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Gaming a Playboy model

mASF post by Design

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Gaming a Playboy model
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mASF post by "Design"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

On 4/18/05 12:45:00 AM, willpower wrote:
>Alright this one is hot!!! I
>was browsing around on
>thefacebook, which is
>basically a college network
>site for all of you who don't

Awesome man. Let us know how it goes. Only a few minor suggestions...most of
this was well done.

>Willpower: hiya, i was
>browsing around facebook and
>ran into your profile. There
>was just SOOO much fascinating
>information about you that I
>was COMPELLED to IM you :-P
>HBPlayboy: oh really...i sense
>Willpower: maybe a drop lol.
>anyway, i need a female
>perspective on something
>Willpower: at what age is a
>girl too old to get her
>bellybutton pierced?
>HBPlayboy: 28
>Willpower: that sure is a
>definite answer lol
>HBPlayboy: haha. it just
>popped in my head
>HBPlayboy: seemed right
>Willpower: anyway the reason i
>ask is cause my best friend
>called me the other day to
>tell me that his mom just got
>hers done
>Willpower: and she's like 50
>Willpower: and thats not even
>the worst part
>HBPlayboy: omg
>Willpower: what?

Notice that asking this ruined the rhythm of the convo. You should have
ignored this and just kept going. If she had something to say, she'd say it.
Remember, you don't care what she want to convey YOUR personality to

>HBPlayboy: oh my god--omg
>Willpower: i know what it
>stands for lol

You're finishing all YOUR sentences with "lol" which is the equivalent of
laughing at your own jokes. Be more sparing as it is HER job to "lol" every

>HBPlayboy: oh
>HBPlayboy: sorry
>HBPlayboy: haha
>Willpower: anyway his gf has
>the same piercing, and so
>everytime he sees it on his gf
>he thinks of his mom!!!
>HBPlayboy: way!
>Willpower: yea way!
>HBPlayboy: smart ass
>Willpower: thanks :-)
>HBPlayboy: no prob
>Willpower: i feel aweful for
>the guy
>HBPlayboy: ya that is crazy
>Willpower: speaking of guys, i
>was out at legends last night,
>and im curious...since when
>did human cloning become a
>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: what do you mean??
>Willpower: i mean, every guy
>in there is wearing the same
>white undershirt, with the
>same button down collared
>shirt and the same hemp
>Willpower: !!
>HBPlayboy: yuck
>HBPlayboy: and they all use
>the same pick up lines like
>"got any irish in ya?? WANT

I presume this is a typo and that YOU typed this line. Anyway...

>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: ya its pretty sad
>Willpower: i mean its insance
>HBPlayboy: so what pickup line
>do you use then, mr. stud?
>Willpower: i generally ask a
>girl at what age is a girl too
>old to get her belly btton
>pierced :-P

Bad. Even though this was sort of C&F, it still frames things as you trying to
pick her up. I would just say, "I don't use lines," and move on.

>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: nice
>HBPlayboy: very original
>Willpower: anyway, while i was
>out last night, i had an
>HBPlayboy: and that is...
>Willpower: well, as much as
>guys want to think that
>they're in control and they're
>the ones who pick up girls,
>its totally the other way
>around. its the girl who
>chooses at the end of the
>night whether she brings a guy
>home or not. she gets to be
>as spontaneous as she likes.
>the guy just throws himself in
>front of her and hopes for the

Okay, but here you have the same problem you did with your last chat log: this
is true but it doesn't strike an emotional chord. Notice she says, "I
absolutely agree." Not "LOL!!!!" That's why you have to deliver it, not as a
dry observation, but as a FUNNY observation. That's why we start off by
saying, "Girls are SEXUAL preadtors." And end by making sex noises. :)

>HBPlayboy: i absolutely agree.
>women always have the upper
>hand we just don't let you
>know it ; )

See, in her mind, you just raised her status and lowered yours. That's why
it's important to include the "How many guys can do that? Like 3% of guys."
That way you're not lumped in with the lovable losers who hit on her and buy
her drinks.

>Willpower: are YOU
>HBPlayboy: yes. too much so
>for my own good sometimes
>HBPlayboy: are you?
>Willpower: heh, whats the most
>spontaneous thing you;ve done
>in the last six months?

Nice. IGNORE her attempts to qualify you. Also, notice that she jumped right
into qualifying herself. Had she repeated your questiont to you before
answering it, that would been a bad sign.

>HBPlayboy: i am trying to
>think which is the MOST. six
>months is a long time...
>Willpower: stop stalling, if
>you cant think of anything its
>ok lol

No! It's NOT okay. If you say it's okay not to answer you imply that you're
not screening her, but trying to gain rapport with her. "Oh, I was just asking
because I wanted to get to know you." Fuck that...if she doesn't have a good
answer, she is going to get SCREENED OUT. She has to believe that, otherwise
you aren't qualifying her.

