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Lay Report: Miami Lay and Paris Hilton Sarge

mASF post by Nilatak

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Lay Report: Miami Lay and Paris Hilton Sarge
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mASF post by "Nilatak"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2005

VB, SirMatt, BlueMystery, and me and my two friends all met up at the hotel. We
vibed a bit and headed out for the night. We wandered around and found "The
Irish Pub." We went in bc there was no cover, well all went in except for
BlueMystery, who went to put quarters in the meter so his ride wouldn't get
toed. We head in and me and VB size up the scene. I really think if me and VB
went out we would get laid constantly, we just seem to do well in set together
bc of our similar styles.

So I see these girls sending out IOIs (they looked over twice) and I open them
with "who lies more" I then accuse them of lying and ask them if they are "bad
or good girls" they say good and I bust on them for lying yet again. I get a
chair for VB and go to find my own way across the bar, like 20 meters away. I
just come back plot it down while VB has the girls entrentced. I join in to
hear him playing "Fuck, marry, and kill" with the targets. I seperate mine,
HBDafney 7.5 (looked like the chick from Fraiser with D size lovely breasts).
We play a game of "Fuck, marry, kill." I then tease her and she shit tests me,
I just look at her funny and do a takeaway. I went to try to get BlueMystery in
the club for free, but the bouncer is being a dick, so BM has to pay. I chat my
other friends there and go back to the set. This time I do C&P with the target,
cold read her, and do "Cs v Us smile." VB's target is showing clear IOIs to him
by now. I'm getting shit tested still (there may be something to what BM said
after all). I decide to leave and go chat my friends again and open another set
which goes really well, the girls were giggly as fuck. I come back and just
slam this girl with C&P comments. She then opens up, I think it also had
something to do with VB gaming them both (BT transfer). This time she asks me
questions and I tell her my "dad's adventure story." It tells of how my dad
swam the Danube in freezing ass water.

I see how she is looking at me and she is talking so I just triangle gaze her
from lips to eyes and then I just go for the kiss. She backs up, but I just
pushed forward and got it, then went in again, and again a third time which I
felt was a real good one. She says, "Not here." So I say, "Ok, let's take a
walk to the door." She says, "No, let's go to the bathroom." So I lead here
there and she just waits there expecting it. I go in and back out last second
and go in again almost touching them and I back out just teasing her. Then I go
in for it as I run my hand over her ass up her back to the back of her neck.
Hardcore makeout ensues. I then lead her back and get interupted by friends. I
leave and then later see VB and he tells me he number and kiss closed his.
SHIT!!! I go back and pretend I don't know where he is. I regame a bit and she
asks what I am doing the next day. YAY YAY! I tell her I dunno and she says we
should go jet skyinng. I play dumb, "Oh, how can we go about doing that?" She
tells me to give her my number I ask for hers but her's is a Great Britain
number so I just decide to give her mine since I can see she wants to hang out.

I do a few more sets, but nothing I was intrested in. I then see this girls
who's been giving me AIs bc we are owning the club. Me and VB and Blue Mystery
are on top of the scene, we are eclipsing AFCs with our social vibe and ability
to generate IOIs. SP at it's finnest. So I look at her and this girl is a 8.5
easy. I look at her and she is dancing with this AFC. I then girlcode her like
"He's such a dork." I keep giving her girlcode telling her to look at his back
collar, but she is missing it, so I just keep doing it till she realizes his
suit tag is sticking out. I laugh when she finds it and we share a laugh. I
basically have just tooled this guy ; ) He then comes up to say something to
tool me, but I just slap him on the shoulder and keep calling him my little
brother, such a dumbass, dude loves me tooling him.

Actually he is kinda pissed but can't do jack cause I'm coming across cooler
than him. The girl is then stuck between the AFC and some AMOG. I call her over
with "who lies more." She comes over and kinos me so I finish the opener and my
friends want to bolt so I decide to go for the number. I mean I got the fucking
IOIs, the SP (I'm one of the coolest fuckers here), and the Kino so I tell her
to give me her number. She says, "I can't they will see." I ignore it and tease
her, she laughs and I plow on. Still no go, she says for me to give her mine.
Now I realize what's up. I was trying to change her mind, not her mood. I will
remember this famous saying. CHANGE MOOD, NOT MIND!!! Ok so I tell her I know
that game and won't play. I backturn her and then I get an ass slap. Her and
the AFC are standing side by side and I turn around and wave my finger at her.
She says AFC did it and even though I think he did, I just says, "Yeah, right."
I go in and kiss her on the cheeck and leave. Will plow more next time.

