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Your friend is Irrelevant

mASF post by Freelancer101

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Your friend is Irrelevant
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mASF post by "Freelancer101"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

That can suck, bro.

Having a wing with 2 left feet
or who sabotages is actually
desireable at the upper level of
the game because ideally you want
to be able to recreate mojo in
ANY situation - ANY situation.

So I used to have this bozo that
would come up right next to me in
a bar while I was mackin' a girl
with a slow talk and a hypno gaze
and he'd just stand there so obviously
staring right at us.

First off, it gave me an indicator
as to how powerful my persuasion was
with her - whether or not she stays

Second, the dude would actually butt
in and say, "Hey, you know why I'm
staring at you and my friend?" and
then add, "Because I just love hearing
him fuck with people's minds."

Now, if I were junior, or really green,
this would be a major, major downer
because obviously, though I might not
let on, I'm in need of the juice. But
once you get enough juice, you'll find
a strange kind of pleasure not in getting
laid, but in upping your game.

And when you reach that level, ANYTHING
and EVERYTHING goes. You're just
thrilled with the challenge of mastering
your environment.

So whenever this manic dude would
interrupt or stare at me and a girl
talking, I just used it to make look
even better.

So it's my inclination to tell you to
do that, but if you haven't got enough
of the juice from getting laid a lot yet,
then you might not be comfortable blowing
your wing out of the water.

If he's going to f with your share, then
you need to cannibalize the bastard very
soon. Don't just leave him, but just don't
expect him to be THAT kind of wingman you
expected. Use him mainly as an opportunity
to up your game under "less than ideal"

Be zen about it. Just kick back against
a wall, observe, and watch for amazing
openings. When you watch for them, like
birdwatching, it might take a little while
for them to appear, but they do. And
in those specific instances, you won't
need to remember patterns, because you
used the situation to make it come to you.

Your friend is truly irrelevant. It's
all about your game and mastering your
environment. ;-)

Best to you,

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