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Re: Being unpredictable/ are these women impaired?

mASF post by finalD

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Re: Being unpredictable/ are these women impaired?
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, April 4, 2005

gmm2 wrote in news:[email protected]:

> They just go from one short term
> relationship to another untill their beauty fades, leaving the men in
> their lives emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially
> devasted. You're best to find good long term friendships with guys and
> pursue these wacko's for casual sex.

Although this post is dangerously close to an over-generalized rant
about "all" members of the opposite sex, I'd have to say that it rings
true to me. The "Sex and the City" generation is caught dangerously
between the conflicting poles of, on the one hand, defining themselves
and their femininity on the basis of a whole arsenal of ineptitudes -- I
can't cook or clean, I can't get across town because my shoes are
nonsensical, I can't fix the burnt out light bulb, I can't be trusted to
stay on an emotional even keel if the cat walks into the room or my
favorite brand of tea changes the color on its label, I can't figure out
how to keep a normal job -- and on the other hand being so cock-sure of
their ability at all things -- of course a WOMAN could do that, it's a
MAN who is incompetent; of course *I'm* capable of running the Pentagon,
it's just like buying a Gucci bag!; of course Hilary Clinton is a better
politician than Bill, she's not hung up on sex!

I'd have to say that culturally we've produced a whole generation of
frivolity seekers. Can't blame 'em, modern life is packed with
meaningless details, more and more of which are immediately and
instantaneously accessible. Ring tones and hubcap styles occupy more
brain space among most young adults than presidential politics or
nuclear disarmament. Presidents are idiots, nuclear bombs are scary.
Between the poles is something harmless. Ooooh "American Idol" is on ...

I don't know if attractive young men are as vain, frivolous, and
professionally inept as Paris Hilton portrays herself to be, thereby
training her whole generation to attempt to be that bad at life. Hell,
even her deliberately leaked internet sex video looks to me like she
doesn't do a very good job of giving head, teasing and squeamishly
resisting full contact most of the time, indicating that typical female
mistake that the male organ is merely a very nice birdie that has soft
feathers and likes to be petted sometimes. She doesn't seem to drive the
man toward orgasm (hey, the cum would mess up her make up!) as much as
pose cutely for him. "Look at me, I'm holding a dick! Aren't I

But are men this incompetent too? Are we really as unable to be FULL
HUMANS, or is there a MOVEMENT out there to dehumanize and devalue the
feminine to such an extreme that there's nothing left for a young woman
to strive to be, except ineptitude itself?
The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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