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Bait and switch

mASF post by GULI

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Bait and switch
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mASF post by "GULI"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

On 7/13/05 5:09:00 AM, zarathustra_fi wrote:
>On 7/12/05 8:14:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:
>this is exactly what I describe in my
>post about the Mixed Frame. This is the
>link to it:
>A woman, especially a hot woman, will
>NEVER change this kind of behavior. It
>is an evolutionary strategy meant to
>mess up male logic for the purpose of
>making children. I am 100% sure that it
>is at least in part a biological
>mechanism of the brain. We have examples
>of this in Nature a lot between animal
>species. We are only too proud to admit
>to ourselves how INSTINCTS rule us in
>the same way they do with animals.
>Let's think about what would be REALLY
>logic to do for a man: to do business to
>make money for HIMSELF, fuck lot of
>women around without giving them
>ANYTHING and spend vacations in
>beautiful hotels around the world, while
>buying wonderful clothes to himself.
>Women are controlled by a very strong
>INSTINCT wanting children. And the Mixed
>Frame you are receving right now all the
>time is the 101 coming from her chick
>logic ( no matter how much "against
>addiction" she may be and how feminist
>Human beings have even invented
>PSYCHOTIC RITUALS to justify the
>strenght of their instincts and one of
>them is called MARRIAGE. Marriage is a
>psychotic ritual meant to deny the fact
>that nothing is eternal and that
>everyone would like to fuck everything
>that moves because that would be the
>good thing from the point of view of
>evolution. Seen in this way marriage is
>more at the service of death than at the
>service of life..
>Right now I am at home doing the
>preparations for the Church wedding. Lot
>of relatives from each part breaking my
>balls. Telephone calls coming the
>morning when I am sleeping. Cues in
>offices for stupid documents while I am
>dreaming of a silent hotel room, with a
>cappuccino waiting for me in the club
>downstairs.. my laptop.. writing the
>next book and no one breaking my balls..
>Hunting expeditions at night.
>But at 47, after a wonderful life of
>adventures I can afford let Nature play
>it's games with me.. There is a PRICE to
>pay to have good sex and closeness.
>Maybe at 70 the same process would be
>painful but now it is not painful at
>all, as a matter of fact I am enjoying
>because I have the awareness that I
>could get back to hunting in a very
>short time if I would like to.
>In a word: the Bait and Switch is
>hardwired in female brain. You can play
>with it, yes. You cannot change it, no.
>You can keep the woman and be free from
>the power of the mechanism with
>AWARENESS of the role of the instincts.
>It is a COGNITIVE issue.
>I could break my "golden chains" in the
>space of ONE DAY if I would want to.
>Because of my awareness.
>But I cannot change the brain, no. Ah my
>wife was just a hour ago giving me AGAIN
>the mixed frame. She had been asking
>from me the marriage in Church since
>last year. Now that we are going for it
>she is telling all the time:"I would
>like to be on the beach now, what is
>this Church marriage? I need only a good
>book to feed my mind and relaxation.."
>and of course her evolutionary detector
>would be expecting me to use my energy
>to convence her that Church marriage is
>the most important thing in the world..
>Which WILL NOT COME from Franco. I just
>told her that marriage is in my opinion
>a psychotic institution without
>bothering showing to her how ILLOGICAL
>she is being right now.
>Of course the main purpose of that
>"ILLOGICAL" behavior is to have me
>invest my energy in something she
>suggests to tell me afterwards that she
>is not sure does she want it..In a word
>to have me SUPPLICATE TO HER. But I am
>Franco.. she gets the mixed frame back..
>and we keep on having great sex every
>single day.. I fucked her every day and
>several times a week since one year and
>half. No kidding. She keeps telling
>things like:"We are crazy, this is not
>normal" and keeps asking for more. She
>is very HD. The same game with a LD
>woman would be for a passionate man like
>me probably very boring. About us: the
>first time I would take seriously her
>mixed frame our sex life would start to
>Online Seduction School for Single Men,
>Husbands & Players
>"Sarge Est Necesse, Vivere Necesse Non
>Est " Gnaeus Pompeius, revised
>>A classic sales technique,
>>make the buyer
>>think they are paying for nice
>>thing A,
>>but they actually go home with
>>thing B.
>>Example 1:
>>Woman exclaims high interest
>>in adventure
>>sport, say rock climbing.
>>Dating goes well,
>>man notices woman is not as
>>competent as
>>her enthusiasm would indicate.
>>Woman instant loses intertest
>>in, indeed
>>disavows ever having interest
>>in rock climbing.
>>Man feels deceived.
>>Example 2:
>>Woman exclaims high interest
>>in sexual
>>adventures, and suggests
>>bringing in bisexual
>>friend for sensual experience
>>in bed.
>>Man organizes this activity.
>>Faced with
>>imminent prospect of licking
>>actual pussy,
>>woman disavows all interest in
>>said activity,
>>insisting it was all "fantasy"
>>Man feels deceived.
>>The pattern:
>>Do and enjoy some activity X.
>>Get married/LTR.
>>Stop doing X because of female
>>Feel deceived.
>>Anyone care to comment on the
>>psychology of
>>what's going on here? This
>>seems to happen
>>to me often. How to break the
>>cycle and
>>still keep the woman? Is that
>>OE's First Law: Any
>>sufficiently long thread on
>>mASF devolves into a flame war
>>about SS.

What can i tell? This is 100% true. OceanEyes i would rather name your problem
in Franco way, this is mixed frame. It's like lady telling you all day, she
want go somewhere at night to have fun, and just when you go out she starts to
complain. If that kind of behavior isn't bad for me, i don't even think about
it, it would be exactly this for what this intelligent shit test was invited by
nature, as Franco says : to make me invest my energy. Believe me, what i valued
is logic and justice, so i was very pissed of when that kind of situation
happened, but not right now. My answer is bassiclly ignore it, or i say
something like : think about it and when you decide what is your opinion let me


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