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Field Report: HBOnline

mASF post by Design

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Field Report: HBOnline
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mASF post by "Design"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

On 4/14/05 2:29:00 AM, willpower wrote:
>Hi all, I would really
>appreciate a critique on this
>IM convo. this girl is
>probably a 7ish. not great
>but not bad if her photo is
>anything to go by. I kinda
>smell a flake but I'll just
>have to wait and see

William! Hey man...great to see you posting on ASF. Now my money critiques
will be read by more than ONE guy. To everyone else: Will is just getting
started in the game, but has a great attitude and great instincts.

His first night doing cold approaches, he and I were gaming this cutie and I
told her to buy Will a drink. She asked how old we were and Will's automatic
response was: "Guess." The motherfucker employed hoop theory without having
studied ASF. Uh, anyway...onward...

>Willpower: hiya, just saw your
>profile on match, so im sayin
>HBOnline: well thank you
>Willpower: it seemed almost as
>interesting as mine :-P
>HBOnline: how are you doing?
>HBOnline: well what is yours?
>Willpower: unfortunately its
>being approved right now, so
>it's unavaiable
>HBOnline: well that bites
>Willpower: but im doin just
>HBOnline: so what are you up
>to tonight?
>Willpower: just kinda hangin
>out, no classes tomorrow for
>me cause im goin to chicago in
>the afternoon
>HBOnline: why's that?
>HBOnline: no classes or you're
>skipping classes
>Willpower: goin to see an
>opera at the lyric opera house
>Willpower: no morning classes,
>so im missing them for the
>HBOnline: tha's very
>Willpower: so what are you up
>HBOnline: where do you go to
>Willpower: u of i
>HBOnline: how old are you?
>Willpower: 20
>HBOnline: what are you going
>to school for?
>Willpower: voice performance
>Willpower: what about you?
>HBOnline: animal science and
>then on to vet school

Okay, right off the bat you're falling into the "every other guy I've ever
spoken to online" trap. This is pure resume talk. Next time introduce
yourself and then go right into material. "I was at this part last night and
XXXX dramatic thing happened." Then get into a conversation about social
dynamics. Then start screening her. Then say, "Fuck this online shit, I gotta
get out in the FIELD." :)

>Willpower: what not good
>enough to operate on humans
>HBOnline: too nervous. i know
>that lives of animals are
>precious but a human life is
>Willpower: yea i can see how
>all that pressure might get to
>someone lol
>Willpower: you're at u of i
>HBOnline: yeah very true
>HBOnline: yes
>HBOnline: what is your
>username going to be?
>Willpower: strengthofmywill
>Willpower: alright, i need to
>get some input from a female

It's about time! lol

>Willpower: at what age is a
>woman to old to get her belly
>button pierced?

YES! And he goes for Design's Belly Button Piercing Opener (c)2005.

>HBOnline: hmmm depends on if
>her body is good
>condition...i'm going to say
>not over 40

By the way, I've decided I need to think of C&F teases for the various answers
they give rather than going right into the story. Any ideas? Like, if they
say "You're never too old," I'll be like, "That'd be like your dad getting
nipple rings." Actually, no don't want to bring up parents since
that may be a touchy issue. Who is a stuffy old man that is famous??? But I

>Willpower: alright, cause my
>best friend from back home
>called me up the other day to
>tell me that his mom just got
>hers done and she's like
>Willpower: and thats not the
>worst part
>Willpower: i had mine done
>when it wasn't a fad and now
>everyone has one
>HBOnline: ?
>Willpower: his girlfriend has
>a bellybutton piercing too and
>now everytime he sees it he's
>gonna think of his mom!
>HBOnline: that's terrible
>HBOnline: is hi mom in
>condition body wise for it?
>Willpower: eh, she's ok for a
>fifty year old i guess
>Willpower: anyway, something
>else i've noticed. do u go
>out to the bars at all?

See, this is how you should have started, but don't ask if she goes to bars.
Just say, "I was out at a bar last night and...have you ever noticed...blah
blah blah."

