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‘naturals’ vs PUAs....status/value over tactics

mASF post by afcpua

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‘naturals’ vs PUAs....status/value over tactics
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mASF post by "afcpua"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2005

i could be wrong as i have never actually met a PUA but i think many guys on
here are wrong about how a good PUA is WAY better than any natural.

i am not saying that if you meet a natural he will be better than you. i am
saying that a natural COULD be better than you in probably a few months.

WITHOUT learning the game. just from doing 50 approaches a week. imagine if a
natural does 200 approaches wwithin 1 month, he'll get good just from the
experience and personal calibration.

this is why when PUAs talk about naturals who can get laid almost every night,
i dont find it hard to believe.

all they need to learn is the proper material and get experience in putting it
all together. they already hold the right beliefs and way of carrying
themselves. their state-control is NOT worse than a PUAs.

their material might be, there ability to cope with some tricky circumstances
might take a bit of time to iron out, but the REASON they cant explain what
they are doing is it's INTERNALIZED stuff that projects value and status.

i've definitely come to the realization that inner game» is FAR more important
than outer game.

i am still on the journey to improving my inner game». i will only post my
thoughts until i resume PU, as this is beneficial to me. reading others posts
at the moment is not.

this is why if you remember pre-asf age, back in school, they guys wwho got the
girls werent using ASD, openers etc.
they got it all on value and status. sure they kneww how to talk but that cant
be taught on asf.

WORKSHOPS, YES. mASF, NO. i believe the cycle goes like this, beginners: asf
helps, intermediate: it hurts you, then once you are advanced enough, it helps
you again.

i am only intermediate in terms of experience, not in skill. bbut it is my
belief that with experience comes skill provided you know what you are trying
to accomplish.

anything that i dont know, wont help me in PU at this point. the most valuable
stuff i can learn is from an actual PU.

this is why stuff like FRAME-SETTING is so important. if she steals your frame,
it doesnt matter WHAT you knoww. we need more on asf, if possible, on how to
keep your frame. a PU is like a constant powwer struggle. you cant give away
your power. supplication only works if it can suck her out of hjer frame and
into your frame and your reality of things.

like i said, i HOPE PUAs are that much better than the BEST, #1 non-asf
studying guy. but is formhandle better than the #1 guy in boston? with all due
respect, i doubt it. it's not a competition but we can learn from who is good,
and we dont need to pretend like material is the magic pill.

yes, natuarals arent polished, but once they are, look out. i think top PUAs
are in the same company as good naturals. they are betetr than some naturals
and worse than others. saying that they are betetr than any natural is FALSE.

bad looking sports guys can get models. they are not PUAs, and it's NOT status
alone. i mean the models could get with rich, GOOD LOOKING status guy. not
crummy looking one. the celebrity world is just an extension of what goes on
in real life. it's not that different, just publicized. it would be like if you
are a PUA but a celeb, you'd be in the paper every day.

michael jordan...PUing paris hilton, next day PUing victoria secret
models...unfortunately they are not Pick-up minded and dont get the benefits of
good game that a PUA does.

THAT is the onyl reason PUA lifestyle is cooler. not better game, just cooler
lifestyle. if a PUA INCORPORATES player lifestyle into his identity.

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