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Field Report+: Hey baby! *kinos your boobs*

mASF post by Yuri

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Field Report+: Hey baby! *kinos your boobs*
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mASF post by "Yuri"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/12/05 11:35:00 PM, Carwash wrote:
>What opener do I use? How
>should I act? thoughts raced
>throught my head as I about to
>open my first set, HBrussian,
>a 7.
>I walked behind her, touched
>her arm.

Don't open from behind. The best way to do this in my experience is to walk in
front of her and then pivot 45 degrees back toward her. If you do open from
behind make absolutely sure she sees you in her vision and is not suprised.

>Carwash: "Eww, you're sweating
>so bad, lol".
>HB: Its so hot thats why ...
>*pause, walked abit*

Here you followed into her frame.

>CW: So, were you going?
>HB: Grab some coffee and then
>head to work
>We went inside the building,

And then you followed her where she was going. If you're going to do this, you
need to do it in a classy way. Like,

"I am bored out of my MIND, mind if I join you?"

What she's probably thinking is that she's neutral if you follow her because
now she has social proof and somebody to talk to, but she's probably also
thinking that she's just going to turn you down.

>and waited in the queue
>because its hot and everyone
>want some iced drink. Some fat
>girl that has an ass that
>could fill two bus seats stood
>in front of us. She would be
>hot if she lost 100 pounds,
>but meh.
>CW: Hey, look at her! *points
>to fat girl in front of us*
>thats a nice ass there.
>HB: Mine is better!
>CW: Oh really? Turn around.
>She doesn't so we just stood

The only reason that she wouldn't turn around is if you:

1) Didn't convey enough dominance
2) Came off like an asshole and she didn't turn to spite you.

I'm going to take an educated guess and say that it's that you simply weren't
commanding enough.

Either way man, if she doesn't do what you say, don't just STAND there. Punish
her somehow, even if it's just slightly turning your body language away. You
could try a c&f comment like getting a smirk on your face and turning away a
little bit and after a second saying, "I knew you had a pancake ass." or
whatever comment. Or you could PERSIST in the situation which is probably what
I would have done and gently encourage her in a playful way.

Then there was this two
>black girl behind us, so I
>CW: ladies, I need you opinion
>on this. Too you think my
>girlfriend's ass is too big?
>*kino her ass* Maybe she needs
>to jog or something ...
>blackgirls giggle and doesn't

Yeah they don't reply because they didn't take you seriously. Don't worry man,
if you keep going out in the field you will solve this problem. But right for
now they don't take you seriously because you're not the type of guy they would
take seriously saying those comments. I'm not sure how else to describe it..
It's just a vibe you put off.

>Then she starts to quaify
>herself like MAD. Said she was
>in cross country, was place
>number one in high school, did
>this, did that, showed me her
>arms, flexed it. I didn't miss
>the opportunity to kino it.

Make sure you're not too eager for kino. I would probably move to the side a
little bit and "scope it out" and look her up and down and say, "LEMME GET A
CHUNK OF THAT" and grab her bicep and say, "Flex baby" .. and like TD... "No, I
said FLEX...... FLEX..."

When she qualifies, a good thing to do is to take advantage of the opportunity
and to qualify her on other things. Because don't forget, she KNOWS where she
stands. If she's qualifying to you, she knows that she has to remain congruent
if you qualify her on other things.


Girl: "OMG I was in Cross Country and my arms are so big"
Yuri: "Hahaha yeah whatever .. I don't care about your arms girl, lets see that
ass..." and TURN HER AROUND. Don't ask just do it.
Yuri: "Haha ok ok, you do have a little bit of booty, of course she (point to
fat girl) has the REAL junk in the trunk, you're just too skinny.... I'll bet
you don't cook much.. Probably macaroni and cheese and that's it huh? How do
you expect to feed your husband? (obvious SELF POINT)"
Girl: "OMG Nooooo I'm a great cook!"
Yuri: "Hahaha oh yeah?" *look like you don't believe her* "And are you RICH? Do
you have a bigscreen TV? Do you know how to do my laundry? I have this goal of
being a totally independent stay at home husband ... I saw it on the Lifetime
channel. It's all the feminist rage these days. You're UP on women's issues
right???" :P

AND TRANSITION into the natural woman pattern.

>Now, I only talked to her for
>5 minutes, anyway, said: "Hey,
>HBrussian, buy me a drink".
>She said no. Then I told her
>to buy me a donut. So said
>yes. But then she doesn't :'(

She's testing you to see if you would actually keep her up to her end of the
deal. Just stare at her and look over at the donuts and go "AHHHEM... The
prince is waiting for his royal donut." super fake and overdone... or whatever
playful/dominant thing comes to your mind.

>I left her, took a piss, came
>back and saw her outside in
>the patio, sitting in a bench,
>to study/smoke/drink . I took
>a seat beside her, and then
>first thing I did was took a
>snip out of her drink. LOL.
>Teach that bitch not to buy me
>a drink >:)

GOOD. This is something I've field tested extensively. I'll have one second of
conversation with a girl and I'll reach over and start sipping from her drink
and I'll put it back down like NOTHING happened and start talking in the same
voice tone with the same facial expression. Good move here.

>I thought she was be mad for a
>moment but just told me she I
>had a flu.

She's probably bullshitting.

>I said thats ok,
>because I LOOOOOOOOVE her.


