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She played all her cards...

mASF post by OceanEyes

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She played all her cards...
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, June 6, 2005

Hey, great remarks from esk and franco.

A few comments:

* There are a couple of things I haven't
discussed which I won't, for the reason
of not "kissing and telling." The entire
relationship now pretty much revolves on whether
she is comfortable maintaining the direction
we set at the outset (I am, she is not, yet),
which at this point hinges on my ability to
lead her where she thought she wanted to go.

* She has given up on feminism intellectually
since she realized that it offers her nothing
that really interests her (other than a large
paycheck which she sometimes regards as the
booby prize). Still, being raised with such
precepts leaves emotional residuals that she
still has trouble working through.

* According to her I am the best guy she has
ever "dated," so all this pickup stuff I am
studying, well, it makes her nervous, but...
she volunteered that she would be willing to
come to one of the local lair meetings sometime.
Bear in mind that I have told her about the
playboys and pickup_artists/">pickup artists!

* For Franco: some of her friends are way more
how you describe than she is. I am probably
overanalyzing or overstating the situation
(a past character trait of mine I am working
hard to extinguish.)

* For her, simply having a cool boyfriend like
me raises her value in her circle of chic,
svelte, 40+ yo execu-femmes. Like, ALOT.

I will try and annotate some of the posts
above over the next few days. There are a
lot of good points there.



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