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Re: Calibration vs. "It's Always On"

mASF post by intlzncster

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Re: Calibration vs. "It's Always On"
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mASF post by "intlzncster"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2005

>I NEVER believed in the statement "you have to adapt your seduction to
your victim". No!

Cool, I hope that works for you.

>That's impossible unless you can completely transform YOURSELF into another

The point is not to change who you are, or to completely transform yourself
for every individual. The point is to read small social cues (calibrate)
and pinpoint your attack based on your reading of that communication. Dude,
you calibrate all the time in your day to day life.

>IE. You are a bad boy and you all of a sudden want to do suplicative
>approaches using seductive techniques -> this means you have to drop your
>alphaness and cockyness and become a supplicant lover.

No you don't be supplicative how you mean it here. Calibration has nothing
to do with changing who you are. It's more about recognizing social
patterns and types. And you can adjust to the information you receive on
the fly. I do know several quote/unquote badboys who "soften up" their
communication when dealing with really nice sweet girls. These girls are
drawn to the badboy's vulnerable side (well actually, all women are, but the
sweet ones even more so). Where he might act a little more hardcore with a
biker chick, he'll be more vulnerable with a sweet girl. It justs makes

Anyone who is inflexible in how they come across to others, is not a good
PUA. These guys are stiff or rigid. They are not nearly as dynamic as
flexible guys IMO. You are telling me you would take the exact same tack
with a biker chick, a professional athlete, a body builder, a school girl,
an extreme sport chick, a teacher, a librarian, a flakey chick, a hippy
chick, a wise ass, a lawyer, a CEO, a SUB, a DOM, a playboy playmate, a low
self esteem chick, a high self esteem chick, Miss Universe, Paris Hilton,
etc.........? Nah, you need take different angles on these girls.

>Yeah I agree that you would have to change your PERSONA, but don't tell me
>that you can do this in-game.
>It will reak of insincerity. Also I just don't think it's possible.

No, not changing your persona. Just choosing to show a different side of
yourself. Everyone is multifaceted, and you can choose to display any side
of yourself that you desire at any given moment. It is not difficult, nor
is it insincere. After all, it's still YOU on some level.

It's normal human communication. I do it all the time, it's a natural
process for me. Whenever you successfully relate to a new/different person,
you are calibrating on some level. I guess I'm not sure what you are
getting at here.

>I have to this point not seen any evidence of actual calibration going on
>either. Can someone explain what calibration is at all?

From The One:

Calibration can help you size up a human being, MALE or FEMALE.

[Calibration is the method by which you:]
What their background is,
why they think the way they do,
what motivates them,
what their self-image is,
what their identity is,
how they view their environment,
What their needs are,
what they emotionally respond to,
Where in life they are,
What sort of a emotional state are they in at that VERY Moment,

From Harmless:

For me, calibration is not a logical, "put the girl under
the microscope" scientific thing. It's simply me being open and
receptive and
picking up on the state she's in through body language, eye contact, her
tonality, what she says, etc, etc, etc.

Calibration is a mostly unconscious process of pattern recognition. In
words, in the back of my mind I'm observing what's happening in the
and correlating this with previous experiences and relating what she's
doing to
things I associate through those experiences with different states.

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