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manuva‘s opinion opener

mASF post by esk6969

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manuva‘s opinion opener
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mASF post by "esk6969"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

On 5/3/05 1:17:00 PM, manuva wrote:

>Boom. You're in. I've never
>had this not work. Chicks eyes
>light up as soon as you
>present them with an
>opportunity to judge other
>females. They love it.

So true. I often say, "women are catty". I could go on about it, but that
pretty much sums it up. I've even said this to other women many times, and
never had one disagree, ever. That's why they like getting flowers AT WORK so
much. It's not the flowers. It's all the other women who see them getting
flowers. Once I had women tell me this (as they did), it made perfect sense.
Of course, flowers before sex are a total supplication, but that's another

>just don't like to admit it to

You'd be surprised. Maybe it could be another opinion opener: "Are women
catty?" I don't think so, though, because they would all say "yes", and then

>Most women
>are scornful of 'tarty',
>'plastic-fantastic' chicks
>(think Paris Hilton and
>Britney Spears types) but are
>genuinely intrigued and
>envious of classicly beautiful

Agree. My wife is always talking about how "useless" Paris Hilton is. Even
though it's obvious she's basically jealous of her looks, fame and wealth.
But, again, - women are catty.

>- They are both movie stars of
>a bygone era. They made movies
>in a period where all movies
>were romantic, and women were
>always romanced and fell in
>love. Most chicks have seen at
>least a few of these movies,
>often during childhood and as
>they were growing up. Hello
>fond memories of the past...

Agree. One sort-of fantasy most chicks have about guys is "just sitting around
watching old romantic movies all day..." To which I always add "you mean
naked, right?"

> Usually,
>when you give a chick such a
>safe opportunity to judge
>another woman, the problem
>will be getting her to shut
>the fuck up.

"Get your validation from your life, not your women." - L&C

"Girls network" is like the Mafia with the difference that they use the tongue
instead of Beretta. - Franco

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