>HBOnline: yes
>HBOnline: not a lot a lot but
>i have my regulars
>Willpower: i swear its like
>human cloning out there.
>every guy wears the same damn
>button down shirt with a white
>tshirt underneath and the same
>damn puka shell necklace.
>they hold their beer up close
>to their chest and the use the
>same canned pick up lines like
>"hey there, got any irish in
>ya? want some!!!!???"
>Willpower: im sure that one
>might ring with you, according
>to your match name :-P
>HBOnline: don't need any
>thanks i already am lol
>Willpower: but u hear what im
>HBOnline: what do you wear to
>the club then?

You're not grabbing her...she's trying to break rapport...she's not engaged in
the convo...but this last line is a shit test, so I remain hopeful. When I do
this shit, though, I'm getting "lol's" like mad throughout. I think it's
because you started with NO energy and suddenly jump to high octaine material.
Or maybe she's just a dork. (shrug)

>HBOnline: yes
>Willpower: depends on how i
>feel, i usually wear a shirt
>from express and a pair of
>nicer jeans, not the stuff
>that everyone else wears from
>AF or american eagle
>Willpower: but nicer stuff,
>cause it makes me feel good,
>and i like good style

You're answering logically...engage her EMOTIONS. "What do you wear when you
go to clubs?" Then you say, "Push up bra, fuck me pumps..." Even that's kind
of stupid though. Fuck it...ignore questions liek that.

>HBOnline: that's cool
>Willpower: do YOU have good

Good...qualifying her.

>HBOnline: i like style but
>don't have the funds all the
>time. i pay for everything
>Willpower: heh, i hear that
>Will at Ill 85: so anyway, i
>had an epiphany this weekend
>HBOnline: what's that>
>Willpower: i was out at joe's
>lookin around when i came to
>the realization that as much
>as guys want to think that
>they have the control, as much
>as they want to think that
>they're the one's seducing the
>girls, its completely the
>other way around. at the end
>of the night, it's the girl
>that chooses if she goes home
>with someone or not, guys just
>throw themselves at someone
>hoping against hope that
>they're the lucky one
>Willpower: its insane
>HBOnline: more men need to
>realize this epiphany
>Willpower: heh, guys are just

Never insult guys as a gender when it can be interpreted as an attempt to gain
rapport...only do it in a way that is either cute (Style's Jealous G/F routine)
or in a way that discludes you.

>HBOnline: lol cause it's true
>HBOnline: girls know when we
>meet you if you are taking you
>home or not
>HBOnline: *if we
>Willpower: i mean, the girls
>put on their pushup bras, high
>heel shoes, and all they do is
>walk around looking hot. and
>you know why this is the way
>it is? it's because girls are
>the only gender that has an
>organ designed solely for
>sexual pleasure. that's why,
>when they're having sex, the
>girl is like "OOOHH OHHH"
>and the guy is like
>Willpower: its all instinct
>HBOnline: and the males
>genitals aren't designed for
>sexual pleasure?
>HBOnline: men get more out of
>Willpower: not solely, guy's
>sexual organ has the more
>important purpose of
>reproduction, females have the
>clitoris, and there is
>absolutely no other function
>for it that sexual pleasure

Dude, I don't know how you did it, but you've just made a sex discussion with
an HB BORING. I feel like I'm reading a medical text. Your biggest error
throughout the convo is that you're not engaging her emotions. It's taking
place purely on a logical level.

>Willpower: and if you think
>that guys get more out of sex,
>than you haven't had good sex
>HBOnline: it is harder to
>please women than men
>Willpower: only because most
>men are stupid
>Willpower: they don't realize
>that if they please their
>woman, its gonna be 100x
>better for them in the end
>HBOnline: listen to you pro
>Willpower: i mean, take me for
>example, i used to be one of
>those dumb guys and i would
>have sex and it would be good,
>but my relationships never
>lasted that long. once i
>started pleasing the girl i
>was with, the sex became
>10347384x times better for me,
>and a maintained longer

Bad. Have you heard Tyler's DYD interview? This is the same as telling a girl
about your expensive car or the great school you go to. It subcommunicates
that you are trying to IMPRESS subcommunicates insecurity. Now,
there's a way you can say shit like this, and that is in a FUNNY way...a COCKY
and FUNNY way!

