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Re: The Transition to Natural Game

mASF post by rp_5150

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Re: The Transition to Natural Game»
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mASF post by "rp_5150"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

On 4/24/05 5:54:24 PM, Gibletpie wrote:
>This faith, this
>belief is the CORE
>of Natural Game». Until you've
>really internalized that
>belief, your
>game WILL be like every other
>chump on the planet.

Good point.

Let's look again at what was posted above, to see
what it means to be "good". From this, I'm already
better than average for getting dates (aka: day2's, you
supplicating guys).

""-Your opening percentage will be lower. You will get blown out faster from
certain sets. ""

money_matteo: "If I go into a set with an opinion opener to stories and
I can open maybe 9/10 sets. Out of those 9 sets i'd be lucky to get sexual with
someone from maybe 1 of those sets.."

money_matteo: "When I go in natural direct I'll get blown out *quickly* between
1-8 times in a row before I get a solid open, but I'll have about a 90% chance
of getting a good close from the open that eventually comes."

money_matteo has a pretty good rep on here of course.
Not sure what is meant by "natural direct." Is that
like, "Hey. You, me, would be hot, I'm matteo." Or some
line learned off of shark's CD..

Let's look at what has been posted elsewhere:

r.: (in asia) Food courts and department stores are the best places to
game and I can usually phone close 60% and end up with fuck closes with about

a.: Out of the girls I # close, they usually result in 1/3 or 1/2 meets.

(pua instructor - indirect): I'm probably around 65-75% [for day2 meet from #]
when I
follow up properly, which is usually.

(pua "one of the best" - naturals): I can close [lay?] about 1 out of 3 girls.

(pua instructor): "I think that the indirect game increases your conversion
rates, that is approach to lay. ... Had I gone in direct, I would not have
been able to pull this off because I would have lost prizability."

In razorjack's recent post (using RJM.. which is.. hmm.. direct/method-less),
he says he's laid something
like 44+ girls in the past year (mostly ONS?).
Some of his LR's detail how he gets blown out 4-5 times
in a row & keeps going.

So what set me off in my first post.. aside from the
red wine being in the fridge.. was mainly the part
about "That's a solid # close." Eh? What's Solid,
after how many "got a bf" responses?

Woodhaven: "My flaking ratio is very good. Not 100% perfect, but pretty damn
close. The average time it takes for me to get a non-flaking phone number is
between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. No more - it's just not necessary."

Cool - after how many crash & burns?

Woodhaven: "-Her initial impression of you becomes increasingly important and
is predominantly visual and auditory based. "

Cool - then post what you're saying since this first
impression is so important. No need to hide behind some
"but if I tell you, that goes against being yourself" kind
of mantra - describe it fully rather than just this

Woodhaven: compliments on her beauty or remarks about the environment,
or even a simple "Hi." .... Go
directly to a vibing / rapport type of interaction. Be playful with her and get
to know her. If you tell stories, make sure they're fun, and not meant to
impress her.

Sounds pretty normal to me.. GWM, whatever..

Hoobie's videos are direct: "Hey guys - I just got into
town. Wanna fuck?" So was his Paris Hilton sarge:
"I know you're horny. Want to fuck?"


Woodhaven's recent FR he mentions he spent several hours
on the phone from 2am to 5am or something.
Cool C&T time. I wonder, what was Natural Game» before
the phone became a cultural icon? That was only
100 years ago. Hell until the 1940's rolled around,
chicks didn't spend all night on the phone, yet somehow
still hooked up, of course, I'm just assuming.

-- robert1

toecutter: Beat that fear. Be a man. Beat your chest a little bit, because
most people are slave to their fears. You conquer yours. Most guys will
conquer it in context (like bungy jumping), but lets see those parachuting AFCs
handling walking into a club ALONE and SOBER and APPROACHING a girl they don't
know. Or worse ... a group of girls.

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