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Gaming a Playboy model

mASF post by Canes

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Gaming a Playboy model
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mASF post by "Canes"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

Is it just me, or has there been a shitload of online game discussed recently?

On 4/18/05 12:45:00 AM, willpower wrote:
>Anyway, there's one girl who
>goes to my school who posed
>for Playboy last year. Now, I
>never got the issue, but I
>have seen pics of her, so I
>know that she is like a 9.5 at

I very recently used a technique on a superhottie online. It's actually a
wussy technique, but before I used it, I heavily qualified, C/F, etc. I saw
her pic, said (Zan-style) "you're too beautiful, I don't think I can talk to
you, it would hurt me too much not to know you in real life," and stopped IMing

Of course she started going "No! Talk to me, you're so sweet," etc.
Eventually she ended up sending me like 17 pics when I asked for hers again (I
had closed the "direct connection" box so that it looked like I was serious).

This is the same chick who tested my "Stripper" story by saying I wasn't her
type. I passed it by acting like I was legitimately willing to stop talking to
her after that, and I was. So she jumped in with "jk" and it started back up

9-10 hot chicks need to know that their extreme hotness can be bad to have,
because they'll believe it.

>Willpower: hiya, i was
>browsing around facebook and
>ran into your profile. There
>was just SOOO much fascinating
>information about you that I
>was COMPELLED to IM you :-P
>HBPlayboy: oh really...i sense

Good response from her. Nice first IM, using exaggerated words, faces, etc...

>Willpower: maybe a drop lol.

Or: NO...I would NEVER use sarcasm on YOU!!!! ;)

>HBPlayboy: 28
>Willpower: that sure is a
>definite answer lol
>HBPlayboy: haha.

Golden oppurtunity to make her wanna go through that computer and jump your
nuts. Her "definite" answer is something to be teased and exaggerated. You
should have fucking RAN with it!


Willpower: i could definitely see you as the type of person who knows just
what she wants when she's at a restaraunt and make the waiters write down like
20 details at once
HBPlayboy: lol
Willpower: he'd be like 'oh man when is this woman going to STOP' and you'll
just be like 'and not too much salt because i only like about five milligrams,
and have 1.5 times the amount of pepper...'
HBPlayboy: lol
Willpower: then the waiter would go to the back and be like 'crazed woman at
table five, spit in her food!'
HBPlayboy: you're so funny, you really know how to make a woman laugh

I've seen it too many times.

>HBPlayboy: seemed right
>Willpower: anyway the reason i
>ask is cause my best friend
>called me the other day to
>tell me that his mom just got
>hers done
>Willpower: and she's like 50
>Willpower: and thats not even
>the worst part
>HBPlayboy: omg

Good--engage her emotions.

>Willpower: what?
>HBPlayboy: oh my god--omg
>Willpower: i know what it
>stands for lol

Another oppurtunity to RUN with it. "Next you'll tell me what LOL means, and
that I have to turn my head to the side to see smiley faces..."

>HBPlayboy: oh
>HBPlayboy: sorry
>HBPlayboy: haha
>Willpower: anyway his gf has
>the same piercing, and so
>everytime he sees it on his gf
>he thinks of his mom!!!
>HBPlayboy: way!
>Willpower: yea way!
>HBPlayboy: smart ass


>Willpower: thanks :-)
>HBPlayboy: no prob
>Willpower: i feel aweful for
>the guy
>HBPlayboy: ya that is crazy
>Willpower: speaking of guys, i
>was out at legends last night,
>and im curious...since when
>did human cloning become a
>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: what do you mean??

Good, good!

>Willpower: i mean, every guy
>in there is wearing the same
>white undershirt, with the
>same button down collared
>shirt and the same hemp
>Willpower: !!
>HBPlayboy: yuck
>HBPlayboy: and they all use
>the same pick up lines like
>"got any irish in ya?? WANT
>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: ya its pretty sad

Awesome. She's agreeing with you--this is her qualifying herself.

>Willpower: i mean its insance
>HBPlayboy: so what pickup line
>do you use then, mr. stud?
>Willpower: i generally ask a
>girl at what age is a girl too
>old to get her belly btton
>pierced :-P
>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: nice
>HBPlayboy: very original

"I just walk up to them and bark like a dog. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes
they follow me with a little bag and pick up after me. One guy tried to neuter
me when I was humping their girlfriend's leg."

I got that idea from a recent TD post.

>Willpower: anyway, while i was
>out last night, i had an
>HBPlayboy: and that is...
>Willpower: well, as much as
>guys want to think that
>they're in control and they're
>the ones who pick up girls,
>its totally the other way
>around. its the girl who
>chooses at the end of the
>night whether she brings a guy
>home or not. she gets to be
>as spontaneous as she likes.
>the guy just throws himself in
>front of her and hopes for the
>HBPlayboy: i absolutely agree.
>women always have the upper
>hand we just don't let you
>know it ; )
>Willpower: are YOU
>HBPlayboy: yes. too much so
>for my own good sometimes

Now you're on a roll.

