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Re: $50 dollars later, still AFC

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: $50 dollars later, still AFC
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005


She tried to fuck you. Allow me to elaborate.

On 7/14/05 11:43:00 PM, Iron_Rinn wrote:
>I had my day 3 with
>Hbnotsalsa. She had refused
>my offer to go to salsa
>lessons and instead said she
>would cook me dinner.

She is trying to get you over to her place.

In other words, "I do not have time or inclination to date, and need sex. Come

>So I
>drove over to her place with a
>bottle of wine. At first I
>felt confident but then I
>began to feel extreme self

Don't think next time. Put in some soulful music you feel. I usually listen to
classic rock or rap music on the way to see a girl. I'm just jamming, banging
on the streeting wheel, etc, on the way over. Not thinking.

>Clearly I had changed
>my plans to suit her and now
>she was holding the cards.
>The old AFC was creeping in.
>When I arrived she told me
>that she in fact did not make
>dinner and instead wanted to
>order out.

In other words, "The dinner thing was just an excuse to get you over here.
Let's have some sex."

By the way, EVERY time I've ordered food at a girl's apartment that I was
trying to bed, I did. Every time. Coincidence? I think not.

>So I went into her
>apartment and looked through
>menus on her couch while she
>watched CNN. She said that
>she did not have wine glasses
>nor a corkscrew and she did
>not have a DVD player.

Looks like you'll just have to have sex.

>Basically it was just the tv
>playing terrorist tracking
>shows and a stack of menus. I
>sat on the end of the couch
>flipping through menus while
>she sat on the opposite side
>watching tv. The old AFC was
>taking over.
>I felt whatever little vibe we
>had slipping away; in an
>effort to extricate myself
>from the stale scene I
>suggested we go out to eat.

She tried to give you logistics. It's like when you're playing Monopoly and get
the "Go to Boardwalk" Chance card.

Remember that one? Once I hit it on my first turn. Bought Boardwalk then passed
Go and immediately got paid. It was sweet.

But if you don't know how to handle Boardwalk... for example, if an opponent's
got it, you're screwed when you hit that card - even though you're good.

Thankfully, in seduction, you've got options. It's up to you whether you make
it or not in situations or not. But suggesting you go out to eat when the vibe
was getting stale was awful - At most, suggest going for a walk.

>She agreed (of course, in
>retrospect). We ate sushi and
>had cliché small talk. I
>tried a number of patterns to
>ramp up her state. Seemed to
>work okay, but she kept
>switching back to rational
>mode and I was having a
>difficult time maintaining a
>sexual vibe.

It's like when a girl is *begging* to be kissed, then you don't do it. Then
five minutes later you force it and be awkward.

You shouldn't have been at dinner trying to ramp it up. You should already be
laying in her bed, saying, "Go order us some take out now, I will lie here and

>The check for
>$50 came to the table, and I
>paid the bill. She offered to
>pay a few dollars but by this
>time the old AFC had
>conquered. I sheepishly
>declined and paid the whole

You already know this is bad.

>As we waled back to her place,
>Hbnotsalsa stated, “We’re not
>hooking up”.

She thinks you think you need to buy sex from her as evidenced by not making a
move when she made it wide open for you.

She said, "Let's have sex." You said, "Hold on, that sounds good, but first let
me pay you some money."

>I did some c and f and accused
>her of being a predator. She
>laughed. We went back to her
>apartment, sat on the couch
>and flipped on the tv. We sat
>on the couch and made out.

See? This chica wanted you the whole time. You could've cut to the chase.

>Every time I tried to move in,
>she pushed my hand away
>saying, “I am not like that.”

It's because you paid her and she didn't want to feel like a whore.

>I finally gave in. The old
>AFC had beaten the new me to a
>pulp. Now I have to look back
>at my game and figure out how
>to beat him next time.

Stop thinking so much. Feel. Look at HER, think about HER, talk about HER and
YOU and the time you will spend TOGETHER. Enjoy the moment, forget about
thinking if it's going to work or not. And then just dare to conquer.

>Here are my plans for next
>-get a different girl

Whatever. It still might not be lost, but good, get a different girl anyway.

>-have her come to my house for
>me to cook her dinner instead
>of the opposite, tell her to
>bring something (a vegetable,
>wine, etc)

Her place is fine. Her place is good. Her cooking for you is good. Her giving
an excuse for you to come to her place without actually following through is
even... good. The chica wanted some lovemaking. Just be bold and go for it.

>-have a sexual vibe – candles,
>wine, jazz, etc.

Could backfire if done improperly. I'd advise against.

>-be firm about what I will and
>will not accept


>-Introduce the Riker’s 3 Rules

Unnecessary (not bad, but unnecessary in situations like these).

>-present more of a challenge
>to her, instead of trying to
>grope her

I have mixed feelings about this.

Yes, duh, don't grope her.

But take what you want, man. Especially if it's on a silver platter.

>-stick to initial offer (ex:
>salsa lessons); don’t
>compromise so easily

No! Be flexible!

You're not looking for a salsa partner. You want sex. She knew it, so she said,
"Salsa... hmm, no, I'd rather have sex. Here's an excuse for you to come over
and fuck me where it can 'just happen' and I won't feel slutty. Cool?"

Go with it! These mistakes are natural when your game perception isn't up yet.
For now, push harder and sooner and make mistakes. Be persistant. I MUCH prefer
to lose a girl by taking action than by not doing anything. Why not?

As for this girl, if you're going to give up on her, try this first:

Call or SMS her, "I have chocolate syrup, whip cream, and handcuffs... come

When she responds, say, "I was just kidding, but I'm cooking some dinner up.
Come over and have some"

That lets her know you figured out that she wants sex, but gives her a context
so she doesn't feel like a slut. When she comes over, say, "Hmm, I don't feel
like cooking. Maybe we'll order out LATER" and proceed to relax and fuck her.

Don't sweat your mistakes. If you learn from them, it was well worth it. If it
costed you $50 to get your ass in gear and learn a lesson, it was $50
well-spent. Learn the lesson and the mistake was worth it.

Grandmaster Dimitri, Swashbuckling Pick-Up Artist-The World's Finest

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "Dimitri" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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