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On Self-Worth

mASF post by breakbeat

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On Self-Worth
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mASF post by "breakbeat"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

Here's an interesting subject for anyone who would like to go beyond the usual
"boo hoo hoo all the women are so bad they don't want to sleep with me better
learn to manipulate them well enough so I can force them to even though they
really don't want to" stink that's being copied and re-copied all over this

This post is different. It comes from someone who has learned to think for
himself, and the influences in this post come mostly from outside ASF, and for
that matter mostly outside the world as it exists today. It is about the world
as it will exist tomorrow. Hence, it is probably quite different from what you
are used to if you are an ASF regular. And, it will confront you with the
deepest neurosis of the ASF typical thought, hence it might be painful. Read it
anyway and forgive yourself so you can leave the manipulative bologna behind
you and start getting down to business, the most important business of all, and
that is real life.

So often on this board is discussed the "woman who believes every little moment
of her time is so precious that her mere presence is a gift to humanity." Also,
it is said, that it is necessary to lock, trap the women, "get into her head",
show her her place, phase shift, do a dance, stand on your head to get her
attention, pattern your way into her trust, and once she does find the best way
to demand a blow job.

Folk, this is just plain insane.

Imagine you are this woman for a moment.

You feel within yourself this deep sensation of flowing, thriving health,
beauty, sexuality and glamour. Every day when you get up in the morning, you
just feel plain good about yourself and who you are. All your surroundings
confirm your own deep knowledge about yourself: You are a very, very good
person. People like you. People are attracted to you. People will even pay for
pictures of you, and will hang them up in their bedroom (!).

Now there must really be something about you. And there is, because you believe

Of course, where there is wealth, there are the beggars. Won't you please
please pleeeeeeaaase give me some of your beauty, sex, love status so I can
have at least a little of it in my life, talk to me for a second so my friends
are impressed, look at me, confirm me, validate me, and best of all, let me
fuck you or give me a blow job.

So that I can then come on you and throw you out like a good ho. So I can
demean you and make you small, so I may look a little less small in comparison.
So that I can be the dark spot in your life, so I may prove to you that there
is darkness in life, after all my truth is truer than yours since I am the one
perceiving it, it must be!

I tell you any one who has only a speck of self esteem, when the person comes
to tell them they are worthless, IF the person comes at all, will know only one

YOU ARE TO BE IGNORED. And rightly so.

So flabbergasted, the ASFer will wonder why he has no success with these high
calibre (high self-worth) women and call it a "bitch shield", find ways to
circumvent it, and find the fear spot in the woman he perceives as having high
self worth so he can use it to manipulate his way into her world and PRETEND he
is loved and approved by this jewel, but he still can't believe it would be
true that a woman this precious would be with him, so he has to reduce women,
demean them, and make them small and ugly so he can believe they would be with
him, who is small and pretends to be large.

Ironically, this way he defines a "high calibre woman" as a "woman who is
unfriendly at first but then can be demeaned and manipulated into sex by
certain techniques". Women who truly have high self-esteem will un a
sub-conscious level see right through this farce and stay far away, where the
so-called "PUA" will be able to play his game of pretense with women who are on
his level, who are trying to "pretend" to be worthy, but are not.

So that's the problem. You come to this forum because you have a problem with
women (if you hadn't you wouldn't have attracted this forum). You have tried to
correct this problem by the use of techniques and are likely to have become so
obsessed with this goal to the point of having sacrificed most other objects in
life, ironically without really solving the problem.

Because the real reason you are not constantly surrounded by loving, friendly,
sexy and beautiful women with really high self-esteem, should that be your
goal, is because you attract into yourlife not what you want as much as what
you are.

If you want Haute Création Française in your life, you gotta BE Hause Création
Française. If you want to be loved, you have to be loving. If you want to be
approved of and accepted, you have to be approving and accepting.

In other words, be the source of whatever you want.

Want to be perceived as being worthy to be fucked by the most wonderful of
wonderful princesses of this world?

Well, better start being a wonderful prince then, cause she ain't gonna be
screwing the serf; princesses simply know that would mean the end of being a
princess, and being a princess is nice; I can't imagine why anyone would give
that up for servitude.

Bottom line is simple:

* Stop changing others, change yourself
* Stop finding ways to get, find ways to give.
* To change your outer world, change your inner world.
* Your inner world is made up of the thoughts, feelings,
words and actions that are habitual to you
* You change that by repeating statements to yourself,
either words (affirmations, "I am attractive"),
imagery/sounds etc. (visualization), or action
(acting like your new truth is already there, i.e.
you're not a kid out for the first time wondring
how to be a player, you ARE a player and you KNOW it.

As long as you don't feel inner certainty that you are worthy of getting what
you want, and have an inner knowing that now is the time, you are wasting your
time with action; better continue affirming until you DO feel certain.

What is perfectly good is that this place is populated by people who believe in
change and possibility. Now it is time for this possibility to SERVE girls and
communitiy rather than capitalize on the two. This path is much more
pleasurable for all involved, because it has the advantage it does not lead to
self-destruction but self-fulfillment.

Questions welcome.

f.m. breakbeat

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