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Field Report: Not a lonely night: 2nd time solo club sarging

mASF post by Macky

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Field Report: Not a lonely night: 2nd time solo club sarging
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mASF post by "Macky"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2003

Sup guys.

I'm new to posting here but I've been reading the pickup guide for a few
years. I just recently found mASF and decided to give the tactics a try.
I'll start off by giving a little brief about myself: I'm currently in an
LTR (9 months) with a secondary (lots of time to sarge) and I consider
myself a "natural GPUA".

The night seemed very quiet for me. I had guest list access to a club, but
all my friends were busy studying for exams, including my GF; therefore I
decided to go sarging alone (GREAT IDEA BY THE WAY).

Here's a list of the techniques I used on Saturday:
1. "I've never been here" opener
2. Best friend opener
3. New cigarette opener
4. "You have no friends" opener
5. AMOG destroy: "Nice watch"
6. Hand reading #-close

Here's are quick rundown of what happened on Saturday:
1. #-close HBblonde (9) bartender
2. Destroyed AMOG who tried to steal HBplayful
3. #-close 2-set w/ HBplayful (8)
4. #-close HBoldfriend (7.5)

Putting the pieces together:

I arrived at the first club around 11:00pm anxiously waiting to sarge my
first set. As I stepped inside, I noticed the club was empty. The DJ was
spinning some good tunes on one side, and against a wall, were a load of
AFC's clutching onto their beers (What's up with that???)

My first 2-set was also leaning against a wall. One HB8 and one B6.5. The
HB8 will now be known as HBplayful.

Me: Hi
Them: *enthusiastically* HIIIII
Me: Is it always this empty?
Them: blablabla
Me: What kind of music do they play here?
HBplayful: blablabla
Me: What are the people like?
Them: blablabla
Me: *smiling.. cause i've been there 10000 times* Wow I can't wait until
HBplayful: *trying to figure me out* Are you from around here?
Me: I don't know... where do you think I'm from?
HBplayful & B6.5: trying to guess

That's when I started to be C&F and come up with non-sense/funny shit that
would keep her guessing. She was very playful and followed my game, so we
played around a bit, some kino. She then gave me her hand and told me her
name (I didn't even have ask for it). I complemented B6.5's name (to make
her think i'm a nice guy, gaining points with HBplayful??? does that work
guys?) and after about 5 minutes of talking with them, I ejected from the
set. I told the two chicks I would see them later ... I didn't #-close right
away. I could have but I knew I would have another chance later on (the
night was early).

Then I went to the bathroom and complimented some guy on his shirt:

Me: Hey looking good man, that's a cool shirt you got there.
Him: Yeah thanks, it's for the girls though.

He thought I was gay!!! So I said: "hahaha don't worry man, that's what i'm
here for too". Where did I go wrong here? I felt like I lost my Alphaness by
coming off as 'gay'. I think i'll refrain from complimenting guys from now
on. Anyhow this is where it gets good, the same guy offers me a cigarette,
so I accept it, thank him, and leave. I don't smoke by the way, but I
remembered reading Kitsune's LR: HBLostFriends ONS
(,24) [sorry I don't know
if I'm linking correctly]. Kitsune's LR mentions him looking like James Dean
with the cig in his mouth. So I decided to give it a try, and after 30
minutes of being shut down by everyone, I realize that it JUST DOESN'T WORK.
My coolness factor has gone below normal.

Now it's about 11:45, I'm standing around with an unlit cigarette in my
hand, and I come up with a brilliant idea for a cigarette opener. More and
more people start filling the club, so I decide to head downstairs. I see an
HBblonde standing behind the bar, with NO customers, just waiting for
someone to talk to her. I head to her bar:

Me: Hi, you're gonna be my new best friend
HBblonde: *looking at me strangely* What?
Me: You're my new best friend, every time I want a drink, I'll come and get
it from you. But you have to promise me something.
HBblonde: *leans in to come closer to me*
Me: When the club is full, and I COME to your bar, you HAVE to serve ME
before anyone else.
HBblonde: *gives me her hand to shake* OK! I'm ... blablabla you look like
... *smiling*
Me: *taking her hand, I give her a kiss on the cheek and I leave*

I head back upstairs, still with the cigarette in my hand, and I see the
first 2-set I met in the beginning of the night. I walk in front of them and
HBplayful yells out my name and gives me a huge hug! "ok???". So I decide to
use my new opener on her:

Me: I need some advice.
HBplayful: ok? What's wrong?
Me: *pulling her and her friend away from the dance floor to a quiet corner*
Me: I need both of your advice, tell me what you think.
Me: *pointing my finger at them as to say "wait a second"*
Me: *I turn around, put the cigarette in my mouth, then I turn back around
(looking at them), I cross my arms*
Me: Do you think I look cool?
HBplayful & B6.5: *BURSTING INTO LAUGHTER* ahahhahahahaaaaaa
Me: *looks around the club, everyone is looking at the girls laughing*
(Massive Social Proof)

I swear I just figured out that I looked like a dork with that cigarette.
HBplayful grabs my cheek and says: "You're soo cute I like you just the way
you are". I thank her and then she says: "I have to go, I'm looking for some
friends". So I say: "Ok see you later!".

By then the club is rather full so I walk around and I bump into an old AFC
friend of mine. This guy is really a WBAFC. Seriously. Each time I went
clubbing with him (2 years ago), he would always impair my game, but tonight
he managed to help me by giving me his cell phone to take down #'s.

I head downstairs to see HBblonde (bartender) and she rushes over to take my
order. When she hands me my change, she also gives me passes for the same
club but on another night. One of passes had her phone # on it (WHOA).

