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Field Report, Intro: Sarging with TD in SD

mASF post by theghymp

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Field Report, Intro: Sarging with TD in SD
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mASF post by "theghymp"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2003

Alright Y’all

I guess it’s about time for an intro and an FR. The Intro:

I’ve been reading ASF for 2-3 years. I’m 27, live in LA, Asian. A few years
ago, I had zero game whatsoever. I was the biggest AFC ever. Even when girls
were into me and would invite themselves back to my place, I found some way to
fuck it up and not get laid. Then I found ManiacHigh’s Pickup Guide and then
umASF, and then mASF. Thanks to ASF, Formhandle, Ross, Mystery, DavidD,
Juggler, ManiacHIgh and a whole lot of other ASFers I’ve actually been able to
get some game. After reading a lot of posts, buying a lot of products and
reading a lot of books, without ever meeting another ASFer/Sser/PUA I’ve been
able to get 7s on a relatively consistent basis. My non-ASF friends actually
think my game kicks ass even though I know it has a long way to go before it’s
really tight.

Which takes me to the next point. Getting to the next level. Last weekend I
went to the San Diego workshop run by Orion, Papa and TylerDurden. I had never
met another ASFer or PUA and I was totally blown away. There is no fucking
underestimating the game these guys have. It’s incredible to see how tight game
can get and what is really possible. Just witnessing these guys in action with
sets was worth the price of admission many times over. The reactions they get
from women are incredible and far beyond what I had ever seen. They are playing
the game on a totally different level than I had imagined was possible. They
weren’t just writing or talking about it, they were doing sets with me and I
was seeing first hand exactly how tight game could be. For those guys who might
be new to ASF or who might not have tried this stuff in the field, let me just

For the ASFers who are reading this board who have never seen a PUA real in
action, get to a workshop, go to a seminar or use PAIR. See the “gurus”. Seeing
the results happen in real life is 100 times better than reading it in some
field report. If I’d seen this a year or two ago, my game would be far, far
tighter than it is now. Aside from learning the game, the other students were
great guys that I’m going to be winging with.

So on to the FR:

Sunday night, Ozwald, Maverick, Papa, TD and myself went down to Pacific Beach
in San Diego. We’d done a couple warmup sets when I open literally the hottest
chick in the place. This is the kind of chick that I would never, ever, ever
have opened before last weekend. Hot, hot Latino chick wearing one of those
peasant blouses. About a 9.5. She’s with her blonde friend who might have been
a 7.5 or so. I guess I should also say that beach bars are the kind of place
that I had never really sarged well before. (I’m more into places with less of
a collegey vibe.) I start with the David Bowie opener. The hottie actually
starts getting into it, and she’s telling me all about why she thinks that some
girls like Bowie. Her quiet friend is kind of looking away and I ask what’s up
and she tells me that her friend is being so quiet because she’s never heard of
David Bowie. Then, TD comes up and occupies the obstacle friend while I
continue to sarge latino hottie.

I did a couple mini-cold reads “You look like a bad girl…” “You look crazy…”
Then, “You look way to crazy for this place.”

She’s like “Yeah, I know, this place is kind of boring.” Then I’m like “Yeah,
you look more like an LA girl.” She’s like squealing with delight, like I just
gave her the biggest compliment in the world.

Her: “I’ve never been to LA!!! I totally wanna go!!!”

I blatantly look her up and down and say, “Yeah, I guess you could be an LA
party girl.” We bullshit for a while, eventually she’s like “I really wanna go
to LA. Maybe next weekend! I’m going give you my number!” We talk a little
more, her friend wants to go smoke and I didn’t want to seem too eager so I
figured I would get the number later. This turns out to be a bad move, because
we don’t see them again. The entire time I’m talking to her, I’m thinking in my
head “This is fucking ridiculous. The hottest chick in this place is not only
talking to me, she’s actually kind of into the conversation…” The opinion
opener and the mini-cold reads were gold.

TD and I go around the bar opening a few other sets, while Ozwald goes to hang
with Maverick and Papa at another bar. After a few short sets, we go out to the
smoking area. TD runs the plant and stare opener with two chicks, one of which
is one of the top 5 girls in the place (solid 9) and her friend who was
probably a 7.5. The plant and stare works because TD is wearing a black PVC
plastic shirt. Before he even says anything, the chicks are rubbing his chest.
(This had happened with a few other sets earlier in the night as well. Keep in
mind that it’s gotta take gigantic fucking balls to wear a plastic shiny shirt
into a college beach bar.)

These chicks had already been talking to some other AFC, but turned around when
TD and I walk up. TD gives them the “You guys look like bad girls” mini-cold
read and tells them that they look like bad San Diego girls. The girls get all
indignant and start telling us that they’re from San Francisco and they keep
qualifying themselves by telling us how much cooler they are because they’re
from SF. They introduce themselves, we do a bunch of C&F stuff on them and it
goes well.

