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Re: AFC beats the PUA

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: AFC beats the PUA
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Whatup silver

You're on to something most people don't realize homie. See if you're not cool
in what you do yet, and aren't sure about it, then you need to shout it out all
the time - not for the world, but for yourself to remind yourself.

This isn't a bad thing, but you can definitely see it. You'll see all the time
the cats in Washington that hollar on and on about the Bible and morals are
some of the least holy.

So of course this post is gonna get a negative reaction, and y'know what?
THAT'S A GOOD THING - While guys are getting out of being losers, they need to
affirm it. They need to say "Fuck AFCs, fuck that, never be AFC", y'dig?

But in my experience, it's MUCH easier to play "good regular guy game" than
"good player game" - If you vibe player, then you need to be fucking *good*.
I've had some good-looking, AFC friends. Plenty of them.

They get forgiven for their mistakes quite easily. In the same way, if you were
physically ugly, yet very attractive, and were somewhat like an "AFC" but very
cool (these sounds like paradoxes but are not) you could do well.

The problem is, it's hard to isolate the problems of being an AFC and eliminate
them without transforming someone into a "player mindset". So they do other
dumb shit that holds them back, and they rep player, and it turns girls off.

The cats that stick with the game a few years go from starting as a loser,
becoming a misguided wannabe player, then becoming an okay player, then a good
player, and at the highest level, some say "fuck it" and then they can "just be
themself", be really nice and have bitches bowing down, y'know?

But if you don't got everything you want, sil, take a look at what you're doing
and try some other things. This post? Maybe a waste of time me writing it,
since the people at the level that can understand it don't need it, and people
at lower levels probably will get confused/not get it.

Ah well - Hopefully you get it man and you're getting all that success I'm
talking bout.

On 7/14/05 9:22:00 PM, silver_evlis wrote:
>sup KJs...
>i've read shit abt PUAs
>picking up chicks at clubs,
>but where the fuck are lay
>reports. anybody can write
>stuff abt alpha mindsets and
>stuff and their experiences
>which is all great and geared
>towards confidence building...
>i thinks if u want a qulity
>chick, drop the alpha fucking
>non supplicant ego, "i'm the
>prize bullshit'", roll in like
>an AFC, but utilise PU
>skillset from a beneath the
>so what the fuck does that
>make me...AFPUA???

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