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Pickup shit test, very cool

mASF post by OceanEyes

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Pickup shit test, very cool
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, June 6, 2005

So we watch the movie Magnolia last weekend.
She wanted me to see it because she knows
I attend seminars about women taught by
"playboys and pickup_artists/">pickup artists." Specifically,
she remembered Frank TJ Mackie, the
"Seduce and Destroy" character (who I assume
was spoofing RJ), and wanted to test my
reaction to it. Anyway, we watch, and I
after a very brief feeling of defensiveness,
I just make fun of it and we both laugh.

Couple of interesting results. This weekend,
she tells me that of all the characters in that
movie, only Frank TJ Mackie was trying to
make something better of himself, even if it
was dumb, he was still trying and while she felt sad
for him, she felt good that he was trying.

The other result is that she has seen one
of the anonymous internet personals boards.
In one of the forums, a lot of guys post
nude pictures of themselves, complete with
erect penises. Her initial
reaction was "these guys are so creepy."
Here is the interesting part: She tells me this
weekend that it's sad that these guys are lonely,
but "they are so proud of their cocks they
post pictures, it's kind of cute." I told
her that most of those guys were like the Chip
character in the movie. They had a lot
of love to give, but no place to put it.

Another result: a while back she felt
flattered that I would take time and
spend money to "learn about women."
Now, she "doesn't like it." She also
knows that I have passed up a few free
seminars and that the last one I went
to wasn't all that good. However,
as a result of her bringing it up again, I
told her that I had decided to take
the "Hollywood" (RSD) seminar instead of
the local one. She told me once that
"everyone gets a movie star." so I am
putting the wheels in motion to make
that happen.



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