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“He‘s Just Not That Into You”

mASF post by quitesomebody

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“He‘s Just Not That Into You”
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mASF post by "quitesomebody"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, March 3, 2005

YOU GO V!!! :) kudos on holding your own, and good for you that you did get
angry! kick his ass, girl.

finald - i'm disappointed at you for taking this argument ad feminam. calling
a chick ugly just because she disagrees with you is a potshot and you know it.
v was absolutely right to call you on negging her. or rather, on you trying to
shut her up and 'take her down a peg'. men try to fuck with women's game all
the time by doing precisely this bullshit and then to throw us back into AFC

"be exceptionally pretty" is absolutely USELESS advice. that's the kind of
SHITTY ASS ADVICE that ladies' magazines pump us full of, making us
self-conscious and self-absorbed little self-loathing shits. AFC bitch girls,
in other words.

it's the female-directed equivalent of the typical advice given to men by their
mothers and bullshit movies: "be yourself", "tell her how you feel"... in
other words, PANDER TO WOMEN. in other words, LOWER YOUR PRIDE and try your
damndest to be what you THINK that SHE WANTS you to be!

that shit DON'T WORK. chicks don't actually dig it. and it makes the guy feel
like an absolute wuzz in the process, and unless he snaps out of it HARD, he'll
turn himself into a wuzz by doing it! same thing for chicks trying to 'look
exceptionally pretty' for guys.

the truth is that men want to think that they want physical perfection
supermodels that waiters chase down the streets. what they actually want, as
demonstrated by who ACTUALLY gets lavished with the most male attention, is not
pure absolute beauty but a COMBINATION of attractive physical traits with
attractive body language, eye action, facial expression, attitude, and social
status. and a couple of other factors.

consider, for example, the case of jennifer aniston. super hot babe, right?
she was oohed and awed over in friends, married brad pitt, constantly gets
listed on or near the top of the hottest women. and yet, if you simply LOOK at
her, divorced of all the details of who she is and who her character was on
friends and how she carries herself, the girl ain't much. she's not ugly. far
from it. but both her face and her body have definite flaws. if she stood
around acting gawky, she'd be socially invisible. but she doesn't. jennifer
aniston is super hot because MY GIRL'S GOT GAME.

same thing with paris hilton. my girl's a skank, but MAN does she have game.
she was a heiress, living the jetset life and getting around with the
jetsetters in new york, miami, la... she was hot, and did some modeling, and
got a tv show... but outside her social circle, MOST people had NO IDEA that
'paris hilton' was something other than a hotel in france.

and then her sex tape leaked.

and suddenly, she's THE name. THE babe. the skanky babe, to be sure, but the
babe all the same. every guy knows who she is and has at least wondered what
it would be like to hook up with her. everyone has taken some stance on her,
whether she's hot or not, all that stuff...

she's hot, don't get me wrong. i'd do her. (and then sell the video tape to
the highest bidder, hehe...) but she's not THAT hot. she's not THAT pretty.
her eyes are too small for her face, she's got bony hips and chest, there's
something wrong looking about her nose. but she's HOT. because she projects
fucking sexuality like nobody's business, and she's created an IMAGE for
herself that has lanuched her career and her fame in a way that nothign but a
good scandal could do. she was fucking B list before, she's fucking A list
now. in both senses. there are tons of celebs who are MUCH prettier than her
but who are far less well known. think of all the super hot models you see in
victoria's secret catalogues, for example. drop dead gorgeous, but who are
they? celebrity is about sarging the WORLD. and my girl paris got GAME.

and i'm completely convinced that she (and her publicist) are behind both the
leaking of the sex tape last summer and this spring's 'hacking' of her
sidekick. seriously. the girl's name and face was fading from the front
pages; nothing quite like another 'invasion of her privacy' to get her launched
back into the limelight and the imaginations of every man and woman in the
united states!

of course, no one in his right mind is gonna take paris hilton home to his
momma. just like no girl in her right mind is gonna take a smooth-talking
obvious playa home either. but so what. get what you WANT. get what YOU
want. no reason to stop what works for getting you what you want NOW just
because someone thinks that your current image doesn't make you LTR material.
people can change, and the reformed sinner role is attractive as hell for LTRs.

and as for the first part of the post by finald which triggered this debate:

i agree, v, that you project a certain air of dominance. that's GOOD. social
dominance is a continuum, and it ain't healthy to be on the bottom bottom of it
all. all this talking about 'dominance' as a male quality tends to ignore the
fact that pack dynamics include dominant FEMALES as well, and that it is the
dominant females that get to breed.

and finald - i do agree with your pairings of 'ideal couples' being much more
multifaceted. back to pack theory - the most dominant male WILL NOT fuck the
most submissive female. he will fuck the most DOMINANT female(s), and she will
submit to him but only to him and increase her own status by doing so.


"The mating dance is something that two people do together; it is not something
that one person does with a limp mannequin." -secondarysight

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