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Re: Don‘t Fool Yourself, Routines Work On YOU, Not Her

mASF post by n3rv1

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Re: Don‘t Fool Yourself, Routines Work On YOU, Not Her
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mASF post by "n3rv1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

On 2/17/05 3:12:26 AM, aidien flea wrote:
>Look, everyone came here to
>make a CHANGE in themselves,
>that's the idea
>behind this. Your original
>argument is pointless, because
>in the end noone
>gives a shit.

Speak for yourself jerkweed. There are plenty of guys out there who see things
the same way as me. Either they have nothing to do with the seduction
community, or else they remain in the silent majority because they don't have
the "HELP ME HELP YOU" mentality that many PU crusaders seem to share.

>Any sort of
>system that has been developed
>here either works
>or it doesn't. Let's say for
>example, you wanted to play
>baseball. You try
>out for the team, and you
>SUCK! So what do you do? You
>start trying to learn
>how to play better. Maybe you
>go to a baseball camp over the
>summer, and
>work with some people who have
>had success (pros, coaches,
>etc.) You learn
>alot of different things from
>different people. You also
>spend alot of time
>in the batting cage and out on
>the field practicing. You go
>out and make the
>team the next year. Is your
>success a result of the
>baseball camp you went
>to? Or the hard work you put
>in? I'd say it's a little bit
>of both, and
>anyone who attempts to write
>either off is only fooling

Being out in the field is NECESSARY to get laid. Having a person lead you by
the hand through every minute moment of a seduction is NOT necessary to get

Personally I don't like sports analogies. I don't see getting laid as a game
to be won or lost.

You seem to be implying that my message is to not bother practicing, not to
persue new ideas and try to hone in on what works best for you. That is
absolutely not what I'm saying.

Go back and read my original post again. Shit, just read the title of this
thread again.

When it comes to seduction, YOU are the one who gets yourself laid, NOT the
routine or the methodology you are choosing to follow. As long as you believe
that the routine has some inherent power over anyone other than yourself, you
have someone's hand up your ass and you're basically being used as a sock

>> Sure it does. It's a
>specific MINDSET that people
>adhere to. It's a "do
>> this"
>> statement. "Act funny or
>cocky and you get the girl."
>It's like saying
>> "YOU
>There are no HAVE TOs in this
>"game." Don't tout
>> shit
>> like it's the universal
>truth when it's just a small
>piece of the big
>> picture.
>I can say the same about GWM.
>> The big picture is, it's
>YOU who acts a certain way,
>it's YOU who
>> initiates the
>> interaction, it's YOU who
>dictates the flow of things,
>it's YOU who takes
>> responsibility for the
>Actually no it's a tiny man
>that RSD placed inside my
>head, forcing me to go
>up to women and ask them who
>lies more. Like dude, who is
>your post even for
>anyway? Who even cares about

Apparently you do. Now stop being a whiney bitch and quit reading or use some
common sense and THINK about what I'm actually saying, instead of getting all
huffy and defensive like a fat girl who just got told her dress is too tight.

>It's so fucking obvious
>yet you feel the
>need to preach it?

If you consider defending myself against hostile numbskulls as "preaching,"
then by all means, yes I feel a need to "preach" it.

Remember bub, you've got every opportunity to not read what I write. YOU
however, entered into a thread to try and stifle discussion.

You wanna talk about the latest greatest pick-up lines? Go read just about any
other thread on this forum and stay the fuck out of mine!

>I could
>totally understand you posting
>this stuff from
>the light of "X happened to me
>today, and it made me realize
>Y, and so now
>i'm going to credit myself
>more than my routines for my
>success." But you
>don't do that, you just epouse
>everything you say as if it's
>sacred truth
>you're delivering to the mASF
>community. In the end, nothign
>you say will
>hold much weight, because I
>hate to break it to you, but
>you're not very
>well respected by many people
>in the community.

Maybe you participate in this forum to gain the respect of people you will
never meet in real life. I don't. What I write comes straight from the heart,
and I honestly don't expect it to be fit for mass consumption. Now go back to
reading TD's archive...

>For my
>money, you're an arm
>chair seducing KJ who sits
>around day in and day out
>trying to put up posts
>that Gunwitch might be
>impressed by.

Again, interesting frame. It's somewhat revealing about what you see in the
seduction community. It's obvious you're into the cult of personality, but try
to keep in mind that is your OWN perspective, not everyone else's.

>Routines are TOOLS, not
>CRUTCHES. Systems are TOOLS
>not CRUTCHES. In the
>end all your attempting to do
>here is undermine indirect

So THAT'S what this is all about? Finally you cut all the juvenile horseshit
and say something you've actually THOUGHT about?

I agree, tools are not crutches, but they can become crutches.

