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Mistakes of a 17 year old

mASF post by sss

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Mistakes of a 17 year old
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mASF post by "sss"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2003

I learnt of this board a long time ago. I think it's been more than three
years. When I first came to this board the Mystery Method was the all time
craze. Everybody worshipped Mystery and I was pretty in awe of his style
myself. I read the pickup guide and I read his archives. I hit up the clubs and
within a month or two I had two girlfriends. Having two girls at one time was a
dream come true for me. I ended up in a LTR with one of them and just ended up
breaking up with her 6 months ago. The break-up was hard but it was also
completely my decision. I decided that I was still young and I had my whole
life ahead of me. So I come out of an amazing relationship thinking that the
world is ripe with women waiting to be plucked by me. Boy was I wrong. Two
years with the same girl and my game = 0. Ofcourse I kept lurking this website
while I was going out with her, convincing myself that I had everything in me
to do what the pros do. This was the biggest mistake I could have ever made.
I'm about to turn 20 now and I admit to myself that I have no game. Which is
surprising since I am such a bloody goodlooking guy. So why am I crying and
bitching right now? Just so that when I get up and read this tomorrow I know
that I have 12 approaches to make. After reading a billion different theories
which have completely confused me I realize that there is only one true theory:
the 3 second rule. All other concepts are applicable to different people and
different personalities and it is up to each person to discover his style. I am
going to treat this whole process as an adventure and you folks will have the
pleasure of getting step to step details about how a 20 year old lame-ass who
finally reached his breaking point only to turn into a 21 year old pug.

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