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naturals are weak

mASF post by elvis_priestley

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naturals are weak
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mASF post by "elvis_priestley"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

and I'll tell you why.

The case study example I'm using is a natural friend of mine who I sarge with.
Obviously this is just one man so I'm not speaking to some larger pattern I see
based on thousands of observations. But what I'm about to write does speak to
the fundamental laziness and weaknesses of the naturally-dominant male.

My natural friend has the following pattern with chicks:

1. Find a chick who wants to fuck you
2. Fuck her
3. Fuck her again
4. etc
1,572. Oops, something happened that caused her to go away
1,573. Hmm, I wonder if there's any other chicks around I could fuck
1,575. Return to #1

Basically he is so hot, and such a naturally dominant, alpha male, that once in
a while a woman will just decide she wants to fuck him. She'll see him at work
or in the gym or wherever and just want to fuck him - she'll just decide, "I
will fuck that man." And she will.

It will require no game on his part - or, actually, it will require enough game
for him to isolate her, and then sex will happen.

And then he will rail the shit out of her for AS LONG AS HE POSSIBLY CAN. As
many times as he possibly can in a given day, week, month, year, whatever.

And this is where the line is drawn between the player and the natural. The
natural (my friend) will be content with fucking the same chick over and over
and over and over and over again, ad nasaeum ad infinitum....only he never
seems to experience the naseau of infinity. As long as he's getting his rocks
off and banging some chick 2-3x a day, he's a happy camper. If it wasn't for me
pulling at his sleeve all the time, "Dude, let's pull these hot chicks, I want
social proof at this party we're going to, dude, I invited some hot young
bisexual chicks over after work tomorrow, get your place ready, dude, this girl
just freaked out and started grinding on me because I told her I was bi, she
has a cute friend, dude, I fucked this one chick two months ago and I know
she'd let you fuck her senseless", etc etc, he would NOT put forth ANY effort
to fuck any new chicks. Until something happened to the old one, of course.

He's a serial monogamist. A hot, natural, dominant, smart, alpha, funny, serial

It's like trying to be a virgin whore. It's a concept that doesn't make sense.

In a way, I'm jealous. He seems to be content fucking the same chick day in and
week out. Sometimes, I almost wish I could live like that.

But I never really do.

I am obsessive about this game. Some men will get tired of the same vagina
after a while. For me, it's after about the third time I fuck her. I get tired
of chicks I haven't even FUCKED yet. Women are like hot rocks to me - I am
driven from one to the next, skipping back and forth between them (often in the
same day or same hour) because I simply cannot bear the thought of the boredom
of being trapped with one insipid, uninspiring, unmotivated bitch for the rest
of my life. Fuck the rest of my life - even one hour too long will be torture.

My friend is very different. He will find a halfway-decent chick and crawl so
far up her vagina I won't hear from him for days. And I am one of his *best
friends* - due in no small part to the fact that I know how to proactively get
fresh pussy.

To me, his behavior is pure laziness. He can get halfway decent women without
really trying, so he never really tries. His results could be phenomenal if he
put as much work into his game as I have put into mine, if he had the focus and
drive and dedication that I have, if he could internalize and personify a body
of knowledge in the same way I can. He could be hundreds of times better than
I'll ever be.

But he won't be - because he doesn't see the need. He's too busy fucking the
same damn chick three times a day. The only way I could be happy in his
situation if I was fucking three different chicks in the same day. Which is
more challenging?

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