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Re: Contemplating ASD

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: Contemplating ASD
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

A lot of the problem with sex for women are the possible consequences.

In no particular order, that's pregnancy, disease, a bad reputation, and losing
the man by giving it up too soon (if she's looking for a boyfriend and he meets
that cut).

Pregnancy and disease can be alleviated by being smart and repping clean and
healthy (which doesn't mean he is clean and healthy, but looking clean and
healthy goes far).

Bad reputation is taken care of by being discreet. "Let's chill out and watch a
movie" doesn't make her lose her status. It also gives her "Just... happened"
which makes her feel like she wasn't being a slut, even though the opposite is
true in my mind (a woman who decides when to sleep with men and does so in a
healthy way is less slutty than a woman who randomly bangs whatever guy powers
through her bullshit - mind you, that's a personal opinion that I do not
express to the women I meet).

Lastly, and this is huge, if you meet boyfriend standards, she's going to be
afraid you're going to think lowly of her or bail if you bed her so soon.
Assure her that you really like her, you feel her, you feel her body and her
mind, it's just natural that two people so connected, etc...

Some girls definitely do have that "I give it up when I choose to" mentality,
but most women will let that front go when dominated by a man who envelops her
with his very presence, a true leader that sees right past the bullshit into
her soul and takes her the way she's never been taken before.

I wrote a post you might find interesting. "The Two Kinds of Last Minute
Resistance", you can find it in the archives. Franco (zarathustra_fi) has
written extensively about this, and he is almost the sole reason that I
regularly read the Relationships board.

Grandmaster Dimitri, Swashbuckling Pick-Up Artist-The World's Finest

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