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Lay Report: HB Oil Tycoon

mASF post by Loverboy

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Lay Report: HB Oil Tycoon
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mASF post by "Loverboy"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005


The past 24 hours have been fucking insane. This is like the strangest lay
I've ever had.

Bear we me boys. I will try to make this as coherent as possible, but I haven't
had any sleep AT ALL for the past 36 hours. I mean ZERO.

I introduce you all to HBTycoon - my potential new FB / mLTR. First thing most
guys ask is her rating. She's a hottie, and I think guys who met her would say
the same, but I'm not going to bother rating her. What's more important, is
that her dad is an oil tycoon. He owns ships and buys/sells petroleum. She
said she can't walk around without appearing in the equivalent of 'Hello!'
magazine over there or having her photo taken. Hoobie The Boobie Monster
reckons she is pretty much the equivalent of Paris Hilton in her country. So
far, she has spent about £400 on me last night in the past 24 hours, and I'm
sure there's more where that came from!

The Game

So how did I game her?

I didn't really. In fact, she pretty much gamed ME. She did most of the
talking. Conversational ratio was about 20-80 (she talked 80% of the time, I
just sat there and played along). How's her game? Let's just say she was
running everything from DHVs to forward mergings to jealousy plotlines to
grounding vulnerability routines. If there was an equivalent of a female
Mystery, this is her.

The Story
I met this girl 2 days ago outside a shopping mall, while I was developing my
own style of direct game that works, which I have been getting better results
with lately (see Hoobie's thread on direct game). She is a petite slim
brunnette chic with an American accent, with all her shopping bags. Probably a
similar frame to Natalie Portman.

As I told Tyler, I opened her semi-direct. I'll post about this some time. I
didn't really know anything else about her at the time (especially her daddy)
besides that she is 25, and gave some 'bitch' a broken nose the other day (the
'bitch' saw her boyfriend chatting to HBTycoon and her friend and thought they
were flirting, comes over and grabs her by the hair. HBTycoon tells her to let
go twice, she wouldn't, so HBTycoon takes her head and knees her in the face).

As feisty as she sounded, I didn't even number close. She asked for my number.
I played the chick role, and said 'why don't I take yours instead', which she
duly offered.

I number closed a couple more girls that afternoon (finally) using my adopted
style of direct, and texted a few of them next day saying I'm out with friends
and they are welcome to join. I got 2 replies and I decided to go with this
chic because it seemed more solid.

Me: 'Hey you. Wassup. Thinking of going to x club tonight. You should join us
if you're free.'

Her: 'Yeah ok. Do I need to dress up? If so how much? Shall we get a bite to
eat first?'

Me: ''Wear wat you like sexy! Sure we could get a bite first yea'

Her: 'What time and where?'

Me: 'Yeah awesome. We can meet for a bite at bar 38 first. Say at 9?'

Her: 'Nice too early half past better ok? Where's 38?'

Me: 'Yeah cool it's at the end of George St across from Candy bar'

As usual, I'm late, and on the bus there I get a call from her. It was 9:35,
so I thought wtf. I didn't bother picking up. I get to the bar about 10 mins
late. Walk around. Alpha BL! I spot her at the bar, where 2 guys were hitting
on her. She sees me, smiles, runs over to me and did the high society cheek
kiss thing and told me we should go somewhere else, these guys are hitting on
her. I buy her a drink, and we sit and have a chat here where I actually
managed about 15 mins of talking. It was quite random chat, including
something like:

Me: You have good vocal projection.
Her: What's that?
Me: Your voice cuts over the music. It's loud in here, but your voice
Her: Yeah... giggles... I do have good vocal projection! I'm loud!

She then asked if I was hungry, and suggests we go for food at this place she
said is good, an Italian restaurant. We get a cab there. On the way she shows
me her new watch.

Her: What do you think of my new watch? I got it today...
Me: Oh it's pretty. (kino) DKNY?
Her: Yeah... and it was cheap too!
Me: How much?
Her: £150
Me: .......right.

We get to this restaurant, and I thought I'd lead, so I walk into the
restaurant first. I was about to open my mouth to say 'a table for 2' when
behind me I hear 'Pronto! Buona Sera!'.

Waiters: 'HBTycoon! Grazie, va bene cosí!'
HB: 'afjojo32jfowijfjf'
Me: '.......'

She speaks Italian??

Yeap. Apparently she speaks Italian, Greek, English AND French.

