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age and experience

mASF post by mask-raider

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age and experience
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mASF post by "mask-raider"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

i was wondering what happens to sex life, to game, to life experience and
ability to control the situation, in general, as one gets old. i find myself in
the adult world now, kind of, among the sharks. i want to make it that i can
handle myself around any male, anywhere. that is no small goal, i know. not any
anywhere, but 95+ percent of other alpha male losers excusers. of course i
naturally get along with those who see things on my level, positive, the real
version of pickup_artists/">pickup artists, etc. either that or we probably would give each
other space.

but like tonight i am at this bar, and this 40 yo jerk off finnish guy keeps
causing trouble. i don't put myself in the situation but neither to i pull
myself from it when it comes nearby me. this guy seems to play games, wanting
to call the bartender captain morgan, and being loud and obnoxious, as i saw
it. then he wouldnt pay his tab. he gets right in peoples faces and tryes to
seduce women. i think he said something about cold war or something. i am
wondering, what if i was in his shoes?

i am also wondering, do people get "ground down" with age? or ground down
initially, then built back up, as they get "seniority" in whichever is their
profession? i am speaking very generally here. i didnt have to be where i was,
and do what i did, but i am kind of becoming control freakish (in a good way i

also im guessing, willing to bet money, the best puas seducers etc, are able to
hold their own in tough situations, dangerous situations. i am thinking
mystery, badboy, shark.

begin the analysis! just my thoughts. i wont even get started on the
jock/jerk/dickhead angle of seducing. i am only joking, i can always hold my
own, or am working to rememdy that. btw, did you ever see the show inuyasha?
great show, interesting dynamics, for any japanimation fans. someone sooo
willing to not qualify and not pity

one has a right to bunbury anywhere one chooses!
every serious bunburyist knows that!!! (oscar wilde)

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