>HBPlayboy: hold on phone
>Willpower: yea yea
>Willpower: :-P
>HBPlayboy: we go...i
>was painted in latex body
>paint for a fashion show at
>high dive and i went out to
>the bars like that and ended
>up in a shower at after hours
>with two different girls
>Willpower: sounds like a good
>HBPlayboy: it was
>HBPlayboy: so right back at
>ya..same question
>Willpower: well, me and my ex
>were walking around the south
>fields, and it was just at
>sunset, so there's still
>plenty of people around.
>anyway, i just am like"fuck
>it" and i start making out
>with her in the middle of the
>soccer field, and i ended up
>goin down on her in the middle
>of said field lol

This is okay, but could be improved so that it engages her emotions. Maybe you
got caught, or almost did. Or she started screaming and someone came to see
what was wrong. Develop this so that it sounds like a funny story...not

>HBPlayboy: no shit! that's
>Willpower: she thought so :-P
>HBPlayboy: i am sure she did
>HBPlayboy: sex in public is
>always exciting.
>Willpower: im glad someone
>agrees lol
>Willpower: but don't get any
>ideas now ;-)

Nice. No winkie guy though.

>HBPlayboy: shoot...too late
>HBPlayboy: ; )
>Willpower: its allright, you
>cant help it
>HBPlayboy: haha. you are just
>full of jokes, aren't ya?
>Willpower: pretty much, but
>they're only funny cause
>they're based in truth

Ew...horrible response. She just framed you as a comedian...a "joker." And
you bought into it. Even worse, you gave a logical explanation for WHY you are
a joker.

This was in fact a TEST. You keep saying cocky shit and she wants to know, is
he saying it in order to be funny, or is he the real deal?

>HBPlayboy: so, i am going to
>go out on a limb and guess
>your name is will since you
>have not introduced
>Willpower: good guess...i cant
>imagine how you figured that
>one out lol
>Willpower: brains and beauty

Fewer "lol's". As for "brains and beauty": The only reason you EVER point out
a girl is beautiful is in order to dismiss its importance. "It is obvious that
you are beautiful, but beauty is common..."

>HBPlayboy: haha. like,
>Willpower: AND blonde, how
>could i forget!!!
>HBPlayboy: i know. how could
>Willpower: legally blonde 3
>here we come!
>HBPlayboy: haha. except i
>fucking hate the color pink.
>HBPlayboy: and little prissy
>Willpower: well i guess you'll
>hate my shoes and my pet then

This was a money line

>Willpower: jk

This was a vibe destroyer. Only say "jk" if she says something to indicate
she's taking you seriously. And then bust her balls for it. "Uh, I was JOKING

>HBPlayboy: lol
>HBPlayboy: you are too funny
>Willpower: i know....i mean

I hate these sorts of responses. Even loser AFCs make them (I know because I
did when I was a loser AFC). One is okay, just to show you're cocky. Two or
more becomes predictable and uninteresting. Next time:

"You are too funny."
"Stop hitting on me, HB. It's not going to work."

>HBPlayboy: any time
>Willpower: listen, you seem
>like a cool girl, and i would
>love to get to know you more,
>but i got some shit i need to
>get done. how would you feel
>about getting some coffee
>tomorrow...say around 6ish?
>HBPlayboy: i don't know...are
>you cute?
>Willpower: are YOU?

Good. Hoop theory. Make her jump through your hoops before you jump through

>HBPlayboy: you already saw my
>HBPlayboy: so i think you know
>the answer to that ; )
>Willpower: maybe ;-)

Ugh...I'm going to give you winkie guys for one week! And you
should have responded with, "Yeah, you are pretty kind of remind me
of my sister."

>Willpower: facebook stalk me
>yourself and you decide
>HBPlayboy: haha. well you
>will have to tell me your
>whole name then...
>Willpower: will delanoy
>HBPlayboy: k let me check you
>out funny boy
>HBPlayboy: ok you're cute.
>Willpower: well duh lol

Like I said, avoid responses like this. Use her compliments (judgments) as an
attempt to frame the situation as her trying to get in your pants.

>HBPlayboy: haha
>HBPlayboy: i have class
>tomorrow night at six. could
>you make 5?
>Willpower: sorry, im in class
>then, how bout a little later
>Willpower: she places too
>much stead on physicall
>appearance :-P
>HBPlayboy: not any more than
>anyone else...i just admit it.
>but i do think personality is
>more important
>Willpower: espresso's open til
>god knows when
>HBPlayboy: alright. will you
>be on IM tomorrow night?
>Willpower: not sure cause i
>might not be home, u have a
>cell i can call?
>HBPlayboy: i have a cell but i
>am not giving you my number
>yet. how about if we are both
>on when i am done with my
>homework tomorrow night, we
>will meet up. if not, we will
>do it another night
>Willpower: sounds good, i'll
>im you when i get home
>HBPlayboy: cool. that works
>Willpower: until then, adieu
>HBPlayboy: good night

Overall, great job. I'm looking forward to finding out how this will turn out.
Later buddy!


Life By Design

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