We leave and the rest of the night is kinda hectic. I got some other girls
number, like a 7.5 but one of the better girls in the venue. Basically we hit
the cheap venues and got cheap targets, all the good venues were $100.


Saturday Night

This is where I met up with the target and VB with his at a restaurant. I then
went to "The Flute" with her and entertained her and the group with my witty
banter. I isolate her and just built more comfort and trust and tongued her
down. Then I extracted her with the promise of going to "The Mansion," luckly
it was packed so we went to a bar and then I told her we would go back to the
hotel to "chill." She shit tested me with, "Why are we going back to your
hotel?" I just said, "I want you to see my roomates go at it in an all male
gangbang." Not the best thing to say, but it made her laugh. We get back and I
go to chill by the pool, I planned on fucking her outside, but she kept saying
she's cold. I'm thinking, "FUCK, SirMatt is sleeping in the room and I don't
even have the key to get in. SHIT!!!" I call him up and have him open the door.
He does and goes back to sleep. She walks in and trips over him. She says,
"Someone is here." I say, "Shhhh, he is asleep." I pull her on a bed and
proceed hardcore makeout, I feel her all up and start undressing her. I get her
naked and go to lick it. It's ON!!!! I start fingering her, she's getting into
it. I go at it for 10 minutes and she's just about to come when I hear my
roomates coming, I jump off and just cover her and myself up. They don't even
notice till they are halfway in the dark room. When they notice they get out
quick, good job VB.

She keeps asking if SirMatt is awake, "He is watching us!" I reasure her that
if he was he would have left with the others. "He's just sleeping like a bear."
; )

I bust out a condom and decide to just pound it out fast, I start fuckign her
and the bed starts creaking like a mother fucker.

I'm trying not to be loud so SirMatt, doesn't wake up, but it's hard. I'm
putting stress on myself so I just decided to fuck it and fuck her without
caring about the bed. I flip her over and do doggie style, man I love grapping
those huge boobs. YEAH!!! So yeah the guys come back and bust back in just a
miute after I cum. You guys thought I was fucking spooing? WTF?

So I ask them to give me 5 mintues and I tell them to wait by the pool so she
doesn't freak out. Basically they came while it was dark so they never saw her,
but they all saw her the night before. Yeah, so I lead her out grab a cab take
her home and tell her I enjoyed my trip.


Paris Hilton Sarge

I really think you need a seperate section for all the Paris sarges. Ha ha...
I feel like Chariot and Hoobie. Shit yeah!!! Wow, I never though I would have
my shot at her, but I did. As me and VB and SirMatt are walking coming back
from food I see this tall blonde walking along followed by an ontorage, she
looks like Paris Hilton. I squint, do a double take and go over direct cause I
can't think of any other way to open since she is coming at me head on. They
were coming out of SkyyBar.

Paris ------------> (I open her here)
Her crew--->
<------------------ Nilatak

I go right up and say, "I think you are beautiful. I want to" this is as far as
I got as I'm touching her shoulder when this AMOG comes and pushes my hand off
of her saying, "Don't you touch her." Wow, easy buddy or I'm gonna fuck you in
the ass instead of her, I mean this is my only shot fucker. I dunno if he was
her bodyguard or "rich AFC tagalong I want to hit it guy." Yeah so she just
said, "Thank you." But it was in that "I get that shit everyday" voice tone.
Oh, well at least I didn't freeze in the headlights.
Funny shit is afterwards we are walking past where she has walked and all these
people are talking mad shit. Like, making fun of her and calling her a dumbass,
but you can tell they affect her. Like a cool person would just say, "Oh, yeah
Paris Hilton, cool" then walk by if they didn't give a shit. But they all trash
talked, I liked Hitori's post on this. They were basically real envious, but
tried to play it off. Lamo...Ok that is my New Years. Hollla at your boy!!!!!

"True macks don't mack, they get macked on."

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