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How mASF is changing the way a see things.

mASF post by faon

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How mASF is changing the way a see things.
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mASF post by "faon"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2003

A recent fact:
Definitely, there is no non-figure out place for a PU, or at least, a try...
I was working at a client of the enterprise i work for, in Rio de Janeiro, and
then i've saw this gorgeous girl walking around. She is a (8)HB, 23yo, brunet,
wonderful eyes,...

She entered the elevator with me. Just the two of us.
She was carrying a screwdriver in the back pocket of her pants.

3s rule act!
I've told her: "Hey, be careful with this screwdriver! You can hurt yourself!"
This was my opener.
She joked. Deviate the look. The shield was already down!
Made some more jokes and she got out the elevator.

And you make your day. The day just worths for that.

Two days after that: I've found her, in the walkway to the enterprise (it's a
10 minute walk, unless you are in a car. Ehehe).
Again the 3s rule: "Hi, aren't you the screwdriver's girl?" (the opener).
And we walked all the path talking with me about life, work (she works with
computer too, and it's not usual women work in this kind of job) and things.

After that. I've saw her one more time. I've made what i call "the social" (a
mix of being gentle, funny, mysterious,... all that in Sexual State Mode).
And we exchanged e-mails.

Days passed by...
One day, when i least expected i've found her in the cafeteria of that
I've just waived but she asked me to sit down with her.
Attention for the detail: I've just launched and she was starting to launch.
I've sad: "hi". Gave her two kisses and her opener this time was this: "I've
just broken up with my boyfriend! I've went to a party last night with some
friends, had fun,..."
Immediately i've turned on my "Sexual State". It was pure instinct! Not
GUNWITCH, PICKUP GUIDE, of any method i've read came to my mind.
And started to make the KINO!

We've exchanged cellphone numbers. Talked some times. Went to launch together.

The i've made a mistake: I gave her a present: A necklace of the enterprise I
work for (these ones we use to hold the badge of the enterprise).
Stupid thing to do!!
She asked me one and as soon as i could I gave to her.
She asked me to launch if her one more time and then,
She asked, used her sensuality for that, conquered and then...
I've tried to invite her (cel phone SMS service) to go out with me, but the
answer was worst then a NO:It was no answer at all!

AFC behavior strikes again!
I'm trying to Recover from this disease.

But, Fuck. Life goes on.
The pickup counter is increased one more time.

Soon i'll tell you all my journey for some one i was in love. AFC things again,
but i think that admit it is a starting point to the change.

Well, what i'm trying to tell with this post is that read the post, the
GUNWITCH METHOD, the guide etc, is helping me.
Now i'm capable to act in 3s. Capable to do the KINO. Just the isolation is a
bit hard, yet.

Yesterday i've read something really good: "10 Alpha behaviors" and the "Cute
guy emulation".
Now i'm becoming to know that there is no rule for become a PUA. No fucking
behavior to follow.
It's just the time and the experience.
The posts help you to visualize some kind of behavior, but it's not something
you must study and follow just right.
It helps you to instinctively turn the sexual state on, as you read and
understand that there is no fucking place for looser in this game.
It's a win-or-win game. If the girl don't like you, or don't want to go out


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