HBblonde: Come back next saturday cause it's my day off.
Me: Why?
HBblonde: Call me during the week, my number is on one of the passes.
Me: Can you dance? I don't want to be seen around here with someone who
can't dance *smiling*.
HBblonde: *giggles* OK see you.
Me: *drooling*
WBAFC friend: *drooling*

$$NOTES$$: I used this C&F Line (can you dance?) with HB9blonde and it seems
to have worked. I will try it again tonight and confirm whether this one is
good. She seemed kinda dumb so I don't think I will end up calling her.

I approached a 3-set of HB8's and used my cigarette opener. They all burst
into laughter and it was really fun. I kept it short and left w/o. closing.
I think I screwed up royally, but I felt the gitters because one of the
girls was eyeing my AFC friend like: "who the fuck is this loser next to
you". I think I gotta get rid of AFC friend because it's really hurting my

So my friend & I decide to go upstairs and I tell him I'm gonna #-close
HBplayful and then we'll change clubs. As we get upstairs, HBplayful and her
friend are dancing on the stage. I go up on the stage, sit down on a chair
next to some guy. He asks for a light, which I always carry with me, and I
hold up a match for him. He gives me a Low-Five and acknowledges me. I walk
up to the girls and now BOTH of them yell out my name in extacy:

Me: Hey HBplayful, look I found my friends (pointing at my AFC friend and
the guy with the cigarette), where's yours?
HBplayful: *punches me* ohhh fuck you! *smiling*
Me: *laughing*

We dance a bit and then... AMOG appears. This guy looks like some kinda
5'2" Gym buff with lots of gold to "compensate". He stands next to me:

AMOG: Hey what's up?
Me: Hi
AMOG: Your watch looks like mine, nice watch!
Me: Hahaha thanks *thinking, omg it's an AMOG*.
Me: It's 1:00am.
AMOG: *destroyed* What? My watch works. I know what time it is.
Me: *laughing my ass off* That's good, but my watch is better.
AMOG: Oh yeah? What's yours?
Me: Guess (It actually is a Guess watch lol)
AMOG: Mine is a . It cost me 600$
Me: You're cool man *putting both my hands on his shoulders*
Me: You're really really cool man *turning my back to him*
Me: *I continue dancing with the girls*
AMOG: Hey your hair...
Me: *interrupting him* Yeah I know I have no hair, the girls like it. See
AMOG: *destroyed ... runs away*

That felt so good! It was the first time I ever used an AMOG destroyer. The
girls smiled and kept dancing with me and my AFC friend. Then I stop and
tell HBplayful that I'm leaving, maybe go to another club. She says: "Ok" but
seemed a little sad so I say: "Leave me your # and i'll call you during the
week. I had sooo much fun with you i'm definitely going to come back". I
then take my friend's cell phone and enter her # in it. #-closed for a rainy

--- Part 2

[Sorry if this is long, but i'll get better with practice]

We exit the club and decide to walk to a different club. I havn't been there
in years so I figured it could be fun. We walk in, and I open a 2-set with
my cigarette opener. Worked like a charm. My friend was laughing like crazy.
We then walked over to the bar and some HB8.5 looks at me:

HB8.5: I know you
Me: No you don't
HB8.5: Yes I met you in X city
Me: Hahaha you wish
HB8.5: Yes it was at X club
Me: *thinking oh shit what did I do?*
Me: *then it clicks.....* OHHHHH YEAH !!!! HIIII. *jumps on her and gives
her a huge Hug & kisses... lots and lots of kino*
HB8.5: I'm so happy to see you, it's been like a year!!!
Me: Yeah blablabla *more kino until...*

Turns out she was with her BF (big black guy) and 3 HB friends (including
HBoldfriend). I was introduced to her friends (except HBoldfriend that I met
at the same time as HB8.5... a year ago), I introduced my AFC friend to
them, I did my cigarette opener, got them laughing, lots of Kino with 3 of
the girls... I had them all entertained and then I told them that I just got
there and wanted to look around. My friend & I left and started walking
around the club. I ended up running into some more friends from way back,
had a few short discussions and then we kept walking around trying to find
sets to open (most sets were already engaged because it was 2:00am). My
friend was like: "shit man, do you know everyone?" Hahaha owned! lol.

I decide to go back to the 4 chicks (HBoldfriend is happy to see me). Some
more C&F then a bit of dancing with HBboobs. HBboobs was like 5ft tall and
had the cutest smile. So irresistible. After dancing it up on a few reggae
songs, I wanted to #-close her but I felt awkward because all her friends
were around us the whole time.

So I decided to #-close HBoldfriend since I already knew her:

Me: Give me your hand
HBoldfriend: *gives me her right hand*
Me: No. The other one
HBoldfriend: *gives me her left hand*
Me: Ok let's play a game. What's the 1st digit in your phone #?
HBoldfriend: 6
Me: *sad face* awww... Sorry we can't play.
HBoldfriend: What? Why not?
Me: You only have 5 fingers on that hand!!!
HBoldfriend: *laughing* hahaha ok.
Me: *takes my friend's cell phone* What's your whole phone number?
HBoldfriend: xxx-xxx-xxxx

$$$Note$$$: That #-close technique totally sucked. It made her laugh but I
didn't know what to do after that. I don't know why I didn't simply ask for
the #. Should I think of a way to improve this technique or simply let go of
it and ask for it straight up?

That's all. I left the club after that #-close and headed back home.

Well that's my 1st written FR. There will definitely be more to come.

Thanks for reading and please post comments/suggestions if you have any.


Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2003 by "Macky" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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