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Random thoughts from a GPUA

mASF post by Nilatak

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Random thoughts from a GPUA
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mASF post by "Nilatak"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

On 1/26/05 7:58:00 AM, Freman wrote:
>Hi are not a GPUA and put this shit in FR!

>Yesterday I PUed a
>model.Anyway I live in Israel
>so I don't get to PU Paris
>Hilton so I PU for every other
>model/famous HB,whatever.I saw
>her during day time PU on my
>way to work with her mom I
>I got nervous,serious approach
>anxiety,I got over it a
>little,took me two minutes(she
>was at a store) I went there
>and ran my of my worst sets
>ever.It was like when months
>ago when I just started,I
>couldn't even think,my voice
>BL and game was fucked up.
>Lately I'm not using
>routines.I'm using plant &
>stare and direct
>and than improvise.I can get
>good results from the 7 and 8.
>I doesn't work with bad frame.
>But it was very educational.
>I read somewhere(I think it
>was IN10SE) that you need to
>fuck like 30 7s and 8s before
>you can get SHBs.I tried to
>somehow convince myself it was
>possible somehow without
>all the practice but he is
>probably right.
>How do I get to a level where
>I can get SHBs?
>It's probably an inner game»
>One more positive thing is
>that her mother and her
>didn't try to hit me so I'm
>I was pissed off later so I
>PUed every fucking HB that I
>saw that day.12 approaches,no
>close,some of them were
>fun and I learned some new
>Have a strong frame,it's the
>reality you project
>around and lots of it is based
>on your beliefs.When it's
>working for me I sort of think
>it to myself and have it work
>with what I do.And than your
>game has to flow from it.
>I got IOI's from a married HB
>I PUed when her husband was
>sort of around I ran little
>C&F and than told her
>breasts are too small.Twice.Go
>figure.She shit tested
>a little and I passed,and
>didn't manage to close.
>Another cute thing when some
>HB is trying to shit test or
>whatever not positive thing is
>to tell her she is only the
>third not nice HB today and
>continue with this a little.
>You know,she should practice
>this more.Move her to number 4
>or tell her to insult you.
>I'm working on escalating.So
>you PU some HB,get IOIs fast
>and what?Kino more go sexual
>and kiss her?How am I suppose
>to do it?I know I should be
>able to do this shit but
>I not sure how.Feedback
>Is it possible like after
>between 5 to 20 minutes?
>One last thing I have a
>serious SP PUing moving sets
>the other direction in the
>middle of rain storms:)
>"Your best?Losers always whine
>about doing their best.Winners
>go home and fuck the prom

"True macks don't mack, they get macked on."

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