/05 4:15:00 PM, hotlab wrote:
>On 5/25/05 3:33:00 PM, esk6969 wrote:



Maybe, so what. Alpha, beta, gamma
who the fuck cares if it results in
a hot happy wife that likes to fuck and
cook breakfast and wash my socks.

I think at this point it is obvious
that without having a woman's respect,
she ain't doing shit for you. And you
don't get that respect by supplicating.

So yeah, if I knew what to change about to
myself to induce someone like Paris Hilton
to turn into a purring little kitten
cumdumpster breakfast queen,
I have absolutely no problem doing just that.
Most really hot chicks are still chicks,
still want to feel useful, and want to
contribute to something meaningful.

I have the absolute utmost of respect for
women in this day and age that stand up for
their right be to a real woman and demand
that a man act like a man.

Hotlab, I know you don't agree with a lot
of what Franco, I and esk write, but you are
a smart dude at least academically. If
your bride goes to the alter with a smile
of happiness, and your wife returns with
a smile of triumph, you have been warned.
You *will* be able to tell the difference.

Besides, I thought alpha was doing what the
fuck you wanted and not caring what people
think. You wanna change your behavior
to get a chick or keep her happy, why do
care what anyone thinks it's alpha or
beta or whatever?

>Anyway I will read your post more
>carefully later.

I will also spend quite a bit of time
going through the whole thread. It's
an important topic for both of us.


I get the WOMEN. --- Design

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