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From a night in Vegas

mASF post by hottunger9

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From a night in Vegas
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mASF post by "hottunger9"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, February 2, 2005

well, a lot of this seems to make sense..But trying to make a dull, minimal IQ
girl seem "like the most interesting on the planet" ?

Manipulating people when you want something out of them is hardly "new"..Act
nice to them and maybe you'll get what you want?? :)

in other words, lie, and b/c she has nice tits & ass, pretend she is brilliant


this is different from "supplicating" or "kissing ass", how?

"I’d say that there’s no such thing as boring people, just boring
conversationalists"........... Like you'd listen as intently to the "pool
cleaner", a bum, an ugly girl, or random guy, as you would to Bill Gates,
Donald Trump, paris hilton, or a moron girl with a hot body/face.. (but i
repeat myself) :) Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigghht..sounds 'nice' & "politically
correct"..but it's bullshit..

Most of this stuff was covered by Dale Carnegie in "How to Win Friends &
Influence People"

over 70 years ago..

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