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mASF post by TylerDurden

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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

I have posted about this many times before, but I see questions coming up so
I'll retype it.

On 7/22/05 12:42:00 PM, MasterP wrote:
>Hey guys, just dropped by to
>report a regular SP of mine:
>I usually run attract
>material, whether it be
>routines, C&F, Push/pull or
>just role-playing and having
>fun. I have a hard time
>recognizing the time to shift
>from attraction to rapport,
>and what happens is the set
>usually gets too charged or
>bored. I have to know when to
>cool things down, and
>especially when to isolate
>target in order to move to the
>next level.

The solution to this, as with all other aspect of PU is "ranging."

Every aspect of PU has a range at which it is best applied. Read "Spastic
ramblings 2" for the post about buying temperature if you're interested,
although all if this is common sense and is integrated into discussions on the
board now.

So if you want to know when to venue change, attempt to venue change EVERY girl
you approach for a month.

If you want to know when to makeout, attempt to makeout with EVERY girl that
you approach for a month (or three).

I spent months and months SYSTEMATICALLY testing the range at which it was the
best time to escalate a pickup. My sensory accuity is quite sharp because of
that. I hang with hypnotists and psychologists, I can often read their clients
better than they can, because I have spent more consecutive hours reading
subtle shifts in emotions than they have. I know exactly what a girl is
thinking, and I usually know what she'll say before she says it. I know
exactly how she'll react to everything that I do. This dulls when I don't go
out - actually, I still know but don't microcalibrate in real time as I do when
I go out regularly. I wasn't born with this. In fact, I am naturally slower
at it than average. I worked for it.

This was not something learned in a jumble, but something that I acquired by
doing thousands of approaches systematically by focusing on ONE PARTICULAR
ASPECT of what I was doing.

The same went for phone game, day2 game, LMR.

I once had girls in my bed for about 90 nights in a row - did not have sex with
all of them but learned a lot about LMR.. Guys will say "If a girl is in my bed
I have sex with her for sure." But in my case, I got so good at venue changing
that I had girls in my room too early, and lost out for that reason.. needed to
learn to slow things down and hold back the escalation until the right time..
all learned by ranging.

If you want to know how to use C&F, try *PURE* C&F game for a month.

If you want to learn rapport, try *PURE* rapport based game for a month.

Don't rush your development as a pick up artist. It is worth it. Take your
time and develop your skills thoroughly. Always have a specific idea of what
area of the game that you're working on, for at least a few years. This will
yield a masters skillset. The idea of being natural assumes that you are using
your natural social intuition. Though it is unnatural in the short term,
exercises that sharpen that intuition will only help that in the long term.

Many guys will say that running around picking up chicks is unnatural and
boring. Personally I think I have a heck of a lot more fun than those guys.
Picking up girls when you have a skillset is the shit. Guys have said to me
"You're so dedicated!" I never viewed it that way. I really enjoy going out,
and usually find myself bored sitting at home.

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