The Tan Dark-Haired Hottie pulls TD a few feet away… The other blonde one
wearing a Zebra top turns back away and starts talking to the AFC they were
talking to earlier. TD’s girl is really getting into conversation with him and
he tells her a couple times to get her friend back into conversation with me or
he’ll leave. After a while, the AFC just takes off and my chick turns around
and starts talking to me. The entire time, I’m just thinking “Don’t be too
eager… Don’t be too eager…”. (See the post “Don’t try too hard, massively
important”) She tells me that the AFC took off because he thought that I was
pissed off that she wasn’t talking to me. The AFC basically just totally beta’d
himself out, even though I was just standing there chilling and smoking.

So I basically play it cool, hardly say anything and do a little C&F. She tells
me about how she’s had a really hard day working at Outback Steakhouse and she
tells me how much she hates San Diego and how the people are all boring and the
same. (Because TD is wearing the craziest outfit in the place, we have cred as
not being boring and conformist) We talk about Outback and she talks about how
she’s been eating there too much and she’s gonna get fat. Blah, blah, blah.
This whole time, she’s giving me IOIs, and I’m taking drinks of her beer and
telling her that she seems cool and how she can be my San Diego homegirl.

During this time a big black rapper dude with a wifebeater and tattoos comes up
and she says she knows him and gets all excited. She gets him to do some raps
for us. I’m unimpressed and I tell the guy that his rap is “alright”. Before
ASF, I probably would have kissed this guy’s ass, but this time, he fucking
introduced himself to me, gave me a crazy handshake and then walked off when
the chick turned back and started talking to me.

Then she asks me if I want to do shots. I’m like “sure, whatever.” We go over
to the bar. She orders 2 buttery nipples, then she asks me if I’m gonna pay.
I’m like “No, you’re the one that wants the drinks.” She goes on for about two
minutes saying shit like “You’re just using me.” And “You’re not really going
to make me pay for these are you?” I’m like “You’re the lush… You’re the one
that wants to drink... Here, give my drink back. I don’t really care…” (This is
delivered C&F) and then she’s like “Fine.” In an indignant kind of way and buys
the drinks. This is the kind of shit that I would have AFC’ed on and bought the
drink in the past, and I think it was one of the turning points…

Anyways… Then a couple of her friends walk by the bar, and she calls them on
her cell phone. The bar is closing and they tell her that they’re going to be
hanging out at their place and she asks me if I want to go over there… I’m like
“sure, whatever, as long as the people are more fun than this place.” So we go
to look for TD and his chick… They finally both come out of the men’s bathroom
and we tell them about the after party.

We go out to the parking lot, and the chicks are like “you guys follow us”.
Obviously, we don’t want to get into separate cars, so I’m like “I’m gonna get
lost” and TD’s like “we don’t do that shit” so we get it set up so that he’s
driving my chick’s car with his chick, and I’m driving with my chick in my car.

We make it to my chick’s friend’s place, and instead of being the party that I
was hoping for (I was hoping there would be something going on so we could get
Papa, Mav and Ozwald over), the two chick friends are just sitting there
trashed and eating Mexican food. (By the way, on the way over there, my chick
keeps talking about how she wants to drink more, so we stop, drop off her car,
get TD and his chick into my backseat and go buy beer, which she pays for. I
tell her that she’s the one that wants to drink, and she just hands me the
money without argument.)

Anyways, when we get back to the apartment we all sit down in the living room
for a minute, I go to the bathroom, and TD’s chick starts complaining about how
tired she is so she and TD go back into the bedroom. It’s been pretty clear
what both of these chicks are looking for since the bar… As I’m trying to
figure out how to get my chick isolated from her trashed friends, I hear
screaming from one of the trashed chicks at the door to her bedroom. She’s like
“You guys are not going to do this in my bed!!!!” TD and his hottie are doing
their thing in the bed, and she’s getting pissed that some chick she barely
knows through a friend of a friend is about to fuck some random dude (TD) in
her bed. I hear this drunken fucking tirade, and I tell my chick that we’re
going to go outside to smoke… She’s following me out, when TD comes out. After
a few minutes of bullshit with the fucked up friends yelling and being pissed
off, we eject quickly. My chick wants us to stay, but I don’t care that much
because she’s not that hot, it’s late and I have to be at work in LA the next
morning. I also didn’t want to have to do it at Ozwald’s house, where I was

Later, after TD and I get some food, I look into the back seat of my car and
see a chick’s wallet. It’s TD’s chick’s, who has a flight to SF the next
morning. And we have her ID, credit cards, etc. We call up my chick, and she
tells us how sorry she is about her friends and how me and TD were the coolest
guys she’s ever met in a bar, how we should have gone back to her place, and
how her friends were just pissed off because they were jealous. She wants me to
call her when I get back to LA. Whatever.

The***p@ho***.com[ ? ]

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