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Field Report: End game needs work

mASF post by Chaco

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Field Report: End game needs work
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mASF post by "Chaco"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/27/05 12:34:00 AM, Iron_Rinn wrote:

Sup bro, nice job getting some action - comments below.

>We met – as we had originally
>planned – in a mexican
>restaurant for drinks. She had
>tried to change plans on me,
>to get dinner instead but I
>stuck with the original plan.

Dunno how I feel about this...I don't see much harm in getting dinner if she
was hungry too...but what you did was fine too.

>She was a bit late and I gave
>her a hard time and she said
>she’d have to make it up to

Good, but you gave her a hard time playfully, right? I assume not like an
uptight guy...

>The dinner conversation went
>well – I felt like I was
>conveying a fairly cool
>persona for the majority of
>the time. I ran a few patterns
>and spoke rather seductively,
>shifted the frame to positive
>emotions repeatedly, did some
>c and f, light kino, assumed
>rapport, went into the cube
>and reflexology until she
>looked like she was about to

All this sounds awesome! Btw, what is your reflexology routine?

She said she needed a
>ride back to her place and I
>(of course) obliged.

Big IOI! She wants to hook up!

As we
>pulled up to her house, she
>thanked me for the ride and
>gave me directions to go home.
>I was prepared, and used my
>standard “well, I’ll come up
>for a few minutes, but don’t
>try anything funny.” (credit
>to whomever I stole this
>from). She agreed with, “okay,
>you can come up to do
>reflexology. But nothing more.

Yeah, sure, nothing more ;-)

>From here on out, my game fell
>apart and soon I was back to
>my old AFC ways. She invited
>me into her bedroom and
>changed into a t-shirt and
>sweatpants. I proceeded to do
>some reflexology and rub her
>back. She moaned and said how
>much she liked it.

She wants you to escalate.

Whereas I
>was able to do push/pull at
>the restaurant earlier to
>generate attraction, by the
>time we were in her bedroom I
>was just trying to get all
>over her like a dog on a
>random leg.

Hmm, go slow, be seductive...let the tension build, then move in like Jame

I went in for the
>kiss but she stopped me
>abruptly with “you seem
>nervous. Calm down. Just rub
>my back.” I apologized and
>proceeded to massage her [back
>to the ol’ AFC ways].

You must have gone for the kiss abruptly or something...not seductivly.

>After a few minutes we were
>getting back into the groove.
>I started massaging her tits
>and she seemed to enjoy it.
>However, as soon as I tried to
>lick her nipple she said,
>“stop, you are acting like a
>golden retriever.” I stopped
>and went back to massaging.

Again, sounds like you were rushing and not being seductive.

>As she got comfortable she
>started talking somewhat
>sexually. She told me about
>how she waxes her pussy

If this is not an invite to play with her pussy, I don't know what is.

It was as though I
>had seen the light suddenly
>turn to green after waiting at
>a red light for way too long.
>I tried to get my hand down
>her pants several times and
>she kept stopping me, saying,
>“you need to control

Again, sounds like you rushed and moved in too abruptly.

I assured her that
>I was in control – only to try
>to get my hand down her pants
>again 4 seconds later. The
>colder she got, the harder I

Yeah, two steps, forward, one step back.

Then I grabbed her hand
>and tried to lead it toward my
>cock. I had completely lost
>self-restraint. Whatever cool
>persona I had created during
>drinks had been replaced by a
>horny 15-yr-old inside me.
>Finally, she kicked me out. I
>tried to kiss her goodbye and
>she just gave me a peck and
>wouldn’t let me kiss her.

*sigh*...yeah, being seen as bad in bed will cost you big alpha male points.

Good job though, you ran a solid day2 game and basically had this
time, it will be an LR!


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