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Your perception of women and situation

mASF post by tigger

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Your perception of women and situation
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mASF post by "tigger"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2004

On 5/22/04 10:38:00 PM, snowboard wrote:
>I hear from time to time about
>how *horrible* it is out
>there, but it's
>my opinion that it's really a
>matter of how you see the
>situation. It's
>been a while since I've
>checked in here at fs101, so I
>thought i
>would share this piece of
>wisdom with everyone: Have you
>noticed when a guy is
>complaining a lot about women
>it's ALWAYS
>fault? maybe its just me. But
>this true?
>Here are some recent examples
>of my PUAing and my attitude
>it all:
>I met this cutie downtown..
>did an ss pattern and later
>that day
>we were kissing . I did the
>falling in love pattern, and
>then we I saw
>her the next day after that.
>It turns out this particular
>woman has
>been doing time in a mental
>hospital, though I don't think
>dangerous. This is no joke
>BTW. She really digs me, what
>can I
>say? I don't like to judge
>others, every woman has her
>The following evening I'm in
>a club, talking to two women.
>The girl
>I'm talking to is very nice,
>but I like her friend more,
>so I trade-up
>her to get to her much
>prettier friend. She is very
>sexual and I did a
>lot of kino to her. Later that
>week I saw her and there was
>much effort after that. Oddly
>enough turns out she is in a
>program. When I see that I
>make her smile.. :) it's a
>very cool
>feeling knowing you're a part
>of someone's happiness.
>I meet this girl at the same
>club a week later. she's
>short, but cute
>responds and really takes to
>my sense of humour, This was
>awesome! The only thing that
>concerns me is the fact that
>she said
>she likes cocaine, but she
>didn't do any coke when she
>was with
>So then I'm at a cafe, and I
>meet a very sweet HB8, who is
>a quiet
>but without a doubt one of the
>nicest girls I've seen in a
>while. We
>talk a bit. I do some MM, and
>she's very taken, we end up
>out on in the park. I do the
>BJ pattern and it works:) way
>to go RJ!
>These were fun experiences. I
>an only say for myself, the
>worst that
>has ever happened is that i
>caught crabs once from one
>(who later admitted it), but
>there are worse things in
>All in all, nobody's perfect,
>but that is not to say you
>still can't enjoy
>female affection. I think its
>all in how you look at it!

That's two posts I just read really close to each other that mention RJ and
also mentions all these patterns in several different situations. Are you guys
on the SS mailing list or something??

Anyways, yeah, lots of chicks are messed up in one way or another.

As for the patterns, I know people rag on them a lot around here...but when I
very first found the fastseduction site, I read the player guide 101 about 6
months before discovering this chatboard. And I read the whole guide in a day,
went out that night, used progressive kino, mirroring, eliciting values, and a
few of the patterns from the guide, and got laid that very night. So I was sold
on the whole NLP thing. I don't really do any of that anymore, as I have a lot
more fun with C&F, storytelling, and push-pull stuff, but I really believe
there is a lot of value to the pickup guide.

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