She requests a specific table fluently, as she keeps pointing at a particular
one in the corner. The guy at first was hesitant. It was booked, but they give
it to us anyway.

Next thing I know, there's a bottle of red wine on the table that she hand
picked and the waiter recommended. I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING. NOT EVEN MY OWN
FUCKING FOOD. As she describes the oakwood and earth and shit in the wine,
mussels and all kinds of dishes were being served on the table that were NOT
EVEN ON THE MENU. The chef was bringing us food NOT ON THE MENU.

What did I say? Pretty much for the rest of the night, the only phrases that
came out of my mouth were 'Yeah' or 'Cool' or 'Uh huh.' I literally felt like
a gold digger chick out for a night of hustling, yet she was doing all the

So we eat, and I find out all kinds of shit about her. Her dad used to be a
waiter, ended up buying the restaurant he was working in, and now owns SHIPS
and buys/sells petroleum. You know though, this isn't the first time I have
had a rich girl treat me. I've always strangely had this 'blueprint' thing
that seems to activate in rich daddy girls who have a certain type of
personality, and get gamed by them. I once got this girl with a rich BF
totally in love with me and asked me to fly with her to Turkey. I thought she
was psycho stalking so I rid of her, which I totally regret, because I
definitely overreacted. I warned myself of the potential feelings I may get,
and to not make the same mistake again. It is possible that most guys are so
intimidated by girls of her status, that's why I managed to get in there.

HBTycoon ... The Genius
So what are her other qualifications? :p

She has an IQ of 192. She is a member of Mensa. Fuck, I have an IQ of 150 or
something and thought I was intelligent. You talk to this girl and trust me,
most people will be blown out of the water by what she has to say.

She has a 1st (equiv to Cum Laude in US) from Cambridge University, currently
doing a PHD in research at 25. This girl is fucking smart. She also has a
photographic memory, and says she still remembers notes from primary school.
And she wants to help me learn medicine by memorizing all my shit and teaching
it to me.

She has 3 homes in the UK. The one in Edinburgh costed £250,000 and she just
bought it 2 weeks ago, but she is paying it off herself apparently (explained
in the twists at the end). She has 3 motorbikes - a BMW something but that's
all I know. And she wants to take me on a ride...

She mentioned that despite all the other stuff she's said, shes actually very
much a home girl. Would do the cooking, cleaning, etc. Cook 3 times a day,
etc. I wonder why she's telling me this? :p

After the meal, the bill came to £70. She puts down a £50 tip. And offers
wine to the waiters. We stayed past past closing time (it was 1 am when we
left and the place supposedly shits at midnight) and she puts down another £20
tip. She basically tipped 100% of the cost of the meal... and after running my
golddigger routine I think she is probably going to take me out for more...

HBTycoon ... The Hustler

She plays pool as a hobby and is at championship level. I would think this to
be her biggest passion, and she is going to teach me. A friend of her friend
was a challenged her, without knowing that she's good. This girl thought she
was all that, and said she'll kick HBTycoon's ass. They bet for £1000. £1000
for a game of pool! She obviously wins, but the girl who lost wasn't too
happy. Threatens to break her cue if she doesn't give the money back. She
said no one touches her cue. The girl hits her cue on the floor, and so she
takes the cue and smacks it across this girl's face and gives her a black eye.

Another time she's at a bar, where this guy thought he was all hot shit. So
she walks up to him and plays the pretty girly girl role, 'Hiii!! Can I play
pool with you?' The guy was like 'Of course baby' And she says 'Can I pleeease
break??' Pleeeease?' And the guy was like 'Oh yeah baby.' So she breaks, and
deliberately only sinks 1 and keeps the rest where they are. And she goes
'Ohhh !!! I got one in!! Yeeeea!!!'

Then she takes out her wallet, and says 'Do you want to play for money? Why
don't we play for a fiver? (£5)' But as she does so, she deliberately shows
the £300 stack of cash in her wallet, and the guy goes 'You know what, why
don't we play for £10?' So she then goes 'Hmm... I tell you what... why don't
we play for £100... or a shag.' The guy goes... 'I'll take the shag...'

She is like 'ok, let's play. If you win, you get to shag me, if you lose, you
owe me £100.' She tells him to break the balls up, which he does, and he
doesn't sink ANY.

Her turn. She takes one shot. ONE SHOT.

The balls went:

Yeap. 7 balls (plus or minus). All sunk. In 1 shot. The guy's jaw drops.
She takes the £100 off thet table, and says 'Nice game, see ya' and leaves.

