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manuva‘s opinion opener

mASF post by manuva

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manuva‘s opinion opener
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mASF post by "manuva"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

I've read a lot about opinion openers since I started idly browsing around this
place, and thought I'd share my own. I didn't realise opinion openers were
being widely used, I'd certainly never heard of one before when I came up with
this one and it's kinda cool and kind of a let down to know other guys have
used em before me hehe.

This came to me on the spot when I was out with a mate who admitted he had real
trouble just talking to chicks. I had never used an opinion opener before and
never needed another one since.

My mate asked me how I could just go up to chicks and talk, because he couldn't
bring himself to do it. I told him, "ok, for the sake of the argument, you like
Audrey Hepburn more, ok?"

"More then what?"

Already taken with my new idea, I ignored him and scanned the crowd. Bingo.
Range; 5 metres. Slight right. Reference bar. 4 cute 18 year olds. "Follow me."

manuva: Hi guys, I'm wondering if any of you could help me and my mate sort out
a little argument.

chicks: Sure (they all stop talking, I've got all their attention)

manuva: me and him were arguing over who is hotter, Audrey Hepburn or Grace
Kelly, and I reckon its about time we got a chicks perspective (ad lib it,
there's no strict dialogue)

Boom. You're in. I've never had this not work. Chicks eyes light up as soon as
you present them with an opportunity to judge other females. They love it. They
just don't like to admit it to strangers.

The reasons I think chicks go for this:

- Audrey and Grace are not in the room, so they're not a threat. Chicks can say
they like them or hate them with no social repercussions. They're also dead.
Shit, eh?

- Audrey and Grace were two of the most classically beautiful women to ever
life. Most women are scornful of 'tarty', 'plastic-fantastic' chicks (think
Paris Hilton and Britney Spears types) but are genuinely intrigued and envious
of classicly beautiful women, especially dead ones whom talking about can lead
to nothing controversial.

- They are both movie stars of a bygone era. They made movies in a period where
all movies were romantic, and women were always romanced and fell in love. Most
chicks have seen at least a few of these movies, often during childhood and as
they were growing up. Hello fond memories of the past...

- Grace and Audrey were two opposites in terms of looks. One was a skinny
brunette, the other a curvy, busty blonde. It leaves a lot of outs for girls,
which means they won't get offended (unless you want them to of course). By
this I mean, if you're talking to a group of chicks, you're not going to offend
any of them because they can all identify with one of these women at some
level. Chicks will either have light hair or dark hair; they'll have prominent
tits or they won't etc etc, and whatever they look like, they'll be able to
relate to at least one distinguishing feature of these beautiful women. And so
they'll talk.

- They get to openly judge other women, which chicks love, and do it without
risking getting caught and labelled a bitch or whatever. It's just a pleasant
'conversation' where they can give their 'opinion'. Usually, when you give a
chick such a safe opportunity to judge another woman, the problem will be
getting her to shut the fuck up.

Why it's a good topic for us to bring up:

- Chicks will immediately be engaged. Like I said, I have never NOT had a
chicks eyes NOT sparkle when presented with this.

- If you can't handle all the negatives in the above point, consider it this
way: Chicks eyes always sparkle when you present them with this. They love it.

- It's easy to lead on with it:
Really? You prefer Audrey? Why? Her eyes? What do you like about eyes? What
makes you so attracted to eyes? etc etc


Really? Grace? Why is that? Oh ok. Do you consider a curvy figure is essential
for a woman to be considered attractive? Why do you think that is so?

Of course, you can be more or less sexual as you need to be. Fuck, you can ever
start blatantly comparing HB's tits to Grace Kelly's if you like. Whatever
works. And naturally, if your target looks more like a Grace Kelly, you
immediately tell her you're more of an Audrey Hepburn man.

And of course you can try and screen them to see if they're bi-sexual ;)

It's a winner. It's instantly captivating to women, for the reasons I mentioned
above. Someone please tell me if it DOESNT result in instant conversation, I'd
be most surprised - you must have fucked up drastically somewhere along the
line, like forgot to put on pants or something. You can lead it into talking
about sex very easily. Or attraction and what causes it. Or you could launch
into one of those 'patterns' I've read about.

It can go anywhere. Try it.

Oh and I forgot to tell you how we worked it as a pair. I told em straight up I
was a Grace Kelly guy which is true. Which is of course why my mate needed, for
the sake of the argument, to like Audrey more. And we just argued it and talked
shit with these chicks. He got right into the swing of it eventually, even
initiating these openers by himself later in the night. It was great fun.

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