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Re: The time delay

mASF post by Jestor

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Re: The time delay
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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/12/05 12:17:00 AM, Tboner wrote:
>Yes, the time delay. I had
>one pop up recently.
>I met this chick about six
>months ago. She's a friend of
>my buddy's wife (excellent
>pivot), an HB7 in present
>form, but with hair and
>clothing changes, a solid HB8.
>Anyway, I'm introduced with
>immediate attraction from her.
>Dance with her, drink,
>establish rapport, but I had
>already made plans, so she
>gave me her # and I left with
>another woman.
>I called her two days later
>(Monday). Ran some patterns.
>Great conversation. I set it
>up that I would call Thursday
>evening for a date Saturday
>evening. I call Thursday.
>Leave message with her friend
>watching kids. No call back.
>I have a one call rule, so off
>I went to plow other ground.
>Three months later, same bar,
>she is more attracted. I
>ignore her, but then at
>closing, isolate her to her
>car. We make out, but I don't
>seal the deal. Her babysitter
>is not an all-nighter. She
>tells me to call. I don't
>have number, so she gives it

This is a different than the time delay I was referring to. What you're
dealing with is a woman who is totally unable to take responsibility for her
actions. I've had similar experiences with similar women and the best game to
run with them is to drag them out of the environment. What kind of a bitch
flirts, gives you her # and then doesn't call back?

She showed you her colors the first time. So the second time she gives you her
number you will ignore it and drag her ass out of there, because with these
women their concept of time and therefore responsibility is so warped that you
have to treat her like the most primitive of hoes.

And lucky for them they have the "I have kids" shield. But lucky for you you
don't care. All you need is a solid hour. The last club chick I fucked that's
all I needed. She was going from guy to guy dancing and flirting, until she
came to me. And I pushed it farther than any other guy was willing to go, got
her turned on with my hardcore kino, and dragged her "I have a b/f" ass out of
the place, and back to mine for the fuck. Her b/f called her cell just as I
was busting a nut, and then I sent her home.

The girl is showing attraction for you and you show her the side of you that
doesn't give a fuck what her excuses are. This is what actually works and
anything else, like analysing, getting numbers, calling etc is generating WASTE
HEAT in your game. Put that energy to good use and drag her flaky ass home.
You can do it. You certainly can't take her over the phone!! The phone is
reserved for women who have a developed social intelligence which supersedes
the need for primitive game like I spelled out.

>I called three days later.
>Left message on her machine.
>No call back. Again, my one
>call rule, so I move on.
>Last Friday, same bar. I
>totally ignore her until she
>starts rubbing on me. Then I
>bust her about flaking. She is
>dropping hints about fucking
>me that night. She had heard

That's the last thing she said and the first thing I needed to know before
taking her hand and saying "let's go".

The problem with these women is that they know they can talk the talk and
virtually no guy will step it up and dominate them, which is what they really
want (hence the phone flaking, and real life flirting).

I once saw this chick rub her hands under this guys shirt while dancing with
him. This goes on for a bit and then he picks her up, puts her over his
shoulder and walks out with her.

>Maybe she can respark my
>interest and catch me at a
>slow time or call me and beg
>for a time in my busy

Your mindset needs to change regarding this woman. Nothing will ever happen
with her over the phone.

"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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