>We talked, her talking me the
>most when I asked her
>questions. Talked about
>Russia, Moscow, interactical
>relationships, some deep
>stuff, some light stuff.
>Ok, got rapport RIGHT? So we
>ventured into romance talk and
>asked her if she ever kissed
>or been with an asian guy. She
>said no, then I moved my head
>a little closer to kiss her (
>did the pre-work, me think, by
>putting my hand on her waist
>while we're sitting in the
>bench, caressing her hair etc)
>but she said No. I said, WTF?
>I wasn't going to kiss you.
>She said, oh, just making

Typical push pull on the part of the girl. She sends one signal to you and then
verbalizes another. I think you just weren't turning her on that much. You'll
get it. It's timing and calibration to be able to kiss at the right time.

>Hmm? What could I have done

Maybe said, "Yeah you're right we should stop" and move in closer to kiss her.
BUT this too has to be calibrated to an even higher degree so I wouldn't
reccomend you use it. But when you become more experienced it will work for you
because you'll have the background stuff settled.

>We talked some more, me
>drinking her ice coffee, then
>I do teh BOOB KINO!

Man be careful with this stuff. For most girls it's not against their rule set
for a guy to grab their tits if it's done playfully *and everybody around her
sees it's playful*, but you have to be super careful because if you are too
eager you will show that you are so wanting to grab her that you have no
respect for what other people think of her. SEDUCE IN THE PROPER VENUE.

>Just poked her boobs. She
>doesn't comment nor does she
>seem to get mad.

Yeah see you expect her to get mad because you think it's something forbidden.
That's half of your problem. They're just tits and girls don't view them as
that big of a deal unless YOU make them a big deal. Either way my
reccomendation for you right now is to lay off the boob and ass kino until you
are more calibrated with it.

>If I done boob kino on her
>without getting mad, we
>couldn't we make out?

Kissing is WAY more intimate for a girl than a guy POKING her tits. That's not
"boob kino" that's playful joshing around. Boob kino is when you've got your
hand around the tits and you are caressing them. Either way I'd reccomend you
stay clear of both for now.

>she said that I'm
>'embarassing' her. Why's that?
>a shit test? I just plowed it
>through with ignoring, or
>random jibberish.

No it's because you ARE. She's trying to communicate to you that she can't have
random guys poking at her boobs in public or she'll look like a slut.

>It doesn't seem to go
>anywhere, so I said it was
>nice talking to her (really
>was), didn't bother phone
>closing, poked her boobs once
>again and left.

Yeah.. you poked her boobs because you're too eager and she knows this like she
knows the sun is going to rise tomorrow... Cease the eagerness.

>Opened a set, but the HB just
>made minimum replies to be
>POLITE. I know this. They're
>not making replies because
>they're nervous and having
>nothing to say, but doing it
>because they're POLITE.
>Should I reframe this or just
>go to the next set because
>they're the boring type

No man... it's not because they're the boring type. It's because you aren't
gaming them properly. It's very easy to say that it is the other person that is
wrong in the situation. Like you talk about the "loser anti-social" and above
you talked about the "100 lb overweight fat girl" ... Real PUAs who have their
inner game» straight do not JUDGE people like this because they realize it's a
sign of insecurity to do so.

>So summary: HBrussian -- full
>raport, no kiss close but lots
>of kino.

Sorry to break it to you, but you had very little rapport. She probably just
wanted somebody to talk to. AND she was hoping that since you had the balls to
approach her, that you might be fuckable. The rapport was an illusion. A screen
for her to allow you to stick around so that she could see what would happen.

>PS: Later at home, when I'm
>bored, I prank called another
>HB and asked "can I pee in
>your butt?" she politely

WTF? Man stop doing shit to flatter your ego and start doing shit that WORKS.
Are you in Junior High School?

Anyway man you have some things to work out. These are the main issues:

1. Lack of field experience
2. Need to be more mature
3. Need to be less eager
4. Other work on your inner game»

What you did RIGHT was that you did some approaches, that you got out there and
tried stuff out, and some of the things you were doing were good, like opening
the black girls was a pro move. Sipping out of the drink was a good move as
well. Keep going out there and do some work on reforming how you view the world
and how you view yourself, and your game will skyrocket.

Despite what most people on this board will tell you, inner game» is the most
important part of field work and if you don't have that straight then you don't
have anything. You can have all the routines and things in the world but it's
useless without your head on straight. You can even learn a lot of calibration
and how to manipulate people unfairly, but at the end of the day you'll be
miserable because you haven't solved the core issues that are stopping you from
becoming successful. Keep your head up with a benevolent view about other
people and about yourself and you will succeed.

Hope this helps.

On 7/13/05 4:31:00 PM, parker011 wrote:
>is great but grabbing the ass of someone
>you have only known for a few minutes is
>a bit much. Actually it is probably a

If you are calibrated than grabbing a girl's tits or her ass, even 10 seconds
after you meet her, is not something that would get you punched or arrested.
But that's ONLY if you're calibrated. Without the calibration you are taking
serious risks of a sexual harassment lawsuit or a very rude awakening.

>I did not really see in your FR any real
>attempt to create attraction/DHV or
>rapport. No fluff talk to create
>comfort. You went right for the
>goodies. No anticipation build-up. How
>is the girl supposed to generate any
>interest in you?

Yes. Exactly. He was too eager.


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