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Field Report #closing HBSexology

mASF post by FallOfTroy

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Field Report #closing HBSexology
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mASF post by "FallOfTroy"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2005

Had a massive Easter long weekend. 2 # closes! One Saturday night, the other
this afternoon... BTW I met my first stripper today, too. I went to a friends
21st birthday. There are about 30 people (half young 18-22, half old), the
young crowd is sitting on the lawn. I know none of them. Do my hellos to the
birthday boy who is inside being a good host. I go outside and squat next to 2
dudes on the outer of the circle and say "I can either sit with the olds or
talk with you guys... I think I'll stay here!"

I chat them, find out that I know one, from when we were kids. Chat abit about
guys stuff (what do you do, where do you work.. blah blah) I stall. I open the
3 girls next to me, who are kinda closed off from the main group. I vibe with
them for a bit. They get distracted.

One of them, who turned out to be the target, HBSexology was reopens me, with
some thread I started earlier (an ordinary topic,) while friends were

From then on it was complete open up and get to know each other. I love when
that happens, especially because its rare for me. Not many girls can do that;
actually the last time that happened was with my ex-GF. Over the afternoon we
discussed anything and everything. Wide and deep rapport. Basically non stop
talking between us. This is by no means an order of threads (conversation was
calibrated.) It was just a cool vibing. I cant remember all the threads we
discussed but here are the highlights of what I could remember over the 4hrs:

***IN summary vast discussions of social dynamics (She does psychology at uni
and PU is a hobby of mine!)***

-We discussed attraction and The Game and how some people like some people more
than others.

-Told her about a girl that is stalking me, to which I found out she has had
stalkers in the past.

-She confessed that she gets caught up "in the moment" of "romance" and gets
sucked in by people bullshit (to which she knows is bull shit,) but still gets
involved. Which leads us talk.

-Sex talk. This girl loves sex. Pretty much 5minits in set she couldn't stop
talking about sex, ll her sexual experience. She wants to be a sexologist when
she gets out of uni! She openly told me about regrets with past sexual
partners. Which leads us to...relationships.

-Relationships we've been in. (She was involved in a physically abusive
relationship, with a drug dealer, giving BJs and being shirtless in public.
blah, blah) She doesn't seem emotionally scared from it - just realizes
mistakes she made. I just sat back with a grin on my face and saying "oh
really?!?! tell me more." My relationships came up (fairly inexperienced BTW.
and just said I have never been hurt by a girl, just disappointed.) At first
sight i sounds like a shit test, but she wasn't using a shit test tonality.

-We got into a questions game type discussion. Cheating came up. She told me
she had cheated on
many guys before (I think she said she cheated on her current BF, cant remember
though). She is HSD. I was asked If I ever cheated. It was a test. But again
she didn't have a shit testing tonality, so im unsure. Weird. C&F doesn't stick
well with this girl, so the text book shit-test passing measures didn't work.
I told her that I've never had the opportunity to cheat. I was chill, laid back
and cool. Although C&F was sprinkled in throughout the interaction, just to let
her know where she stood.

-The BF dilemma came up about 3 times, in passing. I was in different. So
fucking what! She was in to me. He is a out of the country for a few weeks.
HBSexology said she had to give herself Carpel Tunnel while he was away (I
guess she means masturbation???) I interpreted the whole cheating thing and her
BF being out of town the country as: "I like you and if you want to fuck me...
this is the situation...I am taken, but I cheat so don't look for a
relationship with me." I did a BF destroyer: "he sounds great, a perfect catch
for you. Im sure he’s a great guy." To which she shrugged him off as "nice." It
was funny... admitting she cheats came up a few threads after the BF came up.

-Told her a routine based on periods syncing up with the dominant female of the
house. Has been posted here before.

-Tells me she just goes out with guys on a whim. If they try to get her. ie
come to her work, flirt then come back and ask to go for a drink, she'll be up
for it. She's not picky

-We jokes about pick-up lines guy's used on her. She got really sexual at one
stage.. Got real close to my face as she pronounced "COCK and PUSSY" in my ear
(part of reenacting the lame PUs).

-Told her to come see my band play - she put it in her electronic organizer.
She'll be there (so she says)

-Being a child again, reminiscing on childhood things.

-Personal style.

-Travel, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, you name it.

-Difference in our family culture.

-Discussed philosophies and want we want to do.

-Discussed commonalities and common friends.

-Socially proofed herself by where she goes and what she does.

-Told me heaps of personal info, that on person would disclose unless the
trusted and felt comfortable around a newly acquainted stranger.

-Constantly used names of "guy friends" to socially proofed herself. Perhaps
Qualify herslef?

-Talked about a party she is throwing and invited me to it... she asks for my
#... "i'll grab your #." We exchange #'s. She said Im the only straight guys
she knows with my model cell phone.

Total time elapsed, about 4hr. Full on, great connection, Most of the time it
was just both of us, just chilling and vibing separate from the group engrossed
in our conversation. Others intermingled with us on occasion and toilet breaks
dispersed the conversation.

-She was very relaxed and kinoing me was natural - our legs touching (sitting
cross legged.) kino my stomach while I C&F with some guy (we were talking about
eating and I am lanky!)
-Kino her on thigh (around knee). Playful slaps and pokes, back and shoulder
touches (while making a point.) She was never uncomfortable but one time she
glanced at my hand on her knee (while I was making a point)but I held the
-Heavy eye contact between both of us. Some times gazes at each other. Not
Super DDB, but noticeable.
-At one stage she was sitting front on to me close and her shirt was open
showing her panties to me. She was wearing sarong, so it was kinda open
-occasionally gave her a qualifying looks and...
-Some stories I called her bluff and said "you are full of shit" as a test and
she would qualify more that they were true.

Although not everything we talked about were had in common but we could relate
and connect to one another. For example she was very close to her family, which
I'm not, but at the same time we could connect and had an understanding.

This girl is very outgoing and chats alot of people (ie told stories that she
talks to strangers alot when she catches buses). She is open about her life,
obviously. So on the one hand this is normal for her to be friendly. But on the
other had she spent the majority of the party chatting me, which suggests I was
one of the top %5 of AMOGs there. She basically ignore all her friend to chat
to me. If she didn't like me she wouldn’t have chatted so long. In addition to
her non verbal cue (weren't overt but noticeable) she was in to me.

The # was solid, and 99% sure she wont flake. As long as I isolate and phase
shift the lay is possible despite the BF. Thoughts?



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