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Lay Report:Feeling Over Logic Wins Again

mASF post by JohnnyC69

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Lay Report:Feeling Over Logic Wins Again
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mASF post by "JohnnyC69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

Key Points In This Report:

1.) Listen to your body and know the difference between what you desire and
what feeds
your ego.

2.)Fuck what your friends think.

3.)Basic shit: Tonality, body language, cool clothes, statements not questions,
feelings not logic, be a leader and it will make the interaction fun for the
both of you.

4.)Extra “Tip”;) Put on a condom without that awkward pause in the action

I was visiting a foreign country for a few days this past week so I figured I
would set it up so that I could see this girl that I’ve known for awhile from
the internet while I was there. When I e-mailed her, she was delighted to come
see me (even though it was a 13 hour train ride) and we met up on my second
night there.

When she got off of the train, she had been traveling and wasn’t looking her
best, probably about a 6. But I thought, to hell with it, I know she’s a cool
chick and I was ready to make the best of our time together anyway. We said our
hellos and hugged each other and as it was late, we headed off to my hotel.

We talked a lot on the way over and more at the hotel. We were clicking pretty
good, I was teasing her when I could although as my value was already sky high
with this girl, I was able to go light on the C&F. When I say clicking, let me
emphasize that every once in awhile I would catch myself talking logical,
things like what my goals over the next few years are, that kind of thing. I
would catch myself do it and switch to more feeling-based talk, things like
Christmas at home with the family, my friend’s two-year-old daughter’s laughter
and results were immediate. Later on, as I kept slipping and catching myself
and correcting, those emotional type threads were the ones that lead to all the
making out/heavy petting/hot sex. Ask yourself right now what kind of things
you’ve experienced that warmed you up inside, made you laugh, delighted you…

When we got to the hotel, she had taken off her sweatshirt to reveal these
beautiful D-cup tits of hers and it was about that time I started to get that
tingle in my nutsack and said, fuck it 6 or no 6, I’m goin for it.

After a few cigarettes on the balcony, we go inside and get in bed together. No
resistance, shit tests or ASD so far as my value is sky-high with this girl. I
can’t say for certain what I did to make it that way other than the fact that I
was dressed well, speaking clearly and very relaxed, plus she did ride a train
for 13 hours to be there with me. I wasn’t asking any questions either, just
leading (let’s go to this club, this café looks nice, we’ll eat here, I feel
like some wine, get it?) the whole time, keeping good posture and tonality.
Relax, relax, act normal. Make it fun. Stay away from logical topics…no
ambitions, goals, percentages, scores, prices, anything to do with numbers is
NOT A FUN TOPIC! What works for me is generally speak about past events…that’s
where all my best stories are and having remembered them for so long helps to
tell them with FEELING.

Once we’re in bed, I can feel her feet stroking my legs and I know it’s on. We
play fight a little, start making out…I like to give a woman a lot of foreplay
because it gets them really wet and leaves less work for me to do with my
tongue just in case she’s not the reciprocating type when it comes to oral…so
we make out and feel each other up for awhile.

I take her clothes off in a kind of slow progression…first the shirt…kiss some
more…then the bra…kiss and touch…then the shorts and so on and so forth. I get
her completely naked. I touch her and her pussy is just drenched. I still
licked it a little bit anyway, just cause I like eatin pussy, but I liked it
that that was my choice and not a requirement…no worries though as I found out
the next day, she is indeed the reciprocating type!

We’re both completely naked and I am rock hard and reaching into my backpack
for a condom. Now, this is something else I wanted to point out as part of this
LR, right here. Have any of you guys ever had that awkward silence while you’re
going for the rubber or putting it on just seems to break the mood for a
moment? I have, so what I try to do is say something sexy to her while my hands
are getting the job done.

So as I’m reaching for the condom, her hand on my cock, I look at her and say
in a low voice, “Pretty big, isn’t it?...You want that inside you?...Yeah, I
bet you do…” Now, said in the right tone of voice, this conveys so much
alpha-dominance/confidence/sexiness and a whole lot of other ence’s and ness’s
that I don’t care to list right here, but the point being if you say something
like that to a chick, get ready for a good fuck. And on top of that, you don’t
have to kill the mood with that awkward pause in the action when putting the
condom on. (She told me during de-briefing that she had never had a guy say
something like that to her and what an incredible turn-on it was…use your
voice, be creative godamit…)

So we spent the next day together and she looked a lot better than she did when
she got off the train. Wearing decent clothes and with her hair and makeup
fixed, she was a good solid 7. On top of that, she has this kick ass
personality that graduates her to an 8 for me. Which leads me to my next
point: FUCK WHAT YOUR FRIENDS THINK! Now I know this has been said in one way
or another by so many guys on this board and it’s so true. I’m not saying lower
your standards, just know the difference between attraction/chemistry and
validation from your buddies. Which would you rather have? A girl that turns
you on so bad you want to fuck her 8 times a day? Or the envy of a few of your
friends who AREN’T getting laid, but still seem to know best who you should or
shouldn’t be fucking? I personally want a sore dick from too much sex, but hey,
that’s just me…

I could go on to talk about how we spent the rest of the time together, but to
talk about how we fucked and sucked seven ways from Sunday practically non-stop
during the time we weren’t actually out on the town would just be bragging.
Let me wrap this up by covering my main points:

1. Figure out what your “Type” is. If you’re one of these dudes who thinks you
have to lay Paris Hilton for satisfaction, you have a long hard road ahead of
you. Go for chicks that you are naturally attracted to and genuinely excite
your dick, not your ego. Paris Hilton…what a rock that bitch is…
2. FUCK WHAT YOUR FRIENDS THINK! I was traveling with a good size group of my
buddies and a few of them (the younger, less mature AFC-types now that I think
about it) were telling me I could do better, while the majority was giving me
props and treating me like a king because I had something they would have all
been ecstatic to have. My one friend just kept telling me, “Man, she is like
the coolest chick ever, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s sexy…man you gotta get
her back to the States!” And so on and so forth…
3. Use good tonality and body language, dress like you have some sense ( I like
dark colored button up shirts, they work great with jeans and a nice pair of
shoes) lead the interaction and the rest is downhill…contradictory to what many
of you believe, there is natural ability in us all…we just gotta learn how to
use it without any of the unnatural behaviors fucking it up (cr TD).
4. I wouldn’t say something like, “Pretty big isn’t it?” unless it really is,
just uh, I don’t know, find something sexy to say while putting the condom on,
she’ll dig it!
5. Relax, lead, statements not questions, feelings not logic and make it fun
for both of you.

Alright guys, I kept this general as far as exactly what I was saying because
using scripts/someone else’s words (at least for me) leads to serious
incongruence and weird moments. What I’m hoping to achieve is a glimpse at my
attitude/state because we’re all unique and I personally feel that a genuine,
original story/routine beats that canned shit hands down any day. You’ve got a
ga-jillion routines/stories locked away in your bank of experiences, just
remember the basics in your delivery and you’ll be fine.


Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "JohnnyC69" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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