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Re: Why I Like Younger Girls

mASF post by finalD

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Re: Why I Like Younger Girls
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

Alessandro wrote at Mon, 31 Jan 2005 23:57:00 GMT in
news:[email protected]:

> I had a 19 year old briefly, and she was fucking pain. She
> coarse, abrupt, and just didn't gel very well with me. I
> had another, though more experienced, 19 year old before
> her; although that one sucked more dicks, she still was
> childish and chewed with her mouth open.

Yah. Paris Hilton walks like a penguin. Really, it bugs me. All
that POTENTIAL and she only manages to be attractive when she's
in a still photograph. Humph.

I have a similar experience with "younger" women. But I'm 39, so
MOST hot-looking women are "younger" than me, to the extent that
I'm really an "older" man almost all the time.

I find that there's a cut-off point, beyond which a chick is
"competent" and before which a chick is simply "oh you're
annoying." It happens at different ages for different people,
and also the annoyingness-factor is to some degree dependent on
the PUA himself, on whether or not he posits a frame in which
frivolity and annoyingness is accepted or encouraged or

To generalize, I think that MOST chicks in the "average middle-
class North American college-attending culture" (you know what I
mean) will cross this "competent" point some time around 24
years old. Really prissy ones NEVER do -- and in conservative
societies, where (for example) church and marriage are put at a
higher priority than in other places, sometimes the chick CLINGS
to her pre-competent phase as though it's somehow "feminine" to
be inept. (Emotionally, logistically, ineptitude is a general
concept.) There will be some chicks who become competent AT WORK
early in their lives and yet remain nincompoops at every other
thing, ESPECIALLY at social things like being childishly
manipulative and selfish with those men who want to date them.
Then there will be other chicks who transfer laterally their
proficiency at WORK into the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

It's hit or miss, I find, which chicks are competent at
everything as opposed to competent only when they're "expected"
(the setting, such as work, or a PUA, requires it) as opposed to
competent at nothing.

And there are some VERY together 19-year-olds. My time with a
few of them has really enriched my life. They've got so MUCH
more to offer than a prissy but better-dressed 25-year-old.

There's this thing going on in North American culture, in which
ineptitude, femininity, youthfulness, sexuality, adulthood,
power over men, child-like-ness, etc., all get wrapped up in a
ball of complicated competing ball of associations. This whole
nexus, which I often dismissively refer to as the "frivolous
mall-princess complex" or something similar, is actually what
most of us are talking about when we say we "can't stand" how
silly or stupid younger women are.

But then there's this other thing going on, about LEGITIMATE
maturity, in which adult attitudes (toward sex, among other
things -- and no, "adult" doesn't mean "fucks all the time"!)
doesn't come around until TIME PASSES for people. Really, you
can't "flex your maturity" muscles, whether you're an AFC
without facial hair who wants to grow a moustache, or a
princessy 14-year-old female. You sometimes just have to wait.

So, we need to be careful to distinguish between the "willfully
immature" as opposed to those who "can't help it." Either way, I
recommend someone more mature. :)

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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