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Hey Salsa guys, question for you

mASF post by Heisse

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Hey Salsa guys, question for you
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mASF post by "Heisse"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I got a couple of numbers. You need to be technically good enough not to think
about moves on the floor so that you can concentrate on the convo, if you can
have it. If you're good in basics, learn shines that you can do during
instrumental pieces in the song. You can get videos on salsa at your library or
at online rental places. Offline outlets must have them as well.

On 7/22/05 9:27:00 AM, Chaco wrote:

>My question is: how do you PU
>at salsa clubs? Salsa has a
>great built-in way for guys
>and girls to interact, but the
>thing is, the custom at salsa
>clubs is that you dance one
>song with a girl, then move on
>to the next girl.

Here's your SP. The custom is not to approach girls in the street to PU either,
right? ;)I was there as well.

After the song ends, either continue with her on the floor for some more or
take her to the side and talk with her there. Continue as usual game. On the
floor you ask a girl to teach you some move, if she does it's a good sign. If
she's tolerant to mistakes, it is also a good sign.

>Even if I
>feel she is giving me IOIs, my
>only recourse appears to be to
>find her again later and dance
>with her then, which does not
>always happen.

So don't do it, strike while the iron is hot. Stay talking with her.

>I have also tried having
>conversations with girls when
>they are taking breaks, but
>even then it's hard to
>establish much since soon
>enough a guy will come along
>and ask her to dance and she
>will usually say yes.
> I
>suppose it would be an IOI for
>her to reject the guy's offer,
>but the custom at the clubs is
>that most girls will dance
>with almost anyone who asks
>(it's considered bad salsa
>manners to only dance with hot
>guys or girls).

So what? Be that guy yourself! Talk some, and then "Shall we?". Then continue
as above.

A couple more pointers. Dress so that you stand out from the crowd. If you do
that it's better to dance well though, so that first you attract attention with
your clothes and then, your dancing. If it's dark, wear a light top (and maybe
white pants), If everyone wears patterns, wear something with more solid
colors, etc.

Be watchful of proximity IOIs. If a girl comes out of nowhere and stands in
your field of vision and stays there for some time, that's proximity IOI.
Invite her.idea and had girls come up to me from behind, and sigh so strongly,
blew air at my neck.

The game here is basically same as everywhere else. It is just that good
dancing is your DHV and a requirement, and your cold approach is reduced to
extending a hand and saying "shall we dance?".

Also, DAFS posts by Jamster, he had some tips on behaving on the dance floor,
inviting, and reacting to rejection..

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