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Lay Report: vacation in Greece :)

mASF post by KhunKao

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Lay Report: vacation in Greece :)
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mASF post by "KhunKao"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2005

My male friend is a natural. Very very strong frame, laid back, relaxed, cool +
model looks.

We were together in Greece for 'vacation' working for a tourist agency which is
specialized in party tourism (ala American spring breaks).
There was the Slovenian Playboy team with their playmates to shoot some pics.
4 HB playmates total ( ultra HSE, since every dork looked at them like they
were some sort of goddesses or something -AFC crap).
My friend knew one of them. One night when partying, I saw that he's talking
to one of the playmates. At that time I was gaming another HB (non playboy).
One of the playmates (HBblonde) makes EC with a couple of times (unexpected

Here comes the trick:

They started talking about me, since she somehow knew that I am a boxer (Muay
Thai pro fighter). When my friend realised that she was giving positive IOI's
to me, it went something like this:

Sensei: Anyway, HBblonde forget about him,...he's not for you.
HBblonde: hmmm,...and why is that?
Sensei: ...he's crazy/nuts. Maybe too much even for you.
HBblonde: What do you mean?
Sensei: I won't tell you anything. You can see by yourself. He's very direct,
if he won't like something about you, he'll tell you in right your face. He
doesn't give a shit,...

that sort of debate.

Later I entered the set, exchanged a few words with Sensei, but acted as she
wasn't there. Then he introduces me (name exchange) and I eject immediately and
return to my previous girl - HBMiniCooper (so HBblonde could see that I am not
not interested in her). Later in the evening (morning?) I saw her dancing and
opened her (mirroring ala Pulp fiction style dancing -Travolta&Uma). We danced
max two songs. In both of them I was leading, spinning her,...lots of playful
KINO (push&pull). When the songs ends I just turn my back and leave. No bye, no
nothing. Even on the dance floor she was full of shit tests. Man I got a
headache from those shit tests. Strong frame is the most important thing when
with HSE HB's.
The problem was that I wasn't able to start makeout on the dance because I
worked as a security guy for this agency and the bar was full of co workers
(boss, sales director, tourist guides,...). I thought,..fuck KhunKao,...venue
change,...fucking VENUE CHANGE. Anyway I lost her for the next few hours.
Meanwhile I gamed some other chicks (working for the tourist agency = pure
gold!) and she probably saw me.
It's about 4AM and I venue changed with HBMiniCooper and saw HBblonde
dancing at an after pary in a small club.
I danced with HBMiniCooper (which I had oneitis with her later when we returned
to Slovenia - MISTAKE MISTAKE, more oneitis for me!), smelled her neck and
so one and made horny faces while looking to HBblonde over HBMiniCooper's
shoulder (fuck I was drunk hehe). She went mad but I didn't care. She has that
kind of mentality: I can get you at any time. She comes to me (dancing) and I
literally move HBMiniCooper out of my way and start dancing with HBblonde who
was probably as drunk as me (HBMiniCooper didn't want talk with me the next 2
day because of that + I did it in front of her HBMiniCooper's friends + she had
BF at home + she was LSE). We start heavy makeout on the dance floor. I pressed
her against the wall and so on (using the dance tech described on Maniac's
website a lot). When the bar closes I decided to venue change some more (just
to escalate a little bit more, since It was working great for me on the
dancefloor). Everything is closed. Me,.."I know a good place." Took her to the
beach (Shit test: What are we supposed to do here? KK: Watch the
sunrise!)...started to make out again and then fuck her on the beach. While I
was fucking her one idiot who was walking nearby stopped and started watching
us. I hoped the she wouldn't notice,...but she did. I said (while fucking her):
go away or I will break your fucking face. He's gone! KhunKao lays a playmate!
Lay of the year for me!

My thoughts:

-props to Sensei.
-when I am drunk I have a stronger frame. That's not good
-later on (when we returned home) I fucked 3 times more. Every time there was a
massive amount of shit tests.
-Slovenian playmates are not hot as American ones.
-Photoshop is amazing
-made fun of the other playmates. (like Hoobie did to Paris Hilton, maybe even
-I still can't believe what kind of things go through my head when I am
-my frame has a lot of weak points,...too much.

Shit tests and other stuff
HBblonde: We had sex, only because I wanted to,....
KhunKao: ...and because I was drunk

HBblonde: don't ever dare to dance like that with another girl in front of me
KhunKao: she was hot. What do you think?

When I was with her in club my wing and best friend Mark joined us. Since he
was acting EXACTLY like I did when I met her (jerk to the max):

HBblonde: You are the same. Fuck, you even act the same! I am leaving,...
KhunKao: Me too.

me and my wing turn our backs and leave. After 5mins she calls back with 'where
are you honey'. WTF?!

When fucking I want to see her tits (If they were as big as in the mag, hehe).
But every time I tried to pull her bra off she blocked my hands. Finally she

HBblond (cocky tone): I have contract with PB. I can't show my tits, do you
understand that honey?

KhunKao: I don't care about your fucking contract. Put it off!
HBblond: Someone could see me naked,...or take pictures
KhunKao: Yeah honey, put if off.

which she did at last.

She continues to give me those small slaps on the back of my head for my jerk
comments when having random makeout. I warn her not to do that again, which she
(normally) ignored. I grab her hand and say:

KhunKao (serious tone): No one, I said no one can touch my my head. Do you
understand that?
HBblonde: Yes.
KhunKao: So get your fucking hand off my head, you got that?

the next sec again makeout + lay same night.

6.)Saw her once in the bar with the standard PB team of chicks. I saw her, she
saw me but we didn't make EC. I left the bar without talking to her. Later in
the evening, I get this SMS:

HBblonde: You saw me! You were too proud to say hello to me, OR WHAT?
KhunKao: the bar was overcrowded so I went to XY (<---- what a moron
HBblonde: WHAT? When in Greece I thought that you were cool but now I see that
you are like anyone else. It was fun till it lasted....
KhunKao: that's me and I was the same in Greece. I won't adapt to anyone, you

after 1/2 hr:

HBblonde: Hey Khun, where are you?


My craziest fuck of all time. Nothing even compares to this shit. As time went
by (I am a (r)AFC) I probably failed to maintain strong frame so I eventually
lost her.

"Everybody has a plan until he gets hit on the mouth" -Mike Tyson

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