>Willpower: alas, back to my
>point that 99.7% of the male
>population must be cloned from
>each other
>HBOnline: true, sex isn't
>everything but the if the sex
>is good she'll stay with ya
>Willpower: its hard to accept
>but true
>Willpower: but whatever
>Willpower: hey, are you
>HBOnline: i would say i am,
>not all the time but yes

lol...isn't that sort of a contradiction?

>Willpower: good, i only make
>friends with spontaneous and
>adventurous people
>Willpower: whats the most
>spontaneous thing you;ve done
>in the last six months

No, no. Push/pull. "Good I only make friends with spontaneous people...but
wait...everyone says they're spontaneous...what's the most spontaneous thing
you've done in the last year?" See the difference? In your version, your
follow up question doesn't get her QUALIFYING herself because it's not clear
that you will be JUDGING her answer.

>HBOnline: drove 4 hours to get
>some booty from the ex on a
>whim after the bars
>Willpower: i guess thats
>pretty spontaneous...
>HBOnline: or driven
>HBOnline: what's yours?
>Willpower: well, i went down
>on this girl in the middle of
>a soccer field
>Willpower: life is just a big
>adventure, if you don't take
>any of the risks, you'll never
>reap any of the rewards
>Willpower: thats a big reason
>why i went into music, it's a
>risk, but the potential
>rewards are staggering
>Willpower: i know i'm hard
>pressed to find a better rush
>than having an entire theatre
>of people giving you a
>standing ovation
>HBOnline: wow a soccer field
>at nigth or day?
>Willpower: dusk
>Willpower: but yea spontaneous
>is good
>HBOnline: sometimes not the
>best thought out plans though
>Willpower: but that's what
>makes it so interesting, even
>if it's something that gets
>fucked up, you're bound to
>remember it for a long time

I don't know...I just feel like there's no energy to this convo. You know what
it is? I feel as though you both are talking but you aren't INTERACTING.
There's no real give and take.

>Willpower: so what do you do
>HBOnline: i work in the
>radiology dept at carle
>Willpower: u work a desk job,
>as an intern or what?
>Willpower: do they actually
>let you do anything importnat
>HBOnline: i work in the file
>room so we put the xrays on
>viewers for docs to look at,
>run stat films for patients,
>file patients xray folders
>Willpower: mmm paperwork
>HBOnline: and run the entire
>folder system for all patients
>appointments and surgeries
>HBOnline: lot of running
>Willpower: i feel like some
>coffee, do u want some coffee?
>HBOnline: i actually don't
>drink coffee
>HBOnline: never acquired the
>taste lol
>Willpower: well, ihop is open
>24/7 i need some coffee, would
>you like to tag along?
>HBOnline: i'm actually trying
>to finish up a paper and i
>have to be up at 8 tomorrow so
>i'm gonna have to pass this
>time but i'd like a raincheck
>Willpower: sure, but my
>schedule is kinda crazy right
>now, lets make some tentative
>plans for friday evening.
>sound good?
>HBOnline: i can't i'm going
>home this weekend to see my

She's saying she's not interested...otherwise she'd suggest alternate plans.

>Willpower: well, how bout you
>im me with a time thats good
>for you and i'll let you know
>if i'm available
>Willpower: but right
>Willpower: talk to you later
>HBOnline: aight sounds good
>HBOnline: have fun!
>Willpower: i always do

Yeah, this is dead in the water.

Something you need to think about when you're using routines is: what is my
goal? Is it to engage her emotions? Is it to convey attractive things about
yourself? Is it to get her qualifying herself to you? Is it to get her horny?
You HAVE to know what your goal is and then you have to figure out the best way
to accomplish that goal.

Take a look at that if you haven't already. It isn't perfect, but notice that
I'm running pretty much the same routines as you, but the vibe is completely can FEEL the energy.

The biggest thing that's missing from this covo though is HUMOR. You're coming
off as Mr. Serious and Mr. Educational. When you run a routine it's feels like
a lecture. Be playful. Use your natural wit.

Anyway, glad to know you're working on your game, though. When does your
summer break start? Seriously man, this summer is going to be crazy.



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