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FUCK-UP Report

mASF post by johnarx

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FUCK-UP Report
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mASF post by "johnarx"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2004

>I am at the bar ordering a
>drink and 3-4 HB's are
>crowded around me waiting to
>get a drink too. I say to
>"O.K., Ladies, fill me in on
>what this is all about. You're
>all here to get alot of
>attention and enjoy the power
>of rejecting alot of men?"

That opener sounds somewhat funny, but you seem to imply that women
have power over men or that you are willing to grant them this power. This
can - and, unfortunately, it also will - work against you!

>One of the HB's locked eyes,
>and I could tell
>she thought I was good looking
>( some women think
>I am good looking

That is the right attitude!

Also, you succeeded in the EC part, so I assume that you didn't wimp out and
evaded her look downwards. Good, good ...

> but not many).

That is the wrong attitude! Go through the
statement of affirmations in Maniac High's pickup guide! Do it

>We started talking,
>and within a few minutes I put
>my hand around her
>waist and on the top of her
>ass. She didn't seem
>to mind but I wasn't sure she
>liked it either. Then
>after a minute or so, I kissed
>her on the cheek and
>wrapped both my arms around
>her waist. I was having

If you ask me this is fine. Kino in the early phase is definitely the right way
go. But you should try to gain more rapport. Get her to laugh and enjoy

And don't feel guilty about touching her!

Go through the statement of affirmations again ...

>At this point her friends had
>separated from us and
>were standing a 7-8 feet away
>looking at us. A bunch
>of them were looking at us
>like "what are you doing
>with that guy."

Why do you think that? You sound insecure and like you did something
wrong, or worse: the girl you met made a mistake when hanging out with a

Change your attitude! You are with a girl which means
that she can bring you social proof. Hey, the others might even be

Again, go through the statement of affirmation ...

>Then we faced the bar and she
>rubbed her left tit
>against my elbow. And asked
>for a drink. I said "lets
>dance." She said O.k. but buy
>me a drink. So I bought her
>a drink ( hadn't read through
>all of Manic's site yet!)

Yes, at that point you were done, I am afraid ...

Try something like "Do you give me a French kiss?" or so. While this might not
win the game, buying a drink will immediately lose it ...

>So then after we started
>drinking our beer, she said
>"lets go outside, I need a
>smoke. Come with me."

She leads you around like her doggy.

Probably she feels obliged to talk to you a little now that you bought her a
drink ... it wastes your time, basically. If you had stayed inside you could at
least continue to hit on other babes.

You need more practice, dude! So next time, start a new game instead of
dragging on a lost one indefinitely!

>So we're talking. And I can't
>recall the drift
>of the conversation, but she
>interjected ,"well
>I am not the girl for you."
>But "you could get
>girls! Just be self
>-confidant." ( I thought--yah,
>well why
>don't you just fuck me
>then--I'll be self confidant
>in the morning.)

Well, finally you did learn the reason why she rejected you.

>My impression is that she came
>to conclude that
>I was too old. I am 43 but
>look 36 and she was
>22. Any good way to deal with
>such an objection?

Nope, that is not the problem. Actually, she did give you
the correct advice! You appear to be insecure about yourself and what you are
doing and that is noticeable.

Go through the statement of affirmations and start to believe in yourself! You
have some basics, build on them!

Next, you need more practice! You should try to approach ten girls instead of
one and don't bother about being rejected or losing.

In particular, don't worry about taking any chick back home! Even if you are
experienced, your chances in a nightclub are MINIMAL. You should view this
as an opportunity to practice.

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