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Field Report: day 2 with HBJordan

mASF post by Iron_Rinn

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Field Report: day 2 with HBJordan
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mASF post by "Iron_Rinn"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Well, I’ve still got a ways to go on my PU journey but I am starting to feel as
though I am finally making some solid progress. Last night I had a solid day 2
and for the first time the day 2 was the result of a completely cold approach
during the day time.

I met HBJordan at the local Barnes and Noble 3 days ago. I was an hour early to
meet a friend for some day time sarging. On my way to the café I spotted an HB
8 (subjectively even better looking to me as she fits my “type” – petite,
brunette, somewhat exotic looking). I approached with my favorite day time
opener (credit to Papa, I believe) :

Me: Can you accept a sincere compliment?
HB : Sure, go ahead.
Me : Great, me too. You go first.
Her : Okay, you look dashing.

(This is the first time I have gotten such a strong response to this; usually I
just get giggling in return.)

I said, “great. Come with me.”, I took her by the arm and walked her to the
café. (I have been reading GM as of late.)

I bought us a couple of drinks and picked out a great table for us. We sat for
about 45 minutes and talked. I ran some patterns, did a couple DHV routines
which are canned but based on actual events from my life, spoke slowly and
tried to exude subtle sexual vibes as I was establishing wide rapport, did some
future projection, and number closed. I had a feeling that this would (for a
change!) not be a flake as I felt like we hit it off well, and she kept
initiating conversation and giving me subtle IOI’s after I had closed.

The next day I phoned her and teased her a bit and then led into five minutes
of fluff talk. Then, following a hook (“you seem like the kind of girl who
likes to have a good time, yes?”) I invited her to a day 2. I told her about an
outdoor screening of a 1940’s movie on a huge screen downtown and I really
oversold it (though, in truth, it is pretty cool.) She was very much into the

I picked her up at her place and drove down to the location of the movie. I
surprised her by bringing along some juices, strawberries, cheese and crackers.
She was very flattered and seemed to like the idea a lot. The funny thing is I
that although I had bought this the day before, I was about to chicken out of
bringing it because I thought it would look too “try hard” and I was afraid to
come on too strong. Then I thought, “well, fuck it, One of my problems is that
I usually don’t come on STRONG ENOUGH. I’ll never know unless I try. Let’s look
at this as a learning experience. If it doesn’t work, I’ll know for next time.”

We had some fluff talk for a while before the movie and then I ran the Cube and
did some reflexology so by the time the movie started we had established some
kino. We lay next to each other during the film, doing some light massage. I
kissed her neck and bit her ear. When she said, “you should stop” I said,
“yeah, I really should stop”… and then proceeded to do it some more. She
indicated that she was really enjoying it. By the end of the movie we were
kissing and feeding each other strawberries.

After the movie we walked to the car holding hands. We had some sexual talk and
I did some more future projection. I drove back to her place. When I walked her
to the door, I did my usual, “alright, I’ll come up, but only if you don’t try
anything funny.” To this, she giggled, “well, in that case, forget it.” I
responded with, “oh, okay. Maybe a little bit will be okay” but she declined,
saying, “no, really, I’ve gotta get some sleep”. I fought the temptation to
push it further, and just backed off a bit. We kissed for a while and then I
left. It would have been nice to go up to her place but I realized that I was
better off cutting my losses and waiting until next time.

Again, I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but am relieved that I feel like I
am improving. The most gratifying part is looking back at each step of the
meeting/day 2 and realizing that it was aided by what I have been studying for
the past 6 months. I look forward to what lies 6 months ahead…

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