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How lucky I am!

mASF post by faon

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How lucky I am!
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mASF post by "faon"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2003

Well, I like to make a report about something funny that happened to me
yesterday and today at the job.
Just a remark: I'm not looking for girl, but things keep happening to me. And
i'll not let them fly away.

I've just gone to a client of my company (I'm a computer system consultant and
the client company is a telecom company) to help the Team that was already
there for about 2 months.
I've gone with a close friend of mine (work with me, another consultant) to
there, and we've been talking all the way to the office.

He had already told me about two Italian girls who worked there, close to him
and the other members of the Team (4 guys and 1 girl).
One of the girls has a lot of "STYLE": think about a half-clubber half-punk
girl, white, short hair, very very pretty and with wonderful green eyes (surely
the most beautiful ones I've ever seen).
Her clothes are fashion: like the ones girls use in the night clubs here in
"She is SYTLE"!!

The other one is very pretty too, with the same green eyes (Does all the
Italian girl have green eyes?). Talks english pretty good, but no portuguese at
She (the Style girl) doesn't talk portuguese and does a bit of english,
sometimes hard to understand.

Everybody had already noticed those girls and were imagining some kind of talk
to them. Just imaging. Poor AFC's!!!

Well, Me and my friend arrived, where was everybody of the Team, another
thousands of workers of the client (men and women), and these two particular
It could be just another simple-boring workday for everybody, but...

I've sit among the Team and (my luck!) the two girls were just in front of me,
just a short barrier separates my desk from them.
That friend of mine has been sitting behind of me, looking to the other side.

I was working in my notebook (about 3 hours from the moment I've arrived),
looking to the screen and sometimes, taking a quick look to the beauties ahead,
them suddenly the Team disappeared (coffee break).
Later, they've told that they didn't called me 'cause I hate coffee (2x LUCK
And them IT happened:
She looked at me, I've noticed it and very slowly (Cute guy emulation post:
Confident=posture, SLOW graceful movements(including eyes)) I looked just right
her eyes (the left one, as a friend of my had read somewhere) and smiled.
She smiled back and asked me some help: Some problem in the database she was
I've just leaned over the desk to see her computer screen, but (3s RULE) I got
up and went to the other side of the desk, picked up a chair and sit just side
by side her and began try to fix her problem.
Of course, as soon as I could I was TOO close to her (Section 10 in GUNWITCH
METHOD: Closeness).
I did a lot of kino, EC, jokes, fluff talk, ... (Sexual State ON!!!!).

About 10 minutes later, the Team returned from their happy coffee break and
they couldn't believe what I've just accomplished:
HER, SMILING,... And so was she to me.
It's really unbelievable how things happens when you least expect.
Think: They've been there for almost 2 months, near those gorgeous girls but
nothing. Not even a try... I've just arrived and I did what they did not!

Well, I've been side by side her for about 20 minutes joking, kino-ing, EC-ing,
but I've NOT resolved the problem in the database. :))
That's not a problem for me 'cause I'm not a expert in database!
And not a problem after all for her I think! Since today she asked me another
help and I could not resolve it again.
I imagine What she must be realizing about me: "What the Hell that guy is doing
in that company? He can't fix anything about databases even working for a
database company (it's what everybody thinks about it)!"
I explain: I work for this database company, but I'm not a DBA. I'm a Java
application developer.
I access the database, but can't fix those kind of weird problem. I try but...

She cried for help, I was there!
I think She liked because today we've been talking all day long.
At one moment, she has lent me her headphone to listen a BEAUTIFUL italian
Well, that was not really so great. The singer seemed to be some kind of
italian version of Rick Martin and the music a new kind of "Livin la vida
loca", just a bit more slow.
But...I've told her what she wanna to listen! (Section 11 in GUNWITCH METHOD:
"me too-ing").

I think that I've had some kind of luck too, but all the things I've read
surely helped A LOT!!!
I've been reading the pickup guide, GUNWITCH METHOD etc, I'm a RAFC and walking
through the path to become a PUA.
And all of that stuff took the shyness away of me and some concepts that are in
my mind nowadays.

I'll not be at this client too long. I'll have about 2 months to do a try to
pick her up.
She stays here in Rio de Janeiro, She is living in a hotel near my home and as
things grow up I think I'll invite her to go out one night... I'm thinking
about that!!!
If she will accept or not, I don't give fuck. If not, it'll be She who will


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