This girl is a total hustler. Darren congratulated me, and said I must've
found my equivalent...

Venue Changes
Anyway so after food, she extracts me back to hers, total TD style- 'Oh we need
to get more cash.' I went along with it. We get downstairs in the cab, and
she's like 'You wanna wait here? Or you are welcome to come up...' I was like
'ummm... ok.' We go upstairs, and she shows me around. In the living room are
these really sweet looking leather sofas. She tells me that they are custom
made sofas, imported from New York. There were mirrors imported from London.
'Yeah my daddy is nice like that sometimes,' she said. Then total David D
style 'Let's go, taxi waiting'. Wait, she didn't want to have sex? So
different from the other girls!

Then we went out in town. Next thing I know in the club we had a bouncer
looking seats for us in there, and she's coming from the bar with a bucket of
ice, with a bottle of Moet & Chandon. She opened a few mixed sets, talks to
the girl and they are holding hands (did I say she was bisexual and her
favorite fantasy was 2 girls 1 guy, anytime). This girl's boyfriend kept
watching. Guys approach her and she would blow them off with a 'fuck off' with
the 2 finger handsign. If guys persist, she told me she would sometimes grab
them by the throat really hard to shut them up, or even by the balls.... they
usually walk off like wimps after that apparently. I told her to fake pretend
I was approaching her in the club, to see what she would do. Let's just say I
am very glad I didn't approach her that way!

Social Proof
I then took her to a lounge where I am somewhat wired up. Keith and Richie
were rolling out and were with their new friends who work at the best bar in
town. They are so IN with these guys now. I told her before to social proof
my friends, so she's like going all out flirting with them all. The guys from
the bar all think she's really hot. It was funny. Her BT was sky high (Richie
said it was the highest he's ever seen) and she was literally giving everyone a
kiss on the cheek and running around. Richie was kind of drunk and almost
cockblocked by suggested we go back to his for drinks... but of course that
does not happen. I'm Loverboy. :p

Then there were the bouncers. I only roll into this club becasue of the old
staff. 2 of my best bouncer pals have left, and the VIP queue girls let me in
but the rest don't really know me so if the queue girls aren't working then I
have to wait and also pay entry. No, not happening. So I introed her to some
bouncers, who she just starts flirting outrageously with.. like touching them
and shit. One of them, the head bouncer, used to be quite a prick with me.
He's really aggressive, dominant, alpha. Tells girls what to do, etc. If I'm
in the member's queue asks me for my card. Esp since I never actually bought a
membership card for this place, I want to avoid it. I told her membership was
£400, and she said 'Oh we'll jsut buy one'! (But I think now that Richie and
the boys are in with these other multimillionaires we will get the cards for
free anyway).

So after I let her work this bouncer for a couple of minutes while I befriend
the other, and next thing, I'm like shaking his hand and he's like a little
puppy dog. Can feel him totally beta to me. FUCK!

'Now whenever we go there, we can do whatever we want, baby... and if there's a
problem, we just slip them a £50,' she said.

LOL I was laughing because I was drunk, I actually think I preferred it when
she blew guys off, but her style of getting guys is by taking their sexual
power. Bascially by making them think they have a chance with her, but
obviously never doing it. She said if she needs to, she would even go to the
point of rubbing her ass on their dick to get them all frustrated, and just
never fucking them. I only know 1 other girl in the same league of sexual
confidence. My favorite pivot. They are a rare breed, and this is the type of
girl I'm looking for in the game, in many ways.

The Extraction
As we walked away from the club and avoided the disaster of going back to
Project Scotland with 4 other guys, she suggested to either book a hotel room
and buy more alcohol and get more trashed (her suggestion) or to go somewhere
else for more.

We find one of those peddling bikes, that cost £4 per person or something. She
gives them a £20 bill. We hop in. The guy asks where we are going ahd she asks
me if she could take me home with her. LOL. I was like 'umm... I should go
home... but just for a short while, maybe.' Next thing I know, her head on my
shoulder and we're heading back to her £250,000 flat with the $5000 custom made
sofas, which she described early day, as being the perfect height... be bent over to be fucked.

The Sex
When I walked into the house, first thing she does is walk into her bedroom.
She said make myself comfortable, treat everything as if it's mine. She starts
takeing off her clothes RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME like it's no big fucking deal,
leaving her bra and underwear on, looking fucking HOT. I was like HOLY FUCK.
My dick didn't even know how to respond, but I should say we were both somewhat
drunk at that time (after a few bottles of champagne and red wine I think
that's normal) She then told me to get naked, and climb in bed, because she
had to get up in the morning.

I got ASD, but this girl got game. She gave me a few hours to sleep before
taking advantage of me. Instead we just cuddled. It was already like 5 in the
morning. I couldn't fall asleep.

I fucked her this morning at 9 am having had 0 sleep. But it was sooo worth
it. I was a dead zombie when she started sucking my dick this morning and rode
me like the petite little thang she is. Still I think I did ok - I fucked her
doggy over her daddy's $5000 custom made sofas imported from New York. I gave
her 3 orgasms in 15 minutes: one on the bed, one on the sofa, and one on the
carpet (didn't get carpet burn thankfully). Then, I blew my load in her mouth,
and she swallowed it all.


The Twists
Now, this isn't picture perfect. Here are some twists.

1. She was in an arranged marriage at 18 for 3 years. She was beaten up by
this guy really badly (he sounded old). Anyway so she got pregnant when she
was in this marriage, and apparently in her country wedddings/marriages you
can't divorce without being disowned by family. So she had her child adopted.
I'm not too sure what happened in this marriage but she is no longer in it, so
the isuse I'm more concerned about is the fact that she was in an abusive
relationship, and I know most girls who go through that usually fall into a
particular category of behaviour.

2. Her mom passed away 4-5 years ago, and her dad got REMARRIED. To a 14 year
old girl. Yes, a 14 YEAR OLD GIRL. He got her pregnant, and the girl is now
18. She is really really upset by this, and doesn't want anything to do with
him. So she is making money on her own now. She said she doesn't talk to her
dad. Then you think about the fact that her dad is sending her imported
leather goods from New York ... can't be that bad!

3. She literally chain smokes. She smokes fuck loads. I don't even smoke.
I think she probably smoked two packs since I met her on the day2. But I am
sure I can get her to quit.

4. She has done drugs, and I mean class A drugs. She has tried everything
from cocaine to heroin to ecstacy to crystal meth. But she said she was
never addicted to any. I asked her about the heroin, she said she just got
curious. Spent about 3 days preparing the material, buying sterilized shit,
and all that. I asked her if she was ever addicted or got withdrawal and she
said she went into a slumber state for 4-5 hours after, and had the worst pain
for like a day or two after, but she just played it through and quit. There
are no needle marks on her, and I am quite sure she is telling the truth. When
I told Style about this he explained to me between the difference of users and
abusers, but personally I wouldn't ever do hard drugs. To hear someone who has
done that and not addicted... it's like... WTF? I mean, would there be more
shit I learn about her that I will turn out not to like?

5. I'm sure there are other skeletons in the closet. Most rich daddy socialite
girls to this level that I know usually have more fucked up shit that you won't
find out for a few months.

In Conclusion
Anyway besides the cons / twists I listed above which potentially indicate
psycho problems, I will probably play along and take the awesome advice I got
from Style, Hoobie, Scott and Tyler. Thanks guys. Plus just make the most of
this, and enjoy it. Richie said to just MARRY her, he said I shouldn't even be
thinking abou it. Yeah. But I realized that divorcing her and taking half the
money will probably be a bad idea... Daddy's hit man on my ass type of bad

She is already saying shit to me like 'I'm totally taken by you right now'.
We'd be lying in bed and she'd tell me to look at her, and that she would blush
if I keep looking at her like that. 'This just fits so well...' as she
cuddled up to me in bed. I was a little surprised because I was setting a
frame of us being just friends and she's like my big sister (Being honest, I
did this because big sisters buy their little brothers stuff all the time,

She also told me was attracted to me when she first saw me. She said she
wished I didn't go talk to her the way I did, because she wish we met in
different circumstances, as she didn't think she was that great when I saw her.
Plus, she said she would've normally blown guys off if they went up and did
what I did.. lol. She also kept telling me I'm different from most guys.

She wants to see me again, and makes this clear through future projections.
Richie and Keith are at a private party I wasn't invited to :x, so here I am
typing this up instead. Her future projections included flying out to NY or
something, teaching me how to play pool, buying me a cue ball to play with,
buying me the membership card to the member's lounge, telling me to take her
out again, telling me that sex was amazing. Etc. So if she did mean what she
say, and that I do see her tomorrow or whenever and she doesn't just do this to
all the hot guys she meets (lol), I'm thinking fuck it, it'll be an interesting
experience. I'll take the ride and see where it takes me.


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