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photogirl date#1

mASF post by Commander Zap

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photogirl date#1
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2003

I see you have posted three messages since you first logged in two days ago, at
least according to the stats. If correct, that's not technically allowed, you
are supposed to get knowledgeable before you post.

If you have read all the info for newbies, including in the Pickup Guide
Maniac's no-nonsense guide for beginners (you kiss, you don't hug), you are not
effectively applying the knowledge. Roller-coaster pattern right after fluff
sounds like too much interest on your part, too early. At least you were doing
the talking. You deliver material to her mostly, not ask questions. Asking is
requesting value, telling is giving value. You asked too much I think.

*This* one is really scary:

i don't ask if
>i'm her type, but i get the
>feeling i'm not. (I'm tall and

A PUA would never dream of *asking* a chick if he was her type. That's so
supplicative. He might try to get info about what kind of guys she likes (or
thinks she likes), but not like that. A PUA *tells* a girl what the deal is.
Whether you are tall or not is largely irrelevant, girls *say* they prefer tall
guys but the truth is they don't know what the fuck they want, so we provide
that information to them. I am short and all the girls I fuck are taller than
me, and it's very easy. Physicalities don't matter too much, though you do
want to look and come across as well as you can. You also make the most of
your assets, and you can count tall as being one of them.

You are *not* skinny. You have used that term about yourself for the last time
in your life. That AFC shit is over. Kiss that goodbye. A new you is born.

You are slim, but well-proportioned. You look terrific. You feel *great*
about how you look. You are the male equivalent of *hot*. If there are
things you can do to look even better, do them. Peacock. Clothes, hair,
replace eyeglasses w/contacts or Lazik probably, complexion, how you walk, how
you carry yourself. Confidence. Think about cologne, only a minority of us
think it is not worth it.

If you do *nothing* for you upper body, do something.

RTFM, it's a gold mine.

Good luck!


On 4/2/03 8:31:00 PM, afm171 wrote:
>OK, so i went for lunch with
>the HB that sent me a photo
>over the net. She is the girl
>in the photo, I rate her body
>a solid 10, face looked better
>in the pic, maybe a 7 in
>It didn't go that great, but
>i'd like to try to get it back
>course: comments welcome...
>She was late, i waited out
>front, pretended to be talking
>on my cell so it wouldn't look
>too pathetic, thought about
>just sitting down, but didn't
>want to risk her not seeing
>Another 5 minutes and i call
>her, she says she is lost, i
>talk her in until i see her
>crossing the street. I give
>her a
>big wave and smile (trying to
>show enthusiasm) As she
>comes in close, i think i see
>her positioning for a
>handshake, but i skip it and
>go straight for a hug. She
>looks confused but hugs back.
>My plan was to keep her hand
>after a handshake and
>lead her to a table, but now
>that the hug is over her
>hands are out of reach. We get
>seated i sit at 90
>Fluff talk about the day -
>then i go into a variation of
>rollercoaster pattern,
>relating it to the excitement
>meeting someone new. I don't
>think it had much effect,
>and i think i may have screwed
>it up by relating it to my
>feelings instead of hers.
>Back to talking about fluff -
>turns out she is a
>bodybuilder, strict diet,
>workout routines etc. I am
>fitness freak myself, but not
>a bodybuilder, i don't ask if
>i'm her type, but i get the
>feeling i'm not. (I'm tall and
>Get some rapport talking about
>snack food cheating, try
>to link in some feelings to
>it, doesn't seem to get any
>effect. Her body language is
>somewhat closed, arms
>crossed, leaning back,
>marginal eye contact.
>I'm not having much luck
>drawing her to talk about
>herself. Most of the time she
>is very stone-faced - got a
>few laughs out of her with a
>very mild sexy story about
>other people, at least she
>didn't freak. I am not able to
>get any kino going to anchor
>any of this because of her
>body position.
>She mentioned Richard Simmons,
>which made me
>laugh because i was just
>listening to Sam Kinisons
>Jokes about him, i wanted to
>blurt out "That guy has
>sucked a lot of dicks" but
>restrained myself, some how
>talking about dick sucking
>with someone i met 10
>minutes ago seemed like a bit
>too much too soon...
>I find myself alternating
>between leaning forward trying
>to show value and talk, and
>leaning back to be less
>interested. I am not picking
>up any vibes of interest from
>her either way.
>She does explain to me why
>some people don't have
>six-pak abs, when i ask why
>she is telling me this, she
>says thats her excuse for not
>having six-pak abs! Now
>this is really weird... is she
>preparing me mentally to
>see her without clothes? or is
>she telling me that i'd
>better have six-pak abs if
>want to score? or is she just
>insecure in general? I kind
>of laughed it off, but i think
>better response might have
>been "i don't give a damn"
>She did probe if i liked her
>photo, i didn't outright neg
>her, i just said her hair
>looked nice. She mentioned
>she liked to dance on the
>table when she was kid so i
>offered her a dollar to do a
>dance for me right now.
>She excuses herself, when she
>comes back i give this
>spiel: So i don't think i've
>met the inner you yet, i know
>that she must be in there, and
>i'd like to get to know her,
>how do you feel about that?
>Thats a very nice thing to
>I don't make a concrete date
>here, because we had
>previously planned to meet up
>on saturday, 3 days from
>now. But now i realize that i
>am going to have to
>confirm it with her anyways.
>The check comes, she asks what
>her share is, so i tell
>her straight out. (this feels
>really weird to me) she says
>she can only give me a twenty,
>so i reply "great, i didn't
>know that i was going to make
>a profit on this." I give
>her change, i didn't have
>exact, so i gave her more than
>her share, and say don't worry
>about it.
>We walk out side by side, i
>want to make some kino,
>but i just don't see a way to
>do it and make it look
>natural. We say our goodbyes,
>and another hug, i don't
>think i initiated this one?
>OK, thats over. and i am
>pissed. It just seemed to be
>drifting a little too much to
>the "lets be friends" "lets
>our time" side of things. I
>just got the vibe that she was
>not initially attracted to me,
>so i didn't think pushing too
>hard was going to help.
>Next step: I need to firm up
>the plans for saturday. I
>think i'm going to keep it low
>key "lets get together, have
>some fun, now that the ice is
>broken, we can loosen
>up, maybe i'll get to see the
>inner you... kinda stuff.
>Truth be known as a person, i
>think she is a nitwit, so i
>am either going to have to
>really ACT like i'm interested
>in her inner person. Or i
>could just treat her like a
>and see if she'll chase. I get
>the feeling she won't
>though... i can live with or
>without, but i'd really like
>bed this babe...
>any ideas?

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