I'm not going to repeat myself again, but let me just say that I'm not trying
to cut your balls off. Go ahead and do as you damn well please. Do whatever
it takes to get you laid. Just remember the simple fact that if YOU aren't
making the effort to get laid, it's not going to happen. All that the routines
and materials "do" is give you the right mindset to get out there and interact
with women.

>> The perceived "success"
>you've had has not been a
>result of any
>> *particular*
>> mindset. It sure as hell
>isn't one that applies to
>everyone in the whole
>> wide
>> world. Maybe you've
>found a niche in some social
>circle, and you're
>> developing
>> a character and the
>badboy persona fits you. I'm
>not saying it's
>> impossible.
>This was my favorite comment
>of your entire reply. It's
>actually a very well
>worded insult. I personally
>believe my "perceived
>'success'" is actually the
>result of putting in a good
>amount of work, and using
>several of the systems
>available out there as both a
>roadmap, and as somewhat of a

Now I'm beginning to think you have invested something financially into some PU
methods out there. Once a guy spends some of his hard-earned cash on
something, he tends to hold on to it until the bitter end.

>I live
>with 3 other pussy starved
>guys who CB like there is no
>tommorow, I'm
>generally too busy with school
>or work to spend LARGE amounts
>of time
>socializing. My social circle
>hasn't really expanded much
>lately, although
>I've always had a fairly large
>circle of friends. I actually
>lost most of
>the girls of my social circle
>a few years back because my
>friends and I
>pretty much hooked up with all
>of them but refused to date

A very sad story. You have my condolences.

>The only
>thing that has gotten me the
>results that I WANT, is going
>out and
>constantly cold approaching,
>night after night. I've made a
>dedication to
>rebuild my skill set from the
>ground up,.....

You have pretty much illustrated my point right here.

The "system" gave you something to work with, which motivated you to approach
in the first place.

What I'm trying to point out here is that routines work on YOU (read the
title). The material has worked on YOU to get YOU out there interacting with

I would like to read ONE serious statement from anyone in their right mind who
thinks that any routine gets them laid.

You won't hear it, because guys get themselves laid. The routines are just
there to help them get into the right mindset to make it happen.

>and I'm willing to
>that gets results.
Here is the classic pitfall. YOU get YOURSELF results, not the method. For
christ's sake if we were talking about building engines here, or maybe
designing some kind of complex network of machines, you would have a valid
point, but we are talking about human interaction. A key realization to become
sociable is to understand the organic nature of interacting with people. This
whole "systems" approach is just sham, it's laughable, and at the same time
damaging to a lot of guys out there.

>EVERYTHING is a routine. ANY
>IDEA that we have here that is
>applicable to
>more than one girl is a
>ROUTINE. Again, what you're
>trying to do is
>undermine indirect game.

Nope. As much as you'd like to use your emotions to back up your defensive,
sissy bookworm attitude, I'm not trying to undermine anything.

In a week or so, go back and re-read the original post. You'll see that I'm
not undermining anything, nor am I telling anyone what to do.

I'm telling guys that they can come up with their own shit, and still get laid.
I also want people to think about the fact that when they're using canned
material, it doesn't create "results" outside of themselves.

Like I've said a bazillion times, read the goddamn title of this thread! The
routines work to get YOU into the right mindset, and CANNOT convert a girl who
is repulsed by you into someone who wants to fuck your brains out.

If you fuck a girl that you used a routine stack on, she probably would've
fucked you anyway without the routines. All you did was have the balls to hang
in there and see it through.

>Back to the baseball analogy.
>You can have the coolest bat
>in the world, but
>if you don't know how to swing
>it, you're still gonna suck.
>You could
>however also be a great home
>run slugger, but if you step
>up to the plate
>without a bat, you won't be
>hitting any out of the park.

By this analogy, "stepping up to the plate without a bat" would be like trying
to do PU with your dick hanging out of your pants.

Really, get with it. All you need to get laid is some decent grooming skills,
the ability to carry a conversation, the desire to stick your weener in a girl,
and the balls to make it happen. There are no baseball bats.

>I really hope guys who just
>got here don't read this last

I thought about posting this in Advanced, because it really isn't just
run-of-the-mill seduction babble like most posts in general, but I posted it
here with the express intent to have as many people as possible read it.

Aidien, you said you have been practicing this shit non-stop for the last year,
right? Then why did I look through your archive and find this post from
12/27/2004 titled, "MY FIRST FEW DAYS OF SARGING?"

What's your deal? Read through my archive. I haven't created a new identity
out of shame for my past. My game is evolving too, just in a opposite
direction as you.

A few years ago I used to be a routine monkey. I never saw the material as an
end in itself, although I thought I was hot shit because I could go out every
weekend and collect a bunch of phone numbers by using certain methods. The
more I did it, the better I got, the more natural it became, then I dropped the
shit all together after meeting several guys from the community.

All it takes is a few lays using no material for you to realize what I'm saying
here is the truth.

Good luck!

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