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Re: The time delay

mASF post by Tboner

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Re: The time delay
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mASF post by "Tboner"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

Yes, the time delay. I had one pop up recently.

I met this chick about six months ago. She's a friend of my buddy's wife
(excellent pivot), an HB7 in present form, but with hair and clothing changes,
a solid HB8. Anyway, I'm introduced with immediate attraction from her. Dance
with her, drink, establish rapport, but I had already made plans, so she gave
me her # and I left with another woman.

I called her two days later (Monday). Ran some patterns. Great conversation. I
set it up that I would call Thursday evening for a date Saturday evening. I
call Thursday. Leave message with her friend watching kids. No call back. I
have a one call rule, so off I went to plow other ground.

Three months later, same bar, she is more attracted. I ignore her, but then at
closing, isolate her to her car. We make out, but I don't seal the deal. Her
babysitter is not an all-nighter. She tells me to call. I don't have number,
so she gives it again.

I called three days later. Left message on her machine. No call back. Again,
my one call rule, so I move on.

Last Friday, same bar. I totally ignore her until she starts rubbing on me.
Then I bust her about flaking. She is dropping hints about fucking me that
night. She had heard around town that I have 5 MLTR's which is true. She asked
to be #6. Even though I had no plans for that night, I had definite plans with
2 of my MLTR's for the next two nights. Mainly, I had lost some of my
attraction for this one.

Maybe she can respark my interest and catch me at a slow time or call me and
beg for a time in my busy schedule.

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