>HBPlayboy: are you?
>Willpower: heh, whats the most
>spontaneous thing you;ve done
>in the last six months?
>HBPlayboy: i am trying to
>think which is the MOST. six
>months is a long time...
>Willpower: stop stalling, if
>you cant think of anything its
>ok lol
>HBPlayboy: hold on phone
>Willpower: yea yea
>Willpower: :-P
>HBPlayboy: we go...i
>was painted in latex body
>paint for a fashion show at
>high dive and i went out to
>the bars like that and ended
>up in a shower at after hours
>with two different girls
>Willpower: sounds like a good
>HBPlayboy: it was
>HBPlayboy: so right back at
>ya..same question

This is really going well, the only thing I would say is, she should be saying
things like 'gosh how did I meet you' and 'you must have like 5 girlfriends.'
Maybe that's just my ideal.

>Willpower: well, me and my ex
>were walking around the south
>fields, and it was just at
>sunset, so there's still
>plenty of people around.
>anyway, i just am like"fuck
>it" and i start making out
>with her in the middle of the
>soccer field, and i ended up
>goin down on her in the middle
>of said field lol
>HBPlayboy: no shit! that's
>Willpower: she thought so :-P
>HBPlayboy: i am sure she did
>HBPlayboy: sex in public is
>always exciting.

Can run with her previous comment. Misinterpret: she ALWAYS wants sex in

>Willpower: im glad someone
>agrees lol
>Willpower: but don't get any
>ideas now ;-)
>HBPlayboy: shoot...too late
>HBPlayboy: ; )

Let's see, that's five spots in a row...yep, looks like BINGO.

>Willpower: its allright, you
>cant help it
>HBPlayboy: haha. you are just
>full of jokes, aren't ya?

THIS is just awesome. She said that on her own volition. She's thinking about
how funny you are.

>Willpower: pretty much, but
>they're only funny cause
>they're based in truth
>HBPlayboy: so, i am going to
>go out on a limb and guess
>your name is will since you
>have not introduced

She's going for rapport. Sweet.

>Willpower: good guess...i cant
>imagine how you figured that
>one out lol
>Willpower: brains and beauty
>HBPlayboy: haha. like,
>Willpower: AND blonde, how
>could i forget!!!
>HBPlayboy: i know. how could
>Willpower: legally blonde 3
>here we come!
>HBPlayboy: haha. except i
>fucking hate the color pink.
>HBPlayboy: and little prissy
>Willpower: well i guess you'll
>hate my shoes and my pet then
>Willpower: jk
>HBPlayboy: lol
>HBPlayboy: you are too funny

This is almost exactly what you want. Perfect time to qualify some more.

>Willpower: i know....i mean
>HBPlayboy: any time
>Willpower: listen, you seem
>like a cool girl, and i would
>love to get to know you more,
>but i got some shit i need to
>get done. how would you feel
>about getting some coffee
>tomorrow...say around 6ish?
>HBPlayboy: i don't know...are
>you cute?

Time for C/F!

>Willpower: are YOU?

That was NOT C/F!

>HBPlayboy: not any more than
>anyone else...i just admit it.
>but i do think personality is
>more important

She doesn't give a fuck what you look like. She's acting like she has fucking
standards to see how you reverse it on her. I've seen these so-called
standards melt too many times to agree that she might be the exception to the

>HBPlayboy: alright. will you
>be on IM tomorrow night?
>Willpower: not sure cause i
>might not be home, u have a
>cell i can call?
>HBPlayboy: i have a cell but i
>am not giving you my number
>yet. how about if we are both
>on when i am done with my
>homework tomorrow night, we
>will meet up. if not, we will
>do it another night

Well a little bittersweet ending to otherwise successful online pimpery. The
fact that she didn't give you her number puts her in charge, she's selecting
you again, etc. I would suggest doing way less to engage her logic, finding
out about her, and keep with the C/F and misinterpretation until she's creaming
trying to find out who this great guy is, does he do this to all the women,

Since it's online, you use that stuff like crazy and qualify her like nuts. If
she attempts to reverse it on you, you ignore it and keep on with your whole
spiel. Once you get the meet, you crack a joke or two, but the rest of it is
indirect qualifying "I'm looking for a girl...." and she's yours.

If she said that to me, I would give her a reality check.

>HBPlayboy: i have a cell but i
>am not giving you my number
>yet. how about if we are both
>on when i am done with my
>homework tomorrow night, we
>will meet up. if not, we will
>do it another night

Canes: How about no. Here's my number. xxx-xxx-xxxx. Call me when you're
willing to do something.
HBPlayboy: i'm gonna be busy
Canes: Then don't call me. So long.

Remember, Willpower gets laid so much he doesn't care about losing a Playboy
model. There is no LOSS in this world, only unmet potential.
All right, good post. Onward!


There is nothing impossible to him who will try. - Alexander the Great

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