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Should I kiss and when to kiss a girl..need advce

mASF post by esk6969

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Should I kiss and when to kiss a girl..need advce
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mASF post by "esk6969"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

This is not advanced.

To answer your specific question about kissing, kiss tests, etc. click on the
link on the right side of your screen ------> that says "DYD", and read the
article about the "kiss test" on David's site. And yes, you should always
escalate when possible/appropriate. Waiting is a form of supplication, and a
great way to get LJBF'ed.

Your larger issue, however, is that you have confused what "rapport" is.
RAPPORT IS NOT FACT-BASED TALK. It is not talking about family, friends, and
work schedules. It is talking about emotions, about the things she feels
inside, what makes her tick, and then echoing those feelings back to her in
ways that make her feel excitement, relaxation, sensuality, and anticipation,
and then anchoring those feelings to your presence. Go back and read the
pickup guide for examples on this.

"Get your validation from your life, not your women." - L&C

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