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AFCs can be the ultimate obstacle

mASF post by Jestor

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AFCs can be the ultimate obstacle
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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Attractive LSE girl I know (dated once but it never worked out), has recently
become more sexually promiscuous. I know this because she confides in me and
tells me everything. She knows I don't judge and am always making sexual
jokes. Where before she mainly had sex for validation, she is starting to
appreciate just having sex for the sake of having sex. She recently had a
3some with 2 guys and a ONS with another guy. Over time my words got to her
and she is now opening up more. I am not an AFC and have had a fair amount of
pussy already so I have no jealous feelings when telling her that if she finds
a guy hot she should just fuck him. If I was an AFC I would most likely try to
make her feel guilty about having sex with a guy who is not me.

Not counting other women, how many loser male friends with jealous feelings try
to screw up a good thing between the girl and another guy?

If you've ever wondered why laying younger hotties can be so tough sometimes,
this is one reason. The game is not always just about her but for others in
her life who could potentially get in the way. And for AFCs especially, their
greatest weapon, against other better men, is pushing her guilt buttons.

Things you can do to fight this are: display higher social status (be cool and
well liked), don't chase, run patterns on permissions and losing inhibitions,
and isolate her mind (not just her body) from all the negatives which can